The Magic Tree House~A Photo Story

Molly’s POV


“Molly, are we even allowed to be up here?”

I shrugged, “Probably not.  Last time I was up here at the tree house, I was trying to pet the birds, and I fell out.  But-”

I stopped mid-sentence when I saw what was in front of me…




I picked up one of the books and looked around, puzzled, “That’s strange, I didn’t know grandma set this up!”  A small shelf was packed with books, and a golden rocking chair was propped to the side.  IMG_8941

Paisley picked grabbed a tan colored volume, “This one is about Ancient Egypt!”


“No way!  I love Ancient Egypt!”

Appalled, Paisley looked at me, ” I thought you hated school!”

“Well of course I do, but I like mummies.  I wish I could be a priest in ancient times, that way I could take out people’s brains and wrap them in toilet paper,”


I plucked the book from Paisley’s grip, and dug into the chapters on embalming.

And so we sat there, in the redecorated tree house, reading.  I hadn’t expected that under any circumstances, but there we were.

“I wish I could go to Ancient Egypt!”  I commented,


Suddenly, our surroundings began to omit an ominous rumble, Paisley cast a sideways glance at me and with a shaking voice, said, “Molly, what on earth is-”

IMG_8952The wind started to blow. The tree house started to spin. It spun faster and faster. Then every thing was still. Absolutely still



“W-What are you wearing Molly?” Paisley questioned, pointing at my dress, just as confused as I was.


“I think the better question is, what are you wearing?”


We both looked at each other with complete, utter bewilderment.  Suddenly, we were beckoned,


“Servants!  Come, I would like some fresh air!”

And that was when I realized it.

We weren’t in California anymore.  We were in Ancient Egypt!


Remembering my reading on a typical Pharoah’s servant’s routine, I grabbed a palm frond, and Paisley mimicked me.


And we began to fan the woman sitting on the throne.


She looked to be in her mid 20’s, and she was dressed in a beautiful turquoise silk dress with a golden sash.  Nobody could mistake her for anyone else, but Cleopatra herself.

How had this happened?  How could I just touch the book, wish I lived in Ancient egypt, and popped up in the very palace of Queen Cleopatra!


Million’s of questions were swimming through my head, but I knew I had to focus on one task right now:  being a convincing Egyptian servant.  My arms seemed to be falling off after only a few minutes of waving the heavy palm frond up and down.  Emily was right, I did need some physical activity.  I’ll focus on that when I get home, I thought, Or I could just eat a dozen donut’s when I get home.  One of the two.


Clearly my younger sister was struggling with the same problem, except she was constantly getting distracted from looking at the sparkly decoration that Graced the Egyptian royal throne room.


“Today is a feast day for Isis,” Cleopatra stated  I remembered Isis!  She was the Egyptian Goddess of fertility, love, and beauty.


“So I would like to take my bath at this time,” she gracefully stood up from her throne in grandeur, and strutted through the hallways, and we followed.


As the queen washed herself in her giant tub, we quietly talked.


Paisley was still in shock, shaking with fright, “So-so you’re trying to tell me that we’re stuck here… across the globe, and in the middle of history!”


“Yes,  and that lady is Queen Cleopatra herself!  Isn’t this so cool?!”


“But I want to go home!  I don’t want to live in Africa as some queen’s slave!”

With a sigh, I sat down, and waited for the queen to finish her bathing period.


As we stood in Queen Cleopatra’s 5th bedroom, she spun in her gorgeous dress.


she giggled as she spun around for what seemed like the hundredth time, “What do you think about it, servants?”


Paisley squeaked in a small voice, “I-i think… I think you look pretty in pink, Queen Cleopatra…”

I patted her shoulder in comfort.


I placed the platter in front of Cleopatra, and bowed, “Your luncheon, my pharoah,”


“Marvelous,” Cleopatra said, “What is it?”


I examined the meal, and having no idea what it consisted of, answered, “Well, my queen, what do you think it is?”


“It seems to be some slices of mutton with split pea dip, dates, fruit salad, and some breaded pastries…”


Having no idea if she was correct or not, I replied, “How clever of you, Queen cleopatra!  That is exactly what this is!”


“You there, taste,”


“I’m sorry, can you please repeat your command my queen?”  Paisley answered, sweating nervously,


I stifled a gasp, “Nonsense, oh sacred one, I shall taste to find if it is poisonous!”

I certainly wasn’t going to let an 8 year old die before myself!

I had remembered reading that in case of an assassination attempt, Egyptian royalty ordered servants to taste the food before, in the event of  the food being poisoned.


Casually, Cleopatra spoke, “Nonsense, she may do it.”

I bit my tongue, surely I would be killed if I argued with the pharaoh of Egypt!


Clearly Paisley had full knowledge of what she was being forced to do.  A silent tear dribbled down my cheek.  She sat herself next to the platter, and took a deep, shaking breath…


She took a large spoonful of the dip, held it to her lips, and…

Within a moment, we were back where we began, sitting in our tree house, safe and sound.


“W-what just happened?  Was that a dream?”



“I-I could’ve died Molly!”  Paisley contemplated the previous events.


“Darting out of the tree house, I said, “Well I know one thing, Emily will never hear about this from our lips, I’m never coming back to this tree house or to ancient egypt, and I think I hear Grandma calling for dinner!”


“Molly!  Wait for me!  I think I’ve lost my appetite…”

The end-for now

Wow.  That was sure fun for me to do.  I used to be obsessed with Ancient Egypt, and with The Magic Tree House Series by Mary Pope Osborne!  (What this photo story was based off of,)

It was so much fun to set up the “palace”, and I hope you enjoyed it!

I have some more things to say…

I’m sorry for not being very good with replyng to the comments on the scheduled posts.  I appreciate all your comments, I promise, and now that I’m here, I’ll try my best to reply to most comments from now on.  And sorry for giving you that scare yesterday, but believe me, it was NOT my idea or my pleasure to write that post lol.

I watched Moana.  It was good.  Thanks for suggesting it, YOU’RE WELCOME for watching it.  😉 😉 😉

I also got some stuff for a back to school giveaway yesterday!  So look out for that sometime in mid August!  I’ll see you on Monday for a Solstice Children, and again on wednesday for a DIY, and on Saturday for another photo story!  BYEEE!!

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❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤



30 thoughts on “The Magic Tree House~A Photo Story

  1. this is SEW fun!!!!! i loved this series when i was little too. i think my favorite was the one when annie and jack went back to shakespeare’s time, and met him, as well as acted in one of his plays. annie and jack are such sweeties! similar to paisley and molly, who are also sweeties. and nora makes a great cleopatra. looking forward to the diy and giveaway!

    isabel 💜

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much Isabel! Yes, I loved that one as well! Yes, That’s exactly why I chose those two! Thank you, Nora looks almost exactly like her! Thanks, I’m looking forward to posting them! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This was a great photo story! All of the work you put into this definitely paid off.The setting was beautiful. You did great!
    YOU’RE WELCOME for suggesting Moana.
    It looks like you have a lot of fun stuff planned. I’m excited!


    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much light4thelord! Aww, thanks! ❤ The pink cleopatra dress is actually a belly dancing outfit- my mom's friends gave it to her as a joke, lol. Then I just safety pinned it to the doll! Thanks for commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This post brought back so many memories! I used to read The Magic Tree House ALL THE TIME!!!
    This line: The wind started to blow. The tree house started to spin. It spun faster and faster. Then every thing was still. Absolutely still: I used to have memorized! XD XD XD
    Thanks for all the nostalgia! :b

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks! Well My grandma made Molly’s, I made Paisley’s, The first cleopatra dress is from Rebecca’s dress up set, and then the last pink dress is a belly dancer costume my mom got as a prank present. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I love this! good job Samantha! I really like Egyptian history, that and Greek history are my favorites. Nora makes a great Cleopatra, especially with how long her hair is 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. This is very cool and bookish :)! I read a few of the Magic Tree House books when I was younger, but my favorite series was the Rainbow Magic series. Have you heard of it? Now, the question on everyone’s mind: will there be a sequel to this post?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thank you so much Rose! Glad you enjoyed it! No, I’ve never heard of it, but it sounds awesome! 🙂
      Maybe! What time period would you want them to travel to next?


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