The Great Restaurant Catastrophe~A Photo Story


“Wow,” Grace began, “I honestly haven’t the slightest idea of what I’m going to order…”IMG_8701


Peering up from her menu, Emily chimed in, “Well, you may order whatever you like Grace!  It’s your birthday, and you deserve to have at least one night where you don’t have to cook,” and added a sigh as she went to straightening her silverware with a close precision.


“But Grace is right, everything on here looks so delicious!  I think I’m going to have the tomato soup, oh, but then there’s the BLT!  And the fried fish fillet sounds spectacular!”


“Well I’m not as indecisive as all of you.  I’m going to get the macaroni and cheese.” Molly announced.


“But there is no macaroni and cheese on the menu..” Emily said, puzzled,

“I know, but anyone can make macaroni and cheese, even I can!”

“But just last week you almost singed Saige’s hair off while trying to make it!” Valerie protested,


Just at that moment, the waitress arrived.


“Welcome to the Blueberry Grill,” and with a gesture to her name tag, she continued, “My name is Eva, and I will be your server today.  What can I get for you?” Eva asked, order pad prepared for tallying meals.


“I think I’ll have the English watercress, please,”


“I would like the cob salad with balsamic vinaigrette,”


“And I would like the chicken Parmesan with sliced pickles!”

Looking expectantly at Molly, Eva asked, “And for you, Ma’am?”


“Erm, I’ll have the macaroni and cheese. Extra cheesiness, please.”


“Um, I’m very sorry, but we do not serve macaroni and cheese here,”

“But can’t you at least try to make me some?!”

Casting a strange glance at Emily, Eva spoke slowly, “Yes.  We can try to make that happen.”


She scribbled all the orders down on her order pad, as everyone also began to recite their beverage orders.


Scooping up all the menus, Eva said, ‘”Ok, I’ll be right back with your drinks, but for now, just sit tight.  Thank you!”


A few minutes later, Eva came back with a platter of drinks.

Water for Valerie, Lemonade for Grace, iced tea for Emily, and strong coffee for Molly.


“Molly, are you sure that that coffee was the right choice for you?  You know you’ve never had coffee before…” Grace worried aloud,


Ignoring her sister, Molly guzzled the coffee in a single gulp, a wild look in her eyes after she finished,



“Waiting is so BORING.  I’m going to go explore!  Call me when my mac and cheese is here!”


“Molly, wait! You can’t-” Emily began,


“Emily, let her go.  It’s probably better that way,” In silent agreement, Emily piped down.



Molly’s brain buzzed with the newfound caffeine.

Do chickens wear jumpsuits?

I wonder how jacket’s taste?

Who do frogs hop up to the sky?

But, sadly, dear reader, these thoughts do not have much of a difference from her usual thoughts.  But there was one word that was buzzing within her:



And then she saw it…

A rollaway cart, stacked high with cookies, custards, cupcakes, pies, cakes, and chocolate.  The treats seamed to be calling her name…

But then again, that could simply be Molly hallucinating from her coffee.

~Back to the table~


Eva, the waiter, carried the food out on a golden tray, careful not to stumble and spill the meals.

IMG_8730As she placed the plates according to their owners, she gave a disgusted look at Molly’s Mac and Cheese.

IMG_8732“It’s a shame that Molly isn’t here to eat her macaroni. She did go to such a trouble to get it,” Valerie commented with a forlorn sigh,


“I think I’m going to go look for her, she’d been gone for quite some time…”


“Emily, I can go-”

Flatly, Emily put her foot down and said, “No, Grace, it’s your birthday.  Now enjoy your salad, I’m sure I’ll be right back!”


But as she walked around the picnic grounds of the Blueberry Grill, she found Molly at last, and gave out an earsplitting screech,

“Molly!  W-What are you doing?”


“I-i think I’m crashing…literally.”


“Emily, what happened?  Did she kill someone?”  Valerie and Grace rushed to the scene and spoke in unison, but soon came to the realization of what happened.




“Oh my WORD!  What the GoshDillyDarn are you DOING?  Out, get out! NOW!” Eva flailed her arms around and screamed for the manager, while Emily pulled out her wallet from her purse,


Later, as the sisters walked shuffled awkwardly out of the restaurant, they  reflected on the situation…


“Molly, what do you have to say for yourself?” Emily said in her shrill british accent, the accent she only used when she was angry.


“I’m sorry for having poor manners and ruining Grace’s birthday,” Molly recited,


“Well, uh, I have to be honest when I saw that that place was way overrated.  My chicken was really overcooked and dry,”


“And my birthday wasn’t ruined, I can make a way better salad than the Blueberry Grill.  I was actually sort of glad to get out of there,”

Really?” Molly squeaked,

“Really.  Now, who wants me to make some cake for when we get home?”

The end




18 thoughts on “The Great Restaurant Catastrophe~A Photo Story

      1. YES! My Camp Nano project right now has Brits everywhere, so yeah. I’m all for it.


  1. This is awesome! I always enjoy your photostories. My favorite part is how real your dolls seem. I can tell you work really hard to make to perfect personalty for each one. Referring to a past incident just makes it even more real. I love your stories.


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