Solstice Children~Part 4

Solstice Children

An AGDA Original Photo Series

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I took in my surroundings and gasped…  Trees were everywhere, dotting the soil with green sprouts, flowers were blooming every which way.

It…was beautiful.  Something I’d never seen before.  I was feeling something so new…

Was it joy?

But then I looked at what I was wearing.  Now that was not beautiful.  

With cold eyes directed at, of course, the person in front of me, I began to speak, “What have you done to me?!  Where are my clothes?!  Where am I?!  You have NO right to just-”


“I’m sorry Eve, but this is the dress code for all females here in Eclypsis.  And you are one who is too quick to judge, judging by the fact that you can even be standing here,”

Such a hypocrite, I thought, Wait….

My injury was gone, like it was healed!  I lifted about an inch of my stupid dress with pink embroidery, and found no evidence that it was ever there.  Surely it would’ve scarred…


“Welcome to Eclypsis, dearest Eve.  Home of the Solstice Children.  Home for you and me.”

This girl, Iris, had struck a nerve,

With my teeth clenched, I shot back at her, “I am no Solstice Child,


Expecting Iris to give me another fiery reply, she just shrugged, “We’ll see about that.  You see, all of us here have special powers.  Powers we were given from the beginning of time, to restore peace in this world.  I have the power of healing, healing everything.  I healed you to make up for the injury I caused you.  You will never experience the sensation of me hurting you ever again, I swear.  Are we even?”


This sounded like something out of a storybook.  I shrugged, refusing to give her the sappy apology she wanted, “I guess we’re even…”




Everything about her seemed perfect, from her bouncy black curls, to her floral dress, to her emerald green eyes.

“Come on, I must take you to see Queen Moonstreak!”

Queen Moonstreak?  That’s my last name…

“Oh, well-”

I was cut off by the unmistakable voice of a boy,


“I’m sorry, Is this girl bothering you?” he asked, laying a hand of Iris’ shoulder,

I stifled my response of Yes, very much.  

Instead, I mumbled, “Uh…”


“Collin… go away please.  Nobody wants you here,”


“Aww, well that’s too bad, dear sister, because I was going to help you out!  Mother’s calling you from home, and I was thinking that maybe I could take this girl to the queen!”


“Have you been eavesdropping?” she asked, with a furious look,

“Maybe a tad…”


“Listen, here’s an idea, how about instead of always asking what Iris wants, we ask what this new girl wants,”


“Um…I’m fine with Collin, or whoever this boy is, taking me to see the queen,”

“Well then Iris!  Looks like it’s settled!”



Mumbling angrily, Iris’ black curls bounced as she strode off.

At last, I thought.


“Hi there, I’m Collin Everlakes.  That girl you just spoke to, Iris, is the most annoying person you will ever meet, and I am the best person you will ever meet,”


“We’ll see about that,” I answered as we shook hands, “My name is Eve,”


“I’m going to be honest with you Eve, I know why Iris kidnapped you from wherever you came from, ”

I was in awe in how perfectly he summed up my situation.

I looked up into the emerald green eyes he shared with his sister, “What?”


We started to walk. “You see, Eve, you have power.  Everyone around you can feel it.  Solstice Children especially.  Even I can feel how much you’ve got inside you, locked away!” he said, backing away jokingly.

I held back a giggle.


“So.. Iris is your twin sister?” I asked the question that had been burning in the back of my mind,

“Yes, unfortunately she is.  All Solstice Children are born in pairs, what others call twins.”

More and more questions were forming, and I wasn’t about to miss my opportunity to ask them, “What even are Solstice Children?”


He sighed, “In the beginning of time, there were two sisters, both born on the Summer Solstice. They were natural enemies.  One, named Eclipse, was kind and loving, and sweet.  Her children were born on the Summer solstice, and she was beautiful.  The other sister was named Equinox, and she was cruel.  She hated Eclipse with every ounce within her, and set out to destroy her.  The original plan was that the two sisters would rule over this land together, but of course, Equinox wanted all the power.  The two went to war.  By now, they were hundreds of years old, and had started an entire civilization of children.  People took their sides, and began fighting.  The pixies held magic within them beyond comprehension, and they favored Eclipse’s side, but they wanted peace as fast as possible.  So, they gave us powers, and blessed all the future children of Eclipse with magic.  They called us the Solstice Children.  That’s because all of us are born on the Summer or Winter Solstice.  Long story short, we won the war.  We split the land in two, one for Equinox’s cruel offspring, and the forest for us. We named this magical, beautiful place Eclipses, and the pixies live with us, in gratitude to their gift they bestowed upon us many years ago.  Ever since, the two people’s have been great enemies.  When we see either one crossing the border, we must kill them.”

Everything was starting to make so much sense.  Why hadn’t I met this boy before?  Where was Eclipses my whole life?  If I am in fact one of them… a Solstice Child… How did I end up in Eclipses? And most importantly…could I have a sibling?


“Listen, I’ll see you later.  The queen is just right over there, through those gates” he said, gesturing to a golden plated fence, as he was just about to turn away, he said one last thing, “And Eve, just so you know, I really hope you get to stay here.”


I made my way through the gates, and walked along the wooden path.


Until I saw her.  Queen Moonstreak. A woman with beautiful copper hair, piled into a neat bun, with a flower crown delicately intertwined around it.  She wore a white eyelet dress, and her eyes bore into mine, with a strange look, a look that almost expressed…


She spoke in a grand voice, “Welcome, my child.”


So much drama, so much mystery!

Anyways, I really do hope you all enjoyed this installment of Solstice Children.  I’m really sorry I haven’t posted this in  a while, but I really didn’t like the original photos I had taken for it, so I decide to take new ones on my trip!  Next time on Solstice Children, (next Monday), we will meet the Pixies, and drama with love interests will be going down!

Hope you liked it!  Comment, Like, and follow pretty please!

In other news, Amelia fell in the pool yesterday.  I panicked so. much.  But I just put her in front of a fan, and she’s all dry, no signs of mold in her stuffing or anything.  I am a bit scared of her hair getting dry, so I think I’m going to be washing all my dolls’ hair today!  Ooh, fun!  You guys are gonna love the back to school stuff I have planned.  *hint hint* Mini target *hint, hint*

All the photos for Season one in this series are taken, now I just need to take pics for Season 2 because you guys are going to hate me for the ending of this, but it’s worth reading, I promise!  If you’re not caught up with Solstice Children:

Click here to view Episode 1  

Click here to view Episode 2

Click Here to view Episode 3

Byeeeeeee!  Love you all!  Thanks for 330 follows, you guys are da best!



35 thoughts on “Solstice Children~Part 4

    1. Thank you so much! I actually don’t get to go to the AG place very often. I’ve only been 3 times. Once for my first time where I got Kit before I started my blog, second on my BFF’s birthday, and 3rd on my birthday this past year. I don’t think I’ll be going anytime soon, because it’s also a 3 hour drive and I’m broke, so… But I REALLY want to go!

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      1. Oh okay! I was just curious! I know same here…I literally have no money for AG! Have you seen Liza’s video where she’s teaching her younger self? It’s super funny!!


  1. Solstice Children! Eeeeeeee!
    This was so, so good. I can’t wait for more. I think that this my be the best part so far. The new pictures must have really payed off! They look great!
    And, ooh! A mini target? That sounds fun. Good luck on washing your dolls hair!


    Liked by 1 person

      1. OK, sooooo, Eve’s twin is Astrid, and Astrid appears to die in the finale!

        P.S. Love the new profile pic!


    1. I know! Eeeeee!
      Thank you so much! Yes, I agree! It was fun to make this part! Yay, glad you liked the pictures!
      Yep, it will be so fun! Yay, I’ll need luck! 🙂


      Yeah, she’ll be ok. My main worry is her hair, I hope it will maintain it’s softness. Yes, I can’t wait to post everything! It will probably come out mid-August, when I go back to school. 🙂


  2. THAT WAS AMAZING!! I can’t wait for the next part!!!
    Why are we going to be mad at you for how it’s going to end?
    Hope Eve gets to stay! 😃 But if not, I’m sure it’ll turn out just as awesome, if not better. 😉


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