What a Day to be an American Girl!

What a Day to be an American Girl!

Why we are Patriots, by the AGDA Family


“I am a patriot because America has the most diverse people, of all cultures, religions, and ethnicity.  We are free to be together with everyone.”



“I am a patriot because the leaders of this country are fair and usually have the best interests of the people in mind.”


“I am a patriot because America is Safe and our military is the bravest out there.”


“I am a patriot because you can be anything you want to be in America.”


“I am a patriot because we have some of the most beautiful landscapes and wilderness in the world.”


“I am a patriot because in America, we have fair and righteous laws.”


“I am a patriot because everyone has a chance for a good education.”


“I am a patriot because so many people in our past worked hard for me to have have I have, freedom.”


“I am a patriot because our brave police force and military will always protect us.”


“I am a patriot because everyone gets a fair chance.”


“I am a patriot because I am free.”

I love America.  Happy 4th of July.

Why are you a patriot?







Happy Independence day!  I am currently at my grandparent’s house in the country on kind of a mini vacation when you’re reading this, and it’s an electronic free vacation!  So, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, this is a scheduled post. I will be back on July 11th to reply to all of your glorious comments, so  please, go ahead and comment down below!  It’s the same as always, but I will probably just be a little bit later to reply.  See you later!


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