Everyone But Mya From AGLane, PLEASE read this!

Mya, from AGlane.  Get out!  Go away!  This is secret surprise material happening here!

On your birthday, you will find out what’s happening here.  But for now, PLEASE click out of this, so it’s a surprise!

I’ll give you some time to get out…


Ok!  I think she’s gone now!  Mya’s birthday is coming up very soon.  So here’s the deal…

Her birthday is on July 25th, and I want to surprise her with something AWESOME!  I think I’m going to send her a package with some stuff I’ll buy for her and her dolls.

But to make it REALLY special, I need your help!

Yes, you!

I like to send Mya lots of letters, and she does the same to me, but then I got thinking… What if a whole bunch of bloggers sent her letters!

That’s be AWESOME!

There are absolutely no addresses involved, you don’t have to mail anything.

Here is how your letter writing works…

  • email me a heartfelt message intended for Mya, using my email address, agdollawesome@gmail.com  
  • Also email me your favorite picture from your blog that YOU have taken, so that I can make a cool collage to hang in her doll house!  It can be of your dolls, your profile picture, whatever!  The maximum amount of photos I can accept from each person is 2.
  • It can be as long as you want, but I don’t want to waste paper, so please make it longer than a paragraph.  😉
  • Let me know what color pen you want me to write you letter with (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black)
  • If your letter is longer than it takes to put on a stationary card, then I’ll put it on some cute decorative cupcake paper
  • All letters that you send via email will be copied down onto paper, and then I’ll add some stickers and send it to Mya!
  • On July 25th, her birthday, I’ll have her send me a video of her opening all your letters and reacting to them, and I’ll post it on this blog!  




Mya is seriously one of the sweetest girls ever, and it would mean a lot to me and her if you could take a few minutes and “write” her a letter.


We want as many bloggers as possible to write letters to Mya!

This would be so cool if it could work, and I’m so excited! Are you?

Remember to write Mya a letter and a send a picture!  Email Me using the email agdollawesome@gmail.com

Are you planning on participating?  Spread the word, reblog!  ❤

~Samantha ❤






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