Too Much STUFF! A Photo Story


“FAMILY MEETING!” I called into the depths of the AGDA Household.


The scent of Grace’s famous carrot casserole wafted throughout the rooms of the household, and sure enough, the smell alone did the trick.


“Hey Emily, what’s the whole family meeting about?” Grace began, but was cut off abruptly by the screams of a melodramatic drama queen.


“Emily, you will not believe what Kit told me just now!” Saige screeched upon entering the kitchen, flailing her arms around wildly.

I sighed, exasperated, “What is it this time?”

“That hideous creature told me that me braids were UNEVEN!  How dare she insult me like that?”


“Well, it’s true Saige.  Maybe you’re not just as perfect as you tell everyone!”

“I will STRANGLE you, with your little annoyi-”


“Both of you, stop your arguing!  Saige, your braids are fine, and Kit, you need to apologize to your sister.”


Fine then.  Saige, I apologize that your hair looks like that.”

“Hey, that-”

“What’d I miss?” Valerie asked as she strode into the room.


“You missed an absolute disgrace to the amazing, epic-ly awesome Saige Anaise Parker make a very rude comment about her absolutely perfect hair.

“Hmm, I’m assuming that disgrace is named Kit?”

“Everyone, QUIET!  I have some news!”

Several theories floated around the room, such as:

“ANOTHER new puppy?”

“Nora finally came?”

“Molly hit Amelia with that spatula again and she’s in the emergency room?”

“No.. we are donating our stuff!”



“Well… it seems that all the dolls that have way too much STUFF are actually here, the others are all out shopping.  So today, you all better drop your plans, ’cause you’re not getting out of this!”

As usual, my statement was followed by groans and complaints.


“That’s not fair!  Maryellen isn’t here!”

And for once, everyone agreed with Saige.  Maryellen was a packrat, and there was no denying it.


“Don’t worry, Maryellen and Molly are here, but it seems like they’re up to something, and they didn’t bother to come to this FAMILY meeting, what a shame! But, Maryellen does have a bit of a problem when it comes to.. letting go of inanimate objects.  And, Valerie, you don’t have to participate, since you’re fairly organized, so you’re free to go hang out with your friends or something.”

And so, the annual AGDA house clean out began!



“NO WAY!  Sorry, Em, but you will never put a finger on my cooking untensils!” Grace announced with semi-authority.


“Well, uh, hate to break it to ya’, but..”

I rummaged through her cupboards and cabinets and drawers as she moaned with depression.


“Now you tell we really need FOUR tea pots?”


“Well what id we have a tea party?”

“We never have tea parties, no matter how many American Girl says we do!  And even if we did, I highly doubt we would need four tea pots.”


“And this teal watering can?  We have a watering can outside!”

“I bought it because it was pretty!”

“And have you ever used it?”



Grace began to moan and slumped upon the countertop, “This isn’t fair!  I’m responsible for keeping this family ALIVE!”
“And you can’t do that without a watering can and four tea pots?”

Grace shot me a dirty look, making it quite clear that I was no longer welcome in the kitchen.

IMG_7989 Saige sat on Nora’s new bed, sorting through one of the largest boxes I had ever seen in my entire life.




“Ok, I know it looks bad, but I really NEED my shoes!  They’re my friends, Emily, and you can’t take them away from me!”


I glanced at the crate of footwear.

“I’m concerned about you Saige.”

“Do you really need this scuba diving flipper thing?”

“Yes!  I need to look fashionable where ever life takes me, and that includes Hawaii!”

“Let me tell you, I think you’re a long way off from Hawaii.  All these shoes just YOUR shoes Saige?”

“I’d rather not answer that…”


(Please excuse the fact that Emily is.. um not wearing underwear.  XD )

I held up a pair of suspicious looking shoes for inspection.

“Bowling Shoes?”

“Like I said, where ever life takes me, I take my shoes!”


I clumped six teal flats with shiny silver sequins on the toe

“Now, um, Saige dear, you have 3 pairs of the exact same shoe!  Don’t you think that a little bit… worrying?”


Saige closed her eyes and sighed, “I think I have a problem.”




“Kit Cassia Parker…” I said as I caught her ‘checking the casserole for poison’ again.


“Oh, Hey Emily!  Hehe, didn’t see ya’ there!”

“Clearly, ” I scowled, “Anyways, mind if I go through your room, do yiou have any belonging that are special to you?”

“No way!  Sentimental value in old junk is for chumps.  Like Maryellen!  Oh, but do not TOUCH my volleyball.  And…”


“Kit, I wouldn’t do that..”

Ignoring me, she pulled a chair out form under the table, and climbed on top of it.


“This is one of the only things in my whole universe that matters to me.”


“Here it is!”

“Uh, Kit, that’s a jar of strawberry jam!”

“Yeah!  So one day, I was walking Marigold outside, and as the dog relieved himself under a tree, I found this jar of jam hidden in a bush.  And I took it home, because I love snacks, and food, and any food I find randomly on the sidewalk is food I will glady take, and then I had volleyball, an the team won the first game of the season, thanks to this jar of jam!  So, nobody can touch this jar of jam, or eat it, or I will end them, and-”

“Ok, I get the point!  But, how do you know that jam is lucky?”


“Well, obviously, it just looks LUCKY!”


Smile and nod, Emily, I told myself, smile and nod.



“Hey, Molly!  Have you seen Maryellen around?”


She very not-so-stealthily grabbed the tube of cherry-red lip stick and…


Hid it behind her back.


“Let’s just say that somebody… I’m not naming names, but namely, AMELIA decided to pull a stupid prank that involved skittles and M&M’s and Reese’s pieces, so she will be getting.. a little makeover when she sleeps tonight!  Maryellen is in the kitchen, I think!”

“I’m going to pretend I just didn’t hear that confession, but thank you for letting me know!”


“Emily… I have to warn you… Maryellen doesn’t technically have a room, but she has a strategy to keep track of all her stuff… She hides it in little..little mess pockets around the house, and..”
“Thanks for the tip, Molly.”

“Good luck, you’ll need it, if you’re trying to find her mess pockets!”



“Oh, hey Emily!”  Maryellen greeted me with her signature friendly little wave and smile.


But the color drained from her face as soon as I put it in front of her.

“No.  This is my stuff, Emily!  Why is it in… a box!?”


“But is it really your stuff, Ellie?  It looks like random pieces of stuff that you get attached to and hide around the house under everyone’s beds.  Shall I demonstrate?”

“I’m kind of uncomfortable with you doing this-”

“Well too bad!”


“This is from when our 4th cousin was a baby!”

“That means it’s a keepsake with value in my heart Emily!  Can’t you respect that?


“When in life do you need a grass skirt, for heaven’s sake?”

“When I feel like doing the hula,” she mumbled with embarrassment.




“You don’t even know how to crochet!”

“It’s on my bucket list, Ok!?”



“And this hammer?…”


“Hey, I broke Molly’s pinky with this hammer 2 years ago, and I intend to use it again in case of emergency!”


I was about to scold her about her ridiculous yellow cat eye glasses when I saw it…



IMG_8053“Oh.. sweet, innocent, Maryellen, what have you done?  Is that strawberry jam I see on your toast?”

She looked at me like I was a madwoman, “Uh.. yeah.  It’s really yummy, want to try some?”


“I’m afraid you’ve sealed your own fate, my dear.  Dug your own grave.”


“What? What’s wrong with my toast, Emily, is it poison?  Did I-”


“I can only warm you of what’s to come.  Nobody can help you now.  You life now rests in the hands of Kit.”

The end?

Hey guys!  It’s Sam!  I don’t know if I’m satisfied with that photo story, but eh, it’ll do.

Maryellen is OK, by the way, but it was very unfortunate for her that there was a hammer nearby when Kit unleashed her wrath, in vengeance of her lucky jam.

Ok, update on Nora, my new doll, she’ll be arriving at my doorstep by the end of the day Monday, and then I’ll post about her on either Wednesday or Tuesday!


I hope you all had a good Saturday, sorry this was a tad bit late, I’ve been at a babysitting class all day and I kind of rushed to get this up.   Giveaway winners will be announced tomorrow!



35 thoughts on “Too Much STUFF! A Photo Story

  1. That was an awesome photostory! I especially liked when Emily said, “Your life now rests in the hands of Kit.” It was hilarious!
    Nora is a really pretty name, good choice! Can’t wait to see her!
    Yay! I also can’t wait to see the giveaway winners! So excited!

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  2. This was amazing!! I was laughing so hard!! Also, “Molly hit Amelia with that spatula again and she’s in the emergency room?” is probably my new favorite line from like anything XD ~Julia ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  3. This was so adorable! I think it seems very realistic. Hehe, my dolls would be similar to this in this situation. Poor Maryellen. And, why exactly did Kit get jam from a bush? Sounds like the Kit in my doll family.
    Can’t wait ’til Wednesday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I try! XD Yeah! I got a domain! I’m so excited, because I bought the WordPress premium plan with my own money back in November, and it came with a domain, so I finally found time to set it up! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Awesome photostory, it was pretty funny to read! 😝
    Hmm, Nora… Maybe Kaya renamed? Actually, she had to have been renamed, cuz you said this doll is historical, I think. So my guess is Kaya – renamed.😈😉

    Liked by 1 person

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