New and Vintage AG Haul!

American Girl Haul!

Hi everyone!

I’m so excited to be writing this, because yesterday, a package from American Girl arrived!  EEK!

Before I start this, please don’t get offended in any way by this post, and if you think you might, please click out of this post, because this is a no-hate environment.  Just so you know, I didn’t ask for any of this, it was a complete surprise, and I am oh-so grateful for the two aunts that gave me all this wonderful stuff!

Now, let’s get started!


First of all, I got Tenney’s guitar!  It’s so beautiful!  It comes with a song book, a blue guitar, and a guitar pick!  It’s so well made, and perhaps one of my favorite AG sets!  😀


And I also got the Doll At Work Craft Book to complete my craft book collection!  Now I have all the AG craft books, and I love the T shirt this one came with!  Can’t wait to get DIY-ing!  🙂


And here we have Lea’s mix and match swim set, and I’m absolutely IN LOVE with this set!  I can’t wiat to use it when my dolls go to the pool!


And The Merry Magenta outfit is such a beautiful dress, and I love how perfect it will be for not only the holidays, but any formal occasion!  😀 😀

The shoes may be my favorite pair ever!

My other aunt used to have an AG doll back in the 90’s and she gave me a box of really awesome vintage Pleasant co and AG stuff!

So, lets take a look!


First we have this purple velvet Christmas dress for Bitty Babies, I think it’d be cute on a doll if I added some tights!


Here is Molly’s Rain Coat!  This is the only other thing from Molly’s collection that I have, other than Molly and her accessories, and I can’t wait for it to rain so I can do a photo shoot!  😀


Here is a fruit themed sort of dish set, and it’s so cute, I can’t wait to use it more this Summer!  And the there is a little sippy cup and Bitty O’s, so my dolls have some new cereal!  😉


Then there is a cute orange floral top with a Bitty Baby book to go with it, yellow sneakers, cute sunny sandles, the hat to go with the dress, an two pairs of tights!  I’m guessing the shorter one would fit a Bitty Baby and the longer pair would fit an AG doll, but I’m not sure.

And now…. The moment you’ve ALL been waiting for… MY NEW DOLL!

Well, erm, you probably already know which one by me new header image, but still!  Act surprised!  Maybe  a gasp or 2?  XD


I got Kaya! But her new name is… Nora Brooks!

You may be wondering why her last name isn’t Parker, like the rest of my dolls, but all will be revealed on Saturday!


❤  ❤  ❤



Isn’t she just so pretty?  I love her face mold especially, and her hair that touches her ankles!  😀


Ok, that’s all I have to say, I think!  Nora is wearing a dress by my Grandma, a vest from Build A Bear, and a locket from Samantha’s accessories.

Bye everyone!  And please welcome Miss Nora to the family!



46 thoughts on “New and Vintage AG Haul!

  1. Gasp, gasp, you got Kaya? Wow, what a surprise for me. Lol! You got a TON of fun stuff from your aunts. You’re lucky to have them. I LOVE Nora’s French braids. I was actually just thing how she would look in French braids the other day. *Gasps for real* She ISN’T one of your other dolls siblings? I’m like, so confused right now. Can’t WAIT until Saturday to find out why! Your aunts are super awesome. I’ve had aunts to buy me AG’s too.

    Btw, the pictures were like, awesome.


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      1. It’s Saturday now! * refreshes page* *refreshes page again* Haha, can’t wait for Nora’s photo story!



  2. I actually have the Dolls at Work craft set, and my sister has Lea’s swimsuit! Congrats on your new doll! Kaya has never been my favorite, but the more photos I see of her, the more she grows on me! Maybe Nora will completely win me over! 🙂

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      1. What I found cool about her face mold is that the reason she has no teeth is because in her tribe, it was considered a sign of aggression to show teeth. I think it’s amazing that AG did that research and really tried to embrace the history behind Kaya! 😀


    SHE’S SO PRETTY *pretends to gasp but really doesn’t cuz I KNEW IT*
    Ahem… As you can see, I am very excited! Eeeek. Congratulations Sam!
    Okay, now to read, er, the rest of the post… *sheepish grin*
    -Sara ❤❤

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  4. Fun!! Tenney’s guitar is so pretty, and Nora is so cute! It’s funny because I saw Kaya/Nora in the header and was thinking along the lines of “I didn’t know she had Kaya.” Well, I guess that’s why she looked unfamiliar! XD Congratulations! Love the french braids on her, too!

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    1. Thank you Gracie! Haha, yeah, I probably should’ve released the new blog design after the post, but I was just WAY too in love with it. XD Thank you! Yes, as soon as I took her meet braids out, I know that was the hairstyle for her. 😀


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