CLUE~An Original Photo Story

Special Photo story @ AGdollawesome

~Half of the above picture belongs to The CLUE board game industry~

~In The POV Of Grace, aka Mr.Plum~


I sat on my bed, bored as ever, looking through Mixiepixie7’s Instagram.  Adorable pictures!  I shouldn’t have been bored, I only had 2 weeks until Summer.  Summer!  Unlimited baking, unlimited fun.  But I was having no fun at that moment.


“Quit sitting around like a bunch of potatoes!” Paisley shouted at me and my sisters, “It’s time for some Clue!”

I quickly perked up at the mention of my favorite board game ever!


I set all the pieces and card up as quickly as I could, I unfolded the game board.


I put the weapons by the pool, and the murderer, the place the murder occurred, and the murder weapon cards… were in the sacred yellow envelope.



And the most important part… The player pieces!


I snatched up Victor Plum before anyone else could even have the chance.


“Look!  Now we’re playing Headbandz and I’m mustard!”  Paisley giggled as she carefully positioned her piece into her headband.


Valerie was Green.


Amelia chose Scarlett.


Maryellen was Peacock.


And Kit was stuck with Dianne White.  She smirked as she plucked her piece off the game board, “I’m gonna’ destroy all of you!”  I sighed.  Kit was always competitive, but I always won at Clue.  Always.

And soon, my imagination was running off, and taking me along with him.  

~In the POV of Victor Plum, aka Grace Parker~


My footsteps were bursting with authority as I strode into the mansion.

I was with the in crowd.  I had struck it rich, and I was finally cool.


I searched the living room for a host to the party I had been invited to  But as I turned around…


A hand grabbed mine and shook it.


I, still slightly started by the sudden touch, looked up to see a beautiful woman dressed in green.  “Oh, hello Ma’am, do you happen to be the host of this, uh..” I struggled to remember the type of party I was currently attending, “Dinner party?”


She laughed, amused.  “No, I’m live in New York, which is very far away from here.  My name is Volcana Green, and I am an agent for all the big names.  I know everybody, I can get anybody into anything, and I have connections to every celebrity.  Do you know anyone here?”

“Well, I’m very sorry to say I don’t,”


“See him, over there?”

I nodded at the sight of the strong, big man talking on the couch.

“That is Kernal Mustard.  He was the biggest football star in the 90’s and early 2000’s.  He won 7 superbowls during his career, he was a quarter back.  Then, something happened to his neck, and he retired.  He has countless stories of his golden age as a star, but everyone knows his fame is quickly fading.”


“And that is Kassandra Scarlet.  She’s a model and actress, and is always playing the big, beautiful female roles.  She’s won 2 Academy award.  Scarlet is very conceited though, and quite vain.”


“Eleanor Peacock is the wealthiest person here, no doubt about it.  She comes from a family of political power, and married into one too.  Her charity work is what she’s most known for, and she believes in very old fashioned manners.  She can be cold, and cross sometimes.”

I nodded in curiosity.


“Of course, there is Dianne White.  She was a star when she was a child, and was cast in tons of TV shows as a kid.  He fame has died out, and while she’s still rich, she’s always fishing for attention.”


“Oh, and she’s had germaphobia for years, which is why she always wears her gloves.”


Ms.  Green fingered the Russian mini dolls set up at a table.  “These are antique, you know.”

“What do you do?  And what is your name?”


“I’m Victor Plum, the CEO of Gaming Go.  I design video games.  My company just recently hit it big.”

It was clear Volcana was not impressed, “That’s…interesting enough!  Say, let’s go explore the mansion!”


“C’mon, it’ll be so much fun!”

Before I could decline, she grabbed my hand once again, and shot through the corridor.


We turned a corner, and came to the dining room.


Ms. Green studied the intricate food, “It’s funny, I’m not really very hungry, but all this food smells delicious.  I wonder when we’re going to eat!”


My foot almost tripped over an object.


“That’s curious!  There’s a rope in the dining room!”

“hmm, yes, very curious,”  She looked nervous, “Let’s go somewhere else!”



We came into the kitchen, and my jaw almost dropped to the floor when I saw a huge butcher knife laying in the counter.


“I wonder why there’s a knife on the counter… Everything else seems to be put away!” Green looked very worried.


I was puzzled, but I quickly came up with a logical solution that I hoped was correct, “The cook probably left the knife out on accident.”

“Oh,” Volcana still seemed anxious, but her nerves soon turned to a question, “I need to take care of some business, I’ll meet you in the spa after I’m through with it.”

“Oh, Ok, but be sure to-” Before I finished my sentence she had disappeared.



The spa was really nothing much, just a small bathtub, and a massage bed.


I peered onto the bed, and backed away at the sight of what I assumed to be a bottle of poison!


I almost tripped over an abject once again, and looked down to see a huge dumbbell!

“There is something strange about this house,” I mumbled to myself.


Ms Green arrived at the spa, startling me once more, “Can you lift it?” She asked, giggling.  I laughed with her, trying to distract her from the fact that the answer was no.

“Let’s head back to the living room…” She began, and this, time, ran down the hall, forcing her to follow.


We came to the room we started in, and Volcana screamed.


Because on the floor, sat the bosy of what I assumed was our host of the party.  The noted on her abdomen read, “I did not die of natural causes.  One of you did this to me.  Nobody can get out, nobody can get in.  You are trapped with a murderer.  Use your CLUEs to figure out who it is… before it’s too late.  Announce your answers at the Pool.”

I froze.  This could not be possible.  Surely I was dreaming.  How could this be happening!?  Was she really… Dead!?


“What in Tarnation!?” Mustard shrieked as he entered the living room.



Scarlet had followed him, and fainted on the couch.


“How on Earth…”


“How improper!  Who did this!?  Which one of you did this!?”

I found it slightly strange that none of the other guests had been in the living room when we had entered, but had arrived after we had come in.


I checked her pulse.  It was true, she was dead as a doorknob.

And if the note was true…


“You’re right Ms. Peacock, and I think it was Ms. Green in the kitchen, with the knife!”


“How DARE you!”  she screamed, ” I was only in the kitchen with you!”

“But you said you had some business to take care of!”



“That’s right!”

“The ‘business’ I took care of was simply going to the bathroom!”

“Oh…”  I felt quite guilty.


“Well I think it was Peacock in the dining room with a rope!”


“No!!”  Her face turned bright as a tomato, “I-I have a reason for wandering the mansion!”
Growing impatient, I said, “And that is?”


“I was growing hungry, so I left to see if there was any food or orderves..”

“Ms Peacock!  That’s not polite!”

The look on her face showed that she knew that too.


“And I saw, thi-this apple pie…so I had some..”

“You just had some apple pie!?”  Green asked, shocked as anybody.


“I know, Ms. Green.  But I didn’t murder anyone!  I looked in the music box on the table, and I found a rope hidden in it.  I though that was quite strange, so I took it out.”


“But I heard people coming, so I dropped the rope and ran!  I didn’t do anything!”

“Except steal apple pie, “I mumbled in a tone no one could hear.


“But why would you accuse me!?  I think it was White in the Spa with the Poison!”

I was refreshing when White calmly explained, “I didn’t murder this woman.”



“I was looking for a place to wash my hands in, but the bathroom door was locked tight.  So I went to the spa”


“And washed my hands in the bathtub.  I spotted what looked like a bottle in the tub, so I picked it up”


” I saw it had a skull on it, so I assumed it was poison. ”

IMG_1546“Panicked, I dropped The bottle on the bed, and left.  I did trip over something big on the way out,”

The dumbbell, 

“But I was scared, so I thought nothing of it. But I think it was Mustard with a trophy in the living room.”


“I-I didn’t murder anybody!”

“Then explain it!”  Peacock snapped.

“I… can’t!”

“Then how do we know your didn’t kill the host!”

I saw him look at Scarlet with anxious eyes, and I knew everything.


“But I’m certain it was Plum!”

I almost tackled him, “You take that back!  I did nothing wrong, you can’t even explain how you didn’t murder her!”

“I’m going to the pool!”


I raced to my destination.




“I think that the murderer was… Scarlet with the Trophy in The Living room!”


Scarlet’s high heels clicked as she scurried out of the house and out to the pool.

“Oh, how convenient.  Scarlet, please explain how you killed the host of this party.”

She bit her lip, looked at Mustard, and spilled.  “Ok fine!”


“I took a trophy, and banged the host over the head with a trophy,”


“Yes, I killed her.  Her name was Alice Black, and she had always hated me.  She was a movie director, and in all the films i worked with her in, I was always her enemy.  I finally had the perfect chance to get rid of her, and I took it.”


“Mustard walked in and saw me do it.”


“So I paid him to keep his mouth shut.  I want my money back!”


And then I pretended to faint when I came back into the living room after trying and failing to escape the house, but all the doors were locked.”

~In The POV Of Grace~


I had everything Narrowed down, and nobody had the slightest idea.


I rolled a good number, and headed straight for the pool while all my sisters gasped at my bold move.



I picked up the sacred envelope.  There were answers in there,  and I was about to see whether or not I was right.


I held my breath as I opened it, and..


The end

I hope you all like this.  I had so much fun creating it, and it would break my heart if someone tried to steal this idea that I came up with and do a photo story based on Clue.  So, I hope you all loved this, and please comment down below if you did!

I love you all.










35 thoughts on “CLUE~An Original Photo Story

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you liked it! Thank you so much, I was just brainstorming post ideas, and then my dad and I decided to play Clue together, and then it came to me!

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  1. Yesss I really enjoyed reading this! As always your pictures fit perfectly with each part of the story✨ can’t wait to read what you have next! Maybe you could even do another CLUE story☺️

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  2. awesome awesome AWESOME!!!!! this was sew fun to read and super duper creative. thank you sew much for posting this, i love it! fabulous work as always, sammy. do a hair flip.

    go on.

    you’ve earned it. 🙂


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  3. This was the best photo story I have eve read! It as so funny! I loved how you played it out. Clue is such a fun game, I’m not the best at it though. The movie is also quite funny. 😄
    Geeky_Girl 😜

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    1. Why thank you! Yes, I had hopoed it was pretty humorous too. XD Hehe, yes, when it comes to Clue, I’m like Grace, I DOMINATE! I like Peacock and Plum the best. Oh, yes I also saw the movie, even though it was a tad, ahem, mature for younger audiences. XD I wanted to watch it for some inspiration while I was taking pictures for this, but we somehow lost our disc, and I didn;t want to bother my parents and ask to rent it. XD Thanks for commenting!

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  4. That was great! Such a unique idea for a photo story. I’ve always loved CLUE! (Although I have the older version of the game, I think.) 🙂

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  5. This, as IrishAG said, was CRAZILY CREATIVE. My only recommendation is that next time you make a mustache, make it out of construction paper or cardstock so it looks more authentic. (Or, you could draw a mustache using the washable marker method.) This was so awesome and I hope to see more fun things like this from you!

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