DIY Slime Experiment with Amelia

Hello everyone!  Oh, wait I can’t see you!  Lemme’ just grab my glasses….




Oh!  There you are!  You are one of our 283 amazing readers!

I’m Amelia, and today, I’m teaching you how to make slime, and all about the science behind slime, since, ya’ know, Science is my life!  Let’s go!


Ok, so in this recipe, you will need a few ingredients and supplies.


You will need 2 bowls, a spoon or whisk, and something like a cutting board to kneed your slime on.  Oh, and measuring cups!


For your ingredients, you will need one full bottle of Elmer’s glue.


And this is some Borax.  You will need Borax to make the slime not so sticky, but it can be really dangerous.  If you eat it, you can DIE.  You can be DEAD people.  And I don’t think this slime tastes very good, so…

And if you get it in you eyes, you have to stand over a sink, and rinse out your eyeballs for 15 minutes.  Now does that sound very fun?  Not to me, it doesn’t!  So… after you’re done playing with your slime, please do me a favor and not die or have to rinse your eyes for 15 minutes, and wash your hands after you’re done playing with this slime.

I don’t want anyone getting hurt!

IMG_7516Ok, so let’s get started!



Pour in 1 cup of hot water and 1/2 teaspoon of Borax together,  Stir together until completely dissolved.

IMG_7525Now, set that bowl aside, and in a separate bowl, mix together 1/2 cup of water, and your whole entire container of glue.  You can also add in some food coloring!  I chose green.

IMG_7526You need the water to water the glue down, preventing it from becoming sticky.


Now, pour your glue bowl into the borax and water bowl, and watch as it becomes one in the bowl, it’s pretty awesome!


Now, take out that big clump, and start kneading it on your cutting board.  It may take some time, but just have patience!


(Note from Sammy, one of my fave pictures EVER!)

And this is how it turns out!  It’s SO fun to play with!  Now here’s a bit about the science of slime!


There are only two ingredients in all storebought and homemade slime that you need to make glue!  Here are the two ingredients: polyvinyl alcohol (a main ingredient in washable school glue) and borate ion (which you can get from borax, sodium tetraborate, or boric acid).  The polyvinyl alcohol in washable school glue is attracted to the borate ion from borax, so it really wants to make 2 molecules form a sort of chain, and a whole bunch of those chains linked together create.    This attraction makes the two molecules form long chains, and tons of those chains together make slime!

IMG_7532I keep my slime in this container.


I store the container on top of the fridge so nobody, (MOLLY*) gets to it.

*she smacked me with a spatula once!


Now I’m going to wash my hands because of the borax!


Ok, so I hope you enjoyed my little slimey science experiment I shared with you today!  If so, leave a comment and a like down below!


IMG_7537Talk to you later!



26 thoughts on “DIY Slime Experiment with Amelia

  1. You could also use laundry detergent instead of borax because it’s safer and easier to get, but you still have to wash your hands before you eat. I loved this! I made a video of my doll Carmen (#66) making clear glitter slime. Loved this post! Bye!
    🐦😋😛🥑🍓Annecy🥑🍓 😋😛🐦 (the emoji queen!!)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Wow, I didn’t know that! Perhaps I’ll make a sequel to this of Amelia testing detergent slime! Ooh, where is the video? Can you link it, I’d love to watch it!


  2. OOoooooooooohhh! Fun!!! Except… I have a little sister… that finds everything (okay, seriously, how many two year olds can literally open a bedroom door, scavenge across a humongous mess that looks like a tornado and hurricane had a fight, and then climb behind her sister’s desk, scramble of a doll desk, pull everything out from behind the human desk, and find a whole bunch of craft supplies – beads (which you can choke on if you’re a two year old), needles (need I explain why this is dangerous?) and more hazardous items (only hazardous if you’re a toddler).)
    Anyways, THAT LOOKED LIKE SO MUCH FUN!! And…. I saw a certain poster that looked somewhat familiar. 😀 Well, I hope you keep your slime safe from siblings, Amelia, and have fun with it!
    ~ Light4theLord

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yes, so much fun! Wow… Your sister is good at being mischievous! You’re right, maybe not such a good idea to make this when your sister’s so young! XD Yes, it was so much fun, especially taking the pictures with the doll! Yes, that’s one of our favorite posters…. XD Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. wow, that looks super cool! but… as fun as slime is, it’s dangerous even if you don’t get it in your eyes. many kids have looked down after playing with slime and found first-degree burns. yeah… not such a good idea.

    great post anyways!


    Liked by 3 people

  4. ”So please do me a favor and DO NOT die, and wash your hands after making this!” You sure have a great sense of humor Amelia! Another way to make slime is to use cornstarch and water, but that is not quite so much fun (it’s not as slimy, just gooey). I think my doll Adi will be making LOTS of this (and probably throwing it at her sisters-take cover!!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. XD Yes, Amelia has a great funny bone! XD Ooh, I’ve tried that way, but I found that it doesn’t have the same affect, but it was still pretty cool! Ooh, I’m glad Adi will like it! XD


  5. I made slime like this once! It was galaxy slime, and it was purple, pink and blue and I put loads of glitter in it to make it sparkle. It’s weird that I like it as much as I do, because normally I’m not one for that sort of thing. The texture (And the, you know, slimey-ness) usually make me cringe. But not with this stuff!
    ~ Rainbow Girl ❤

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  6. I love this!! EVERY TIME I try to make slime it is a big FAIL!!! The first time I tried to make slime, it was literally like play dough. The second slime I made slime……….I had to throw it out.Instead of making slime I buy slime. Have you ever bought slime from etsy?


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