Solstice Children TRAILER

Solstice Children

(Please listen to this song while reading to get the whole effect)


“The Girl is Evil Your highness!  She has caused Aragarra a great spell of misfortune, bringing dry land, and sickness, Even a murder since she was born.  Born on The Summer Solstice.   She is 13 now, no longer our responsibility.  And you know what the legends of Aragarra say about The Solstice Children!”


“Dispose of her, guards.  Banish her to the forest.  Because after all, NOBODY wants a misfortunate solstice child.”


“Eve, my darling, you are not guilty of anything that evil Baron Wexler says of you, you are an innocent little girl.  And if you have any chance of surviving out there, you must remember what Helena taught you.  I know you have done nothing wrong.  You are not what they say you are, darling Eve!”


“I’m sorry they’re doing this to you Eve.”

“There is nothing you can do.  Your purpose is to escort me here and leave.  So leave now.”


“Atticus!  That is against the law, take your bag back, don’t leave it with me!  I can survive here on my own!”

“Oh, Eve, but you are my protest to them.  Take the bag, and stop screaming like a madwoman before I get caught!”

“No Atticus!  Leave me here!  Because Nobody wants a solstice child!”

“I do.  There is something in that bag, and I want you to wear it as long as you remember me.”

“No Atticus!  DON’T GO!”




“But Father!  Why can’t I travel the world, see everything there is to see, instead of staying hidden in this cage of a house!”


“Is is Dangerous for someone like you Astrid!  You must stay hidden.  Hidden from the danger.”


” I am LEAVING Father!  Today is the day I turn 13, and I am ready to go outside!”




“Use your powers!  You need to do this, all of our fate rests on YOU!”


“Welcome to The Eclipsys.”




“Eve You Have no choice!  You are a solstice child, whether you like it or not!”






“Eve. Astrid.  It is your time.  It is your time to defeat the wexlers, and Save Eclypsys and all of The Solstice Children.”

Solstice Children

Coming May 29th

Yep!  We are having another Photo Series!

I know Wealthy Hearts just ended…Literally today!  But..that was kind of my experiment photo series.  I wanted to see if I could keep up with a photo series, and actually finish it.  But I did!

Wealthy hearts is like a tiny pebble compared to this photo series!   

This is REALLY a photo series that I am SO excited about, it’s more thought out, the plot is thicker, and I just worked harder on it.  I have a few more parts to take pictures for, but I have about 2/3 of it finished!  (The reason for that is because my new doll is one of the actresses in the last 2 parts)

It is an estimated 10 parter, and will last all summer!  I’ll be posting a new part every week!

Are You excited?  I am!  Oh, one more thing!

I sent a letter to my AGtube idol, Mixiepixie7, and she put it in a video today!

So go to THIS LINK TO WATCH IT, and stop the video at 3:48 to see what I sent her!  

What do you guys think about this “trailer” format?  I’m not sure, but please share your opinions in the comments! 

Also, I have a new blog schedule, a photo story every Saturday, and a craft every Wednesday.  Posting 3 times a week has been getting me a little stressed out, even though today I posted 3 times.  But this is the last post today, I pinky promise!



12 thoughts on “Solstice Children TRAILER

  1. Wow. I’ll have to read it more to really fall in love. But I think I’ll like it! 🙂
    I found that this song works as well with it.

    In fact, this entire soundtrack works with it. Do not listen unless you are ready to fall in love. Brian Tyler, anyone?

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