Who Wore It Best~ Mega Summer Edition!

Hi there!!  I am currently at my grandparent’s house in the country on kind of a mini vacation when you’re reading this, and it’s an electronic free vacation!  So, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, this is a scheduled post. I will be back on July 11th to reply to all of your glorious comments, so  please, go ahead and comment down below!  It’s the same as always, but I will probably just be a little bit later to reply.  See you later!


Who Wore it Best-I love reading Who Wore it Best’s and so I decided that I would try one out.  But you know me, I’m not going to put just ONE measly outfit on the dolls, I’m doing 5 different ones!

And the best part is, this is not your traditional Who wore it best, where everyone wears the exact same thing, this is a Mega Summer Who Wore it best!

So, I had the dolls pick a partner to face off, and gave each partner one main piece of clothing.  Each doll had to create an outfit using that main piece as the star!  So, everyone’s take will be different.  Kind of like those Who Wore it Best’s you see in the Tabloids!  Like you weren’t thinking of it

Kit decided not to partake in this contest, because quote “I like being comfy!”

Each pairing will have a poll that you can vote on for Who wore it Best!  Don’t forget to vote, and maybe comment down below who you voted for and why!

The rules that the dolls had to follow was that they had to pick other pieces that did not come with the main piece, so for example, if they have the seaside fun shorts, they can’t put the sweatshirt that goes with it with it.

And the results will be posted in 2 weeks!


Also, you all are welcome to take this idea and do it on your blog, you have my permission!

So, let’s get started!

Pair One: Molly and Emily wearing Melody’s play outfit top!


First up, we have Emily!  She is wearing of  course, Melody’s play outfit top, the pant’s from Maryellen’s Play outfit, her shoes from the Seaside fun outfit, the headband from Maryellen’s strawberry outfit, and the ring from Saige’s collection.

Emily took the more vintage/retro look!

getting creative with my photo angles, eh? XD


Molly is wearing a skirt from Springfield, a monogram cardigan (from Maryellen’s collection) with an “M” for Molly, hairclips from AG in her fishtail braids, shoes from Maryellen’s pajama’s, and of course, Melody’s play outfit top.

Molly decided to go with the more play ready look.

Time to vote!


Pair Two:  Amelia and Saige wearing Shorts from the Seaside fun outfit!


Saige has the Seaside fun shorts, and with that she paired Truly Me shoes, a bracelet from Kit’s accessories, a neon top from AG, earrings from Truly Me, and casual fishtail braids!


Amelia also has the same shorts, and put it together with retired shoes from the 90’s AG, pearls that my grandma made for me, a tank top from Truly Me, a headband from the Merry magenta outfit, and a braided wrap bun!

Now you can vote!



Pair Three:  Paisley and Valerie wearing the enchanted Winter outfit skirt!


Paisley has the enchanted winter skirt, shoes from Kit’s collection, shirt from Grace’s meet outfit, and a headband from Lea’s mix and Match swim set!


Valerie has the enchanted winter skirt also, with a sweater from Our Generation, pearls’ from Rebecca’s costume set, her hair in pigtails, and flats from the merry magenta outfit!

Pair Four: Samantha and Grace wearing the Truly Me Meet Dress!


Samantha has the Truly Me meet outfit, and Our Generation sweater, the Sparkle beanie from Truly Me, and Sparkly flats from Truly Me.


Grace has the Truly Me meet dress with a sparkly skirt made by my grandma, dalmation earrings from Truly Me, and sparkly flats from Amazon.


Pair Five: Nora and Maryellen wearing Melody’s Floral Peplum Dress!


 Nora is wearing melody’s floral dress with  a shrug from Kit’s collection, a bun, and boots from Grace’s meet outfit!

Maryellen has Melody’s dress with a headband made by my grandma, shoes from Truly me, and her hair in a high ponytail!





Don’t Forget to leave your vote and comment, like, and follow!  Who did you choose and why?  Do you think I should do more reader participation games like this?





19 thoughts on “Who Wore It Best~ Mega Summer Edition!

  1. the poll was super handy! you should definitely do more reader-interactive games like this. i just might have to borrow this idea for my blog! with credit to you, of course. my votes were as follows: emily, saige, valerie, samantha, maryellen. valerie’s outifit is totally my favorite! i have to try doing bailey’s hair like that. can’t wait to have you back!

    isabel ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I like the polls! It’s easier than trying to comment which doll in each pair wore it best. I like the ‘who wore it better’ style post a lot, too!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is a wonderful idea for who wore it best. I have one in the works for my blog, but I might do this as well. You are so creative and have amazing ideas. I enjoyed the outfit pairs and I thought they all reflected the dolls personalities, and looked great.
    My votes were,

    This was fun!

    Liked by 1 person

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