Winners of The Wealthy Hearts Posters!

Wealthy Hearts (1)

A few weeks back, I posted a giveaway on how 3 of my awesome readers could win 2 signed Wealthy Hearts Posters!

Each poster will be printed in full color on glossy photo paper, and will be signed by the cast in the back, and me, Samantha, on the front!  (If you win, you can tell me if you’d rather have my signature on the back too)

These posters are the perfect size for your dolls’ rooms!  

If you won, I need you to email me saying that you claim your prize, and then I’ll be able to email you back as soon as possible!  If I don’t get a response by the 14ths of June, I will be picking another winner.

So, the winners are:

1st Place: Annecy!

You will be receiving the first choice of the two posters you will receive!

2nd Place: The AG Homeschooler!

You will have 2nd choice of the two posters you will be receiving!

3rd Place: Polka Dot Patriot!

You will receive the remaining two posters!

Have an awesome day everyone, even if you didn’t win!


15 thoughts on “Winners of The Wealthy Hearts Posters!

  1. OMG THX!! So do choose two? Um, I really want the Elizabeth one… BUT THANK YOU!! You are so nice! I can’t wait! What should I do? Do you need to email me? Sorry! Thank you! You are so helpful!

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