Valerie and the Math Attack!


I stopped at the kitchen table, sweating after a long day of school.

Eww.  School.  Both my heart, and my backpack was heavy with the thought of homework.  

I wanted to work on my movie, work to become a big director/actress, not do MATH homework!


I took a big gulp as soon as I saw Emily working on her grocery list.  How would I tell her?

“Oh, hey Valerie!  Did you have a good day at school?”

I didn’t respond, but the answer was no.


Wordlessly, I slid my test across the table.

Emily gasped when she saw it.



“Valerie Isabel Parker!”  she began,


“I know Emily, and I tried my best…”


The test fluttered to the floor.

“These grades are not acceptable in this house Valerie, and you know that!  I don’t understand it!  You are one of the smartest girls in this house!  You’ve brought in nothing but good grades so far, but this?”

“I’m sorry Emily, I-”


“Did you try your hardest on this test?”

I was being honest when I said, “Yes!”

“Did you understand the concept?”



Emily slipped the grocery list into her purse, “Do you have homework?”

I sighed, “Yes.”


“By the time I get back from shopping, I want your homework finished, and I want it ALL correct.  You need to learn this Valerie!”

“But it’s the end of the year, does it really matter!?”

“Yes Valerie!  It does!  I know you only have 2 weeks of school left, but these weeks are the ones that really count towards the gradebook.  Now, go to your desk, and if you don’t do what I asked, then-”

“I know, Then I’ll be grounded.”


“Ok, good.  Bye!  I’ll be back in about 45 minutes!”

“Alright!”  I grumbled.


I dumped the contents of my backpack onto the desk.

I needed it to be Summer.  I needed it to be Summer so I could work on my movie, not math!


Numbers and operation raced through my head, creating a messed up jumble of confusion.

I groaned.








*groan*  *groan*


I almost jumped out of my shoes as soon as Grace scooted a smoothie across my desk.

“Valerie, do you need help?”


“Uh, no!  I’m fine, I’m perfectly fine.”


“Are you sure?  Because I’m like, really good at math.  You need math for baking ya’ know?  Especially fractions.”

Ooh, she knew how to conquer fractions, my number one enemy.

It was tempting.  But I could do it myself.  Maybe?


“No, I promise, I’m fine.”


“Ok then!  But please stop groaning and sighing!”

Oh, so that’s what she was there for. Oops!

I nodded.  And sighed.



“Ok Valerie, here’s the deal, I can tell you need help, so I’m helping you whether you like it or not!  Kapeesh?”



I stood up to hug her, “Thank you so much Grace, I got a D on my math test and Emily is mad, and I have to finish-”
“It’s Ok Valerie, you’re really smart, and I’m going to teach you how to do this.”

I smiled.


“Ok!  Let’s learn some math!”

I never thought I’d be excited for someone to say that.


“All the pages are on fraction Grace.”

“That’s perfect!”

I was confused, “It is?”

“Uh, yeah!  I wasn’t kidding when I said I was good at fractions!”

I laughed, “Uh, Ok!  Let’s do this!”


She pulled out some paper and scissors out of our desk drawer, “Grace, what is that supposed to be for?  I thought you were helping me!”

“I am, silly!”


She cut the paper in four pieces.


She snatched the pencil out of her hand and labeled, the four pieces.

“What is the first problem Valerie?”


“Uh, 4/4 minus 1/4.”


She cut all the pieces in half.

“Ok, see these?  These are our fraction tiles.  First you need to see how simple fractions are.  Right here, we have equivalent fractions.  We have both 4/4 and 8/8.  There are 8 pieces, but it you put 2 pieces together in all of them, you have 4/4.  And we could even cut it in half again to get 16/16.  What I’m saying is that one whole can have many pieces and many different denominators if we split it up differently.  The smaller the denominator, the bigger the pieces.  Got it?”

Surprisingly, I did get it!  “Yeah!”


“Now 4/4- 3/4… Let’s see. what is 4 minus 3?”

“Uh, duh!  1!”

“See, you can subtract and add fractions just by their numerator.  Just make sure to leave the denominator alone.  So, 4/4-3/4=1/4!”


Grace helped me solve each and every problem on my paper with the fraction tiles, and I was even able to do some myself.



“Grace!  We’re done!”


“Great!  But who cares if we’re done or not, do you understand fractions?”


I thought for a second.  Grace had made fractions so much easier for me to visualize, “Yes, I do understand them!”


Grace passed me some cookies with a sly grin on her face.  How could one person know me so well??


“So, Valerie, I also wanted to tell you some news…”
My mouth was full of cookie crumbs as I spoke, “Ywes?”

Grace giggled at my altered speech due to her famous peanut butter cookies, “Well!  I suppose it’s good news, but it does mean you’re not the newest addition!”

She leaned closer to me and whispered into my ear, “Sammy’s Aunt surprised her by logging on to the AG website and ordering-” 

I gasped.  Oh, dear reader, I do really wish I could share with you all my wonderful news, but I’m afraid I have to keep my lips sealed!

~The next Day~

*grace’s POV*


The blender made that horrible sound again as I flipped it on again.


Valerie spoke halfheartedly to me, “Hi Grace.”


“Oh, hey Valerie!  How did the teacher like your awesome homework!”


Valerie clumped to the ground.


“Are you Ok Valerie?  What happened at school!”



“Oh no!  Why don’t you just walk down to school and hand it in a tad bit late?  I’m sure the teacher won’t mind!”

“I’m grounded Grace!”


Oh well.  I suppose Valerie would have to receive her first grounding at some point.


I drowned her groans with the sounds of my blender…

The end!

Hey guys!  So I hope you enjoyed that short little photo story.  Happy Saturday!  My hair is currently green and I have emoji tattoos plastered on my face.

Why, you ask?  Yesterday was my school carnival.  I’ve been to the carnival every year, and this year was my last year.  I guess I would have to leave this school at some point though.  I’ve been there for 7 years, it’s about time for a change of pace!  XD

Ok, I’m bored.  I’ll just talk to you guys for a while.

First up, I love you.  I love you all so much.  When I’m having a bad day, all I have to do is look at my comment feed and smile at all your amazing comments.  Also, I just wanted to say thanks for 280 follows.  I never thought this blog would make it this far.

Ok, onto not so mushy stuff!


Twila decided to lay down and be adorable for the cameras.  ❤  ❤  (Seriously though, don’t I just have the cutest cat ever?)

Oh, and about my doll house!  I feel like I have finally completed decorating it!  It’s complete, and I love it!  So, a tour is coming soon!  I have had so much fun making furniture, and I hope you guys will like it as much as I do!  I have made a new bathroom, a new couch, a living room… everything is lookin’ good!



Emily is wearing Kit’s school skirt set top, Molly’s accessories purse, and jeans from Amazon.


Valerie is wearing a top made by Grandma, backpack from Journey girls, and shoes/leggings from Our Generation.


Grace has shorts from her collection, shoes from AG, and top made by Grandma.

Ok, I’m done talking now, gotta go clean my room now.  XD



67 thoughts on “Valerie and the Math Attack!


    ok i know you won’t tell me, so will you please just answer three questions, and then i’ll leave you alone?

    i’m going to assume you said yes. 🙂

    historical, truly me, or contemporary?

    boy or girl?

    what ethnicity?

    thank you! 🙂

    i can’t wait to find out who!

    isabel 💜

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Fine! XD Yes, I did say yes just now. Historical, Girl, I can’t tell you the ethnicity because that will FOR SURE give her away! But she’s coming to my doorstep sometime between next Tuesday and Friday! Along with other AG stuff.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. XD Yes, I did say that, and I really meant it! I didn’t even ask for the doll I’m getting, i never dreamt of getting her, but my aunt just ordered her, even through I told her she didn’t have to but now I have a doll!

        Liked by 2 people

  2. That was super cute! Valerie is an adorable doll. Where is your doll house? I keep mine upstairs in our game room. (I know weird question).
    -Geeky_Girl ❤
    And what a new doll… :O

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I can’t wait to see your doll house! My granddaughter gave me a Barbie beach house recently and I’ve been working on decorating it – new floor covering, wallpaper, furniture. It’s coming along. I love doll houses almost as much as I love dolls!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yep, another doll! I really, truly thought that Valerie was going to be my last doll, and I was SHOCKED when my aunt decided to order me another doll, I thought she just wanted to look at the AG site! Thank you, and I hope that will happen to you!


      1. That is really cool! I hope you enjoy her – I can’t wait to see who she is! That’s so nice of your aunt! I highly doubt it’ll ever happen to me, but thanks anyways! 😀 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Samantha!

    I’m Diamond. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, but I’ve never commented before. I love you blog and your dolls. I have my own blog that you can check out if you want.

    Now, I loved this photostory. It seemed so realistic. Grace is such a sweet sister.

    And the most important thing I took away was that you got a new doll. I MUST KNOW WHO SHE IS! Of course, I do understand wanting to keep her a secret as I want to keep P- a secret for now.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh, Hi there Diamond! I love that you actually like my blog, you are so awesome! Ooh, I also love your blog you have some great posts, I followed! ❤ Thank you! Yes, Grace is a pretty cool sis. Ah, you'll have to wait until at least Wednesday to know who I got! XD WHO IS P-
      Thank you so much for commenting, and I want you to know that you made my day by saying all that! Have a nice morning!


      1. Well, of course I like your blog. What’s not to like? Thanks for checking out mine! That makes me happy. Thank you so, so much for following. That makes my day.
        Well, I guess Wednesday will be exciting because I’ll find out who your new doll is!
        No problem. Aw, I’m glad I made your day. I know how comments can make your day great. You too!



  5. Poor Valerie 😦 It was a GREAT photostory, Sam! I have one request- Once you get your new doll, would you mind making a blog header which features all of your dolls?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! You are so sweet! Yes, I tried the one doll header thing out, and I don’t really like it that much, so I’m going to take an awesome header picture as soon as I get my new doll in the mail!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Another great photo story. Can’t wait to meet the new doll! I have my guess agreeing with a couple of the other guesses🙂 and congratulations on 280 followers!
    Your cat is adorable 💛


  7. I love, love, LOVE your photostories, Sam! You’re so talented! And oh my goodness Valerie is so cute help me I’m dying over cuteness overload

    About your new doll, I’m totally calling it — Kaya. ;D I better not be wrong

    I love your dolls’ clothes! They dress so cute!

    Now. *taps foot* When shall your new doll be making her debut on a le blog? Because your fans are just dying of impatience over here.



    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thank you so much Madi! You know, I have to give some credit to you, because you are what inspired me to never give up on making photo stories. They’re so fun! Yes, Valerie is SO cute, and surprisingly, her hair is easy to manage!

      Maybe you’re wrong, maybe you’re right! You will never know….
      Just kidding! Let’s see, I was planning on posting her, an Pleasant Co. haul, and a new AG stuff haul today, but since she has not arrived in the mail yet, I have no idea when that will be posted. However, she will come by Friday for sure, so I’ll probably post about her Saturday. 😉 Sorry to everyone who was expecting it today! I can’t post about her when I don’t own her yet. XD

      Thank you for your sweet comment Madi! You always, Always make my day when you comment. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww, you’re so welcome! And oh my gosh, that means SO much!! ❤ Wow, really? I’m thinking of adding her to my never-ending doll wish list but I’m not so sure about her hair… XD

        MWAHAHAHA! I think I’m right. XD

        Oh, no problem! I hope she arrives when you expect it! Yeahhh you can’t exactly post about her when you don’t own her 😂

        Aww, you’re so welcome again! That makes me so happy!! 😃

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Wow, I know how hard it is to wait for a new doll. I think I’d be going crazy right now. Oh well, at least Valerie gets a little more time as the newest doll.


        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yep, I’m so bored, since I usually do all my photo stories on weekends by taking photos, but my next photo stories require my new doll, and I don’t have her, so no photo story! But I do still have 10 amazing dollies that I’m taking photo shoots of. 😉


      4. AHHH! I’m gonna delete the comment where I said which doll I got, and the one where you found out which doll I got so it’ll be a surprise for others. XD Good detective work!


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