The AGDollAwesome Official House Tour!

Untitled design (17)I spend a lot of my free time renovating my doll house.  It might be my favorite part of my doll hobby, being a little interior designer for my dolls…


I have to admit, I’m a little bit too much in love with my doll house, so I decided that this post is going to be super in depth!  I’ll leave tips for decorating your own doll room, where I got everything, my inspiration for each room, how I made things, and tons more!

Keep in mind that this is not a real doll house. It’s just the wall underneath my book shelf and the wall beside the door.  It’s really long, too long to photograph.  So just be aware that pretty much anyone with a small space of wall and floor is able to make a doll room!

I think that since my last doll house tour was about 6 months ago, I’ll do a doll house every 6 months!  So… my next tour will be a holiday doll house tour!

But befor you read on, PLEASE go check out Bella’s amazing new doll blog:  The Doll Habit!  She has some amazing dollies and posts, and she is literally one of the sweetest people ever, so go follow her!

So without further ado, here is the AGDA doll house tour!

Room Number One~ The Bathroom!


Welcome to both the most important and the least important room in the doll house:  The Bathroom!  It’s the smallest room, because this room isn’t needed for too my photo stories, and I like to prioritize space for where the dolls will be mostly.  Well, technically speaking, the dolls spend A LOT of time in here…


This is the toilet!  I made it by cutting the top of a vinegar bottle off (with an X-Acto knife) for the toilet bowl.  The weird curvy shape underneath is a hand soap bottle that I cleaned and cut the top off.  I hot glued that to the bowl.  The make the toilet taller, I positioned it on top of a soap box lid. The back of the toilet is the bottom of the soap box, and the tube in the back is a toilet paper roll.  Ironic, right? 

On top of the toilet is a box full of mini magazines you can cut out of the AG magazines!  The box is from the bouquet bed set.


There’s ME in the dusty and wonky mirror.

The green caddy is from American girl, and I think it’d retired now, and replaced with a blue caddy.  The towel came with the set.  I turned the caddy so that the mirror ould face the dolls!  😀

The glass that the toothbrushes, bubbles, and toothbrushes are in is a mini jar I got from a craft store, and then removed the lid and all the metal wiring.


The toiletries are from hotels, the soap is actually real soap that I cut up, and the bowl is from a field trip gift shop, I don’t remember which one.


The bathtub is from the dollar store!  It was orange, but I spray painted it white, added a towel from OG, and a towel from AG.  I thought it was important for me to have a bathtub rather than a shower, because I only take baths, and rarely take showers.  🙂


The wall art is a poster that my pen pal sent me, and a world map that I traced drew!

Room #2~Molly’s bed


This bed is the very old version of Molly’s bed!  Excuse the cat hair, Twila likes to nap on it.  😉  My grandma got it for me at an antique shop for 30 bucks!  Unfortunately, it didn’t come with the rug or pillows, so I made my own!  I added her glasses and her mini doll.


This is an amazing poster that Julia, one of my blogging friends, made me for my birthday!  I always keep it up in the doll house, to remind me of you guys!

Room Number Three~The Book Nook


This is the newest room in the doll house!

It’s important to have a cozy reading spot for your dolls.

The rug is from Yosemite National park gift shop, it was 15 dollars, and I haven’t the slightest idea of what it was intended to be, but I use it as a doll rug.  I made it by spray painting a piece of foam board light blue, and spraying smaller pieces as shelves a darker blue.  I think it’s pretty cute, what about you?


The shelf is a desk organizer from target that I painted and glue together.  I made all the books inside except for the books that come with mini dolls.  The books are white foam board or white cardboard covered with colorful paper of painted paper.

Then there’s Nora’s guitar!


The chair is from a random rummage sale, and it was a raggedy ann doll chair that had weird poles above it.  My grandpa helped me cut off the poles and sand it down, and then I spray painted it gold and sewed a purple velvet cusion!  The music stand and music book are from AG.


All the windows in the house are made out of packaging tape, computer paper, and printed out images of “tree bokeh”.  The post card is from AG, and I watched a video of Tenney’s stage set, screenshotted the spot where the AGtuber reviewed the posters, cropped the screenshot to that poster, and printed it out!


The wooden shelf is  a wood tray from a craft store.  I turned it over, and glued it to the foam board wall.  On top is some Russian nesting dolls from AG.


This shelf is  a mini crate from Orchard Hardware store, and it had batteries in it.  I removed the batteries, and glued the crate to the wall as a shelf.  The pasport, handkerchief, and playing card are all from AG.


On this shelf, I put some of my mini books, along with some books I made.



On this shelf is stuff from Kit’s collection, like her camera and typewriter eraser.


On the far right side of the top shelf, we have a turtle figurine from Toys R us, fake succulents in a bucket from the dollar store, records from AG and OG, and a photo slip from the Bouquet bed set.


The cactus is from LPS, there are two AG books, and the rest I made.


On the left side of the shelf, there is a wolf figurine from my local zoo, a glass cat that my friend got me from Florida, and fake books!

Room Number 4~ The Living Room

Because everyone needs a spot to watch TV.


The TV is Maryellen’s TV console.  It adds a cute vintage touch to the room!  And on top is Kit’s typewriter, Molly’s album, a toiletries case from Melody’s collection, and a flower pot with faux flowers and washi tape.  The wall art is an AG sign I made out of pipe cleaners, a cat picture from AG, a poster I printed, and a piece of an inspirational greeting card!


I made the coffee table out of a picture frame!  I cute the actual frame in half using pliers, and pray painted it gold.  For the top, I used the glass part, and glue it to the frame pieces!

It’s a modern coffee table, and I absolutely adore it!


On top sits a doilie from Rebecca’s collection, a flower bucket, a magazine, napkin, and coffee cup from AG, and a pink mug from OG.


I made this tall display shelf out of foam board and hot glue!


The top shelf hold three flower vases that I made out of glass jars from a craft store.  The one on the right is covered in lace, the center with pipecleaners, and the left with sparkly tape.IMG_8468

The next shelf has a unicorn jewelry tray that I got in a gift exchange, a clip from AG, a flower from OG, glitter from AG, a diamond, perfume from OG, a cactus painting I made, and a random mini box.


The next shelf holds a tray from OG, a crochet hook, flower pot, and rose clylinder thing from AG, a shell from OG, colored salt in mini jars, flowers from AG, and a treat box from my pen pal, Mya!


On the bottom shelf, there is a mirror and domino set from AG, a basket from OG, a little random blue thing from LPS, and a mini bowl filled with jewelry and hair stuff.

Room #5~The kitchen


The kitchen is made out of foam board, balsa wood, fabric, a dowel, and corrugated scrapbooking paper.  It was so much fun to create!


The dollar store bucket hold various silverware, and the pantry has 4 shelves.  The bottom shelf has a tea light holder, which works as doll bowl, and measuring cups.  A cookie jar is on the second shelf, 2 cups are on the 3rd, and the top shelf has another tea light holder and some flour.


This cupboard has plates, cookbooks and cereal from AG.


This inside cupboard unit has teacups, a blender, a toaster, a pitcher, and a glass pitcher.


The poster is from a mini AG magazine, my grandma bought me the fridge for Christmas, and my grandpa made me the oven!  It opens and closes, and even has oven racks!

It could quite possibly be my favorite piece of doll furniture-ever!


My mom is quite handy with wood, and made me the table and chairs!  What color should I paint them?


This tray is a piece of balsa wood, salt and pepper in mini jars, and butter and knife from AG.

Room Number 6~The bunks!

My grandpa made me the bunk bed and I got it the same day I got Saige!  It’s so beautiful, because he hand carved the detailing on the sides.


The top bunk belongs to Paisley, obviously.  Her bedding is just a piece of fabric, she has Bowie her teddy bear, a pink pillow I made, and a birdwatching notebook from OG.


Her shelf is a piece of foam board, and on it lies a lamp, nail polish, and sunscreen from AG.  Sunglasses and conditioner from OG.  Th rest of the stuff is either made by me, like the Paisley awards Trophy, or from a craft store.  The banner is from a dress I made, I gathered it, and had lots of extra gathering, so I cut it off and taped it to her wall!  The letter on the wall is a gift from Light4theLord.


The wall art is also from Light4TheLord!  Paisley LOVES it!  The frame is from the dollar store, and the art inside of it is from AmericanGirlFan.




The bottom bunk belongs to Valerie!


Her bedding is a quilt and a pillow that I made, and the sheets were made by my grandma!


On an AG nightstand, she has her badminton supplies from OG in a tic tac container, 2 jars full of buttons because she collects buttons, her phone, a vase of flowers, and her glasses!


She dreams of becoming a star actress on the big screen someday, so she has hung up some posters of her favorite productions.

Room Number 7~Nora’s Room!


This is Nora’s room!  The next part of the dollhouse is completely inspired by AG’s pinterest board, AG Fairway Place!


Her bed is made out of  a doll box, and her bedding is sheets and a pillow made by me.  The throw blanket is a folded up scarf.  The pillow is an emoji plush!  There is a window, and remember that gold chair with the velvet pillow I talked about?  Well her headboard is actually the top of that chair!


Her desk is an OG sewing set desk that I completely redid!  I took off the cusion of the chair, spray painted it silver, and added my own pillow!  I spray painted the desk and painted the knobs teal.  I added a piece of foam board with a mirror and faux gem stickers for a vanity affect, and added pictures from various AG sets! I made the computer out of cardboard, and added an order pad on the side.

Room #8~The Bay Window Room!


This is the Princess pet bed from AG, and I made the pillows!  Marigold is lounging on it.


Above the pet bed are posters from mini mags.


And this…is the window seat!  I made it out of foam board, and I’m so proud of it!  I drew the pillow, and added mink fabric on top.  I added tule as curtains to the windows.

Samantha’s lact parasol is beside it, and Kit’s volleyball is near it.   I made the bunting banner out of hot glue, twine, and fabric!  😀

The frame is a mini frame my grandpa gave me, and I put some fabric inside.

Room #9~Sam and Ellie’s room!



The dresser is a jewelry box that I spray painted!


On top of that we have a shot glass from the dollar store full of faux flowers, a tray from a mint container that has jewelry and a hairbrush, and then for books we have Samantha’s album, Nora’s songbook, and Samantha’s book.


This is Samantha’s bed!  Maryellen sleeps in the trundle.

You know, if you think about it, nobody can have enough beds for 11 dolls to sleep in, but, uh, let’s just pretend!

Anyways, the bed id The Bouquet Bed set from AG, and the throw blanket is knitted by my grandma, the pillow is a rolled up piece of bouquet bedding, there is a Samantha mini doll, and the bedding is a pillow case!  That’s right, just get a parent’s permission, and tuck a pillow case in as a doll duvet!


The theme of Ellie and Sam’s bed is vintage and sweet, so a hat from Kit’s collection sits on the corner of the bed.


On the shelf, we have a bag from Rebecca’s collection, a mini alarm clock that actually works, and a bag from maryellen’s accessories. On the top, there is a retainer, a water bottle, a treasure chest, a mini deer, a kitty tag, a birdhouse from OG, and a pot of flowers.  The memory board has random snippets of stickers, art, and inspiration.


On the top, there is a straw bag from OG, a purple box from AG, a box from Kit’s typewriter set, and a basket I made from wrapping twine and ribbon around a treat cup.


And That officially concludes my dollhouse tour…for now!

Did you get inspired by this?  What was your favorite room?  Do you have a special space for your dolls?  QOTD:  Who’s your favorite Non-AGTuber?  Mine’s Laurdiy!



59 thoughts on “The AGDollAwesome Official House Tour!

  1. YOUR DOLLHOUSE IS SO ADORABLE! The book nook and bay window are my favorites! And Nora’s room! Is it ok if I try to make a coffee table the way you did? I’ll give credit to you if I include it in a future dollhouse tour!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooh! A room tour! I LOVE the rainbow bookshelf. That’s super sweet of you to
    give Doll Habit a shout out. I checked it out earlier today, and it’s great!
    I absolutely love your doll house and I can tell you put a lot of effort and detail into it. Haha, Twila sleeps on the dog bed. My dog would do that if she could! LOL!
    I LOVE the book nook. That is like, the best possible room ever. You have such sweet grandparents!
    That coffee table! Oh my gosh! It is so realistic and so amazing!
    Ok, I love the kitchen. It’s so close to the AG gourmet kitchen, and it looks great. YOUR MOM MADE THE DINING ROOM TABLE? That is so amazing! I would paint it, white, cherry brown, or salmon, to go with the stove and fridge.
    I love how you reflect your dolls personalities through their rooms. Every detail is so beautiful.
    Now I almost want to redo my OG sewing set. It looks amazing!
    The bay window is seriously awesome. You made it look so real, even though it isn’t. I LOVE IT!
    I totally got inspired by this. I really need to make my dolls a doll area. I have two bookcases, but I keep being indecisive on what I want. For now, I’m going to try to make a room similar to your setup, until the doll house gets worked out.
    I absolutely loved this post. You are definitely talented in interior designing for your dolls.

    (Hope you don’t mind long comments 😉


    1. I love long comments!
      Thank you, Diamond! Yes, Bella has been following my blog for FOREVER and she always leaves the kindest comments…. I know, my grandparents are pretty awesome! Twila is so cute, she does it all the time! XD Thank you! Yes, I made the kitchen! I really wanted to buy the gurmet kitchen, but when I had the money, it was backordered, so I picked up 2 pieces of foam board and made it! 😀 Yep! Ooh, those colors sound pretty!
      Thank you! Yep, that’s what I was going for!
      I was kind of nervous at first to redo it, but I think I like it better now than how it came!
      Thank you! I’m really proud of the bay window, it took me a long time to put the seat together. Yay! Be sure to post a house tour on your blog when you finish it! You are so lucky to have doll house sized bookcases, I would kill for that kind of thing, rather than tripping over all the doll’s furniture on the ground…. XD XD Thank you so much Diamond! ❤


      1. I do too!
        Thanks for the reply, I enjoyed reading it.
        Actually, the bookcases are great, but I really wish they weren’t black! They have AWFUL lighting. I wish I could paint them, but I’ll make do for now. I need to do a bit of tidying up, and rearranging, and sadly, I have no idea when it will be done. I’m going to try to work on it soon! You’re welcome!



  3. Wow. wow. wow. wow. wow. I ADORE YOU ROOM!
    I LOVE All the awesome stuff on the walls and on the shelves and everything!!! I just kept scrolling and reading and was like ‘wow, does this ever end? I don’t mind if it doesn’t!’ I love your room – you are SO lucky! I have a doll room too, but because of a little squirt, I can’t let anything small or glass in there… and no posters on the wall (she thinks it’s funny to rip them off) but I’m glad Paisley likes the ones that Madi and I sent to her!
    ~ Light4theLord

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thanks Light4theLord! You are so kind! Hehe, yeah my doll rooms are pretty big…. XD Aww, well maybe when she’s older you can create some kind of thing! Yes, Paisley LOVES the posters! I love them too, I just wish I had more space to hang them all up… 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Samantha,
    I love your doll house. It is so creative. I think my favorite place would be the book nook, I just adore all the details. How do you manage to display all their things without it looking cluttered. That is always my problem. Have a great day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thank you! Yeah, it’s really hard not to clutter! I just always think that each room has to have a specific three or 4 colors that everything in the room should be, and then base the display stuff around that color scheme! And it’s hard to resist putting something that I really love up, but will make it look cluttered. 🙂


  5. Your doll house is amazing! I just did a post on mine but’s it’s still in the planning stage! I don’t have a bathroom yet and the kitchen is out of a camper. 😛
    -Rose ❤

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  6. Your dollhouse is so cool, with so many rooms, wow! Mine is way smaller, it’s “built into” my bunkbed; it’s actually a desk, but I like it better as a place to keep my dolls. 😉
    -Sara ❤ ❤

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