A Day in the Life of Valerie Isabel Parker! <3


A day in the life of...


6:03 am

“Oh, hey there!  I’m Valerie Isabel Parker, and this is a day in my life!  Samantha will be following me around and vlogging my day!”


“So, since I wake up pretty early,(Around 6:00,) my family isn’t quite awake yet.  Which means that I have to be super quiet so I don’t wake anyone up.  Right now, I’m heading to the bathroom to begin my morning routine!”


“So first of all, we are currently in the Agda bathroom!  I know, pretty small, but to be honest, this is why I wake up so early, so I have this place all to myself.  One time I made the mistake of waking up after Saige did, and trying to get into bathroom while she’s getting ready…


“So, I’ll be taking a bath this morning, since all of us hate showers and only take baths,”IMG_8212

“So right now, I’m taking a nice bath!  I love to put so many bubbles in my bath, and today I used a Lush Bath Bomb!


For my care routine, I use this shampoo and conditioner from Bath and Body works, and it works wonders on my curly hair!  Plus, it smells SO good!”


Then, to wash myself, I have this Pantene moisturizer, and I usually just squirt some on a washcloth to clean my skin up!”



“Ok, so now I’m out of the bath, and I’m just drying off in this towel!”



“Now I’ll just brush my teeth, because I can’t stand morning breath!”


6:30 am

“OK, so now most of my family is beginning to wake up and start playing on their phones, and I’m going to get dressed!”


“Alright, so my OOTD is this pretty dress from a random company.  Fun fact, it’s from the 90’s!  I love to wear bright colors, so this dress is perfect for me!”


“I’m also wearing my favorite shoes in the whole world!   They’re the sparkly flats from AG!”



“So I just made my breakfast!  I love making breakfast, because Grace usually doesn’t make it, so I get to practice my cooking and baking!”

“I’m going to have these heart shaped pancakes that I made, along with some apple slices and milk.  The pancakes are from Peppermint Pursuits!


“Wow Valerie!  Thanks for making me breakfast, it looks epic,”


“Oh, um Kit-”

“Valerie, you are just so selfless and nice… I’m so excited to have this awesome breakfast!”


“I love breakfast, but this happens a lot… I guess I’ll have some cereal today!”




“I’m in the middle of practicing my acting in the book nook, which serves as a quiet place until Molly starts practicing her ukulele.  I have my script with me, so now I’m rehearsing my lines!  My drama club is putting on the production of The wizard of Ozz, and I was cast as Dorothy!”

Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore!”

There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home..”

Oh, I’m not a witch at all!  I’m Dorothy!”


10:32 am

“This is my dog, Lulu!  She’s an Alaskan Husky, and I love her So. Much.  I usually spend an hour or so playing with her outside, and it’s so much fun to have a dog like Lulu!”


11:45 am

“Right now it’s lunchtime!  Grace made everyone some amazing homemade macaroni and cheese, and it’s made with swiss cheese and some amazing creamy cheese sauce!”


1:23 pm

“Hi guys!  So I’m playing in the pool with Paisley and Grace right now!”


“Jump in already, Valerie!  It’s really warm!”


“Yeah Valerie!  It’s 107 degrees!”


“I really love our pool, and we’re about to play a game called Silent treatment!  It’s like Marco Polo, except you can’t say Marco if you’re it!  I’ll see you soon!”


4:12 pm

“Hey everyone!  Right now I’m at badminton practice!  Badminton is my favorite sport, and I play on a travel team.  This weekend, we’re going to San Fransisco for a tournament!”


“It’s so much fun to play against people who also love badminton!  I’m wearing a homemade shirt and pleated skirt!  So I’ll be here for a couple of hours, and I’ll see you again at dinner!”



“So Grace is feeling a little bit sick today, so she’s staying in bed while everyone makes their own dinner!  I just microwaved myself a microwave dinner, because I actually kind of like to eat them!  Of course, nothing compares to Grace’s cooking, but to me it’s next best.  This one has mashed potatoes, vegatables, and chicken!”


“Now I’m just watching TV!  I love binging the Gilmore Girls on Netflix, and I’m also in the middle of Downton Abbey!  What’s your favorite Tv show?



“Alright!  Now it’s time for me to wind down a bit, which is why I’m back in my pajama’s.”


“This is my laptop computer, so now I’m just going to watch some basilmentos and mixiepixie7 for about an hour and a half!  I usually go to bed at like 8:45 or 9:00!”


“Alright guys, so that is the average day in the life of me- Valerie!  I hope you guys enjoyed, and please remember to like and leave a comment below!  I’m so happy to be a part of the AGDA family!  Alright, Goodnight everyone!”


Hey everyone!  It’s Sam!  It was so much fun to follow Valerie around and document her day for your guys!  In case you were wondering, for the bubbles in Valerie’s bath, I wrapped her in plastic wrap so she wouldn’t be ruined, placed her in the bath, wrapped towels to be extra safe, and then I filled my sink up with water and started filling it with bath and body works bubble bath.  Then I just put a bunch of the bubbles into a bowl, rushed back to my room and filled the bathtub with it! So just wanted to let you know that Valerie is completely fine, no water got on her at all.  😉

It was so much fun to create this little daily routine!

What part of Valerie’s hobbies do you relate the most to?  Which doll do you think I should do a day in the life of next?



27 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Valerie Isabel Parker! <3

      1. Oh, I was going to tell you AG took away #21’s (Paisley’s) pin-curls! I thought that her pin-curls were one of the cutest things about her!


      2. Oh my gosh, I just checked the AG website, and you’re so right! She doesn’t look nearly as good without them, I feel lucky that I have her with them! I think that if she doesn’t have the pic curls, they should at least keep her hair down for her meet outfit instead of pigtails.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I was worried about the tub! What a cool idea. Maybe I’ll try it. If I give credit would you mind? I would love love love to see a day in the life of Nora, Grace, or Saige. Or Emily. Or Molly. Actually, all of them!


  2. Cute! Maybe I’ll do something like this on my blog. You were really clever with the bubbles-they were very convincing! The Flash is my favorite TV show (Yeah, I know I’m a total nerd of a fangirl). You should do a day in the life of Nora next!!



  3. This is so cute! Wow, those pancakes are from Peppermint Pursuits? I want to buy from that shop! Woah, I didn’t realize those bubbles were real! Cool! You should do a day in the life of Paisley next. This is a really great idea.



  4. My favorite TV show is either Modern Family or My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. I relate to Valerie’s getting up early the most. I’m definitely an early riser, too. I think you should do a day in the life of Kit next.


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