Craft Tour~ Recreating The AG Grand Hotel!

HELLOO!  I’m so excited to be posting today, because I have something VERY exciting that I want to show you!  When I saw the AG Grand Hotel on the Website, I made all these plans about how I would save up for it, and then I realized, “This will be so easy to craft!”  Not to sound stuck up or anything, but I have some serious crafting skills if I do say so myself.  So my grandma took me to a craft store and bought me some materials!  Thanks Grandma!  I’m really happy with how this turned out, so let’s begin!


Here is an overview of the hotel!  The entire thing is made of a tri fold display board, and there’s a lobby on the outside, but I’ll get to that later.


This is the little bathroom!  The wallpaper is striped scrapbook paper, and I love the hexagonal mirror!


The little vanity is made out of a wooden box from the craft store.  I put in an ag towel, and an ag box. I think it adds a touch of pink!  The countertop is marble, and it took a long time to create the marble effect, but I’m pretty satisfied with it!  I used black paint, white paint, and a toothpick to create it.


These are the toiletries!  The bottles are nails that I spray painted gold, added masking tape over the neck of the nail, painted the masking tape, printed out the labels, and wrapped in packaging tape!  Everything printed out in this craft is from review videos of the hotel.  I just screenshotted when the youtuber showed the paper pieces, and cropped it to the right size to print and cute out!  The box is made of that method of printing, red paper, and a cardboard craft box!  The bottles fit inside.


The wall paper in the main room is just this flower print.  I spent hours drawing the little flowers on, and I think they look OK.


The window is made of an image i printed out online, white printer paper, and packaging tape!  It can really open and close!


Here is the bed!  The bed itself is made of a box, and cut up wrapping paper tubes for the posts.  You can store things inside the bed, since it was made out of a box!  The headboard is made of a plaque from the craft store, and I painted it gold.


The front two pillows are made out of a pair of AG pj’s that are too tight on me, and the bolster pillow is a wrapping paper tube covers in felt and ribbon!


I sewed the bedding, and I used a sewing machine to carefully stitch on this flower!  I just need to erase the pencil marks, hehe.


The nightstand is a box from the craft store that I covered in an aluminum sheet, but it’d be better if I spray painted it silver.  The water bottle is from AG, and the vase is a mini glass jar with the lid removed, and flowers are from the craft store!  🙂


(Sorry for the low quality pic)

The dresser is made of balsa wood!  For the legs of it, I hot glued wooden beads together!

The middle drawer is a chip board, and I have no idea what the other ones are, but they can be found at a craft store.


The papers are made of that printing method I told you guys about above.


So is this paper, and the waiter bottle is from ag.


The phone is made out of gluing two of these metal pieces I found in my grandpa’s shop together, and the base of it is made of balsa wood!


The chocolate box is from the  craft store, and I used the printing method again.


I used wooden beads, brown paint, puffy paint, glue, and glitter to make the chocolates!


I didn’t feel like making an ice bucket, so I used this ice cube tray instead!



I made the Grand hotel room service set!  Because food is the meaning of life soo…

The tray itself is made of the lid of a domino set I spray painted gold.  IMG_0185

The plate is from one of my old tea sets, and the lid thing is from Our Generation!  I didn’t like how it was blue, so I spray painted it.  It came from the garden party set I think.


I sewed the white fabric place mat, and the napkin.  The napkin ring is a pink rubber band, and the fork is from AG, but you can also use a cocktail fork.  The mug is also from ag.


I made the tray out of cardboard, and the salt and pepper are from mini jars.  There;s real salt and pepper in it!


The food is made out of clay!  There’s a cinnamon roll, 3 slices of bacon, and fruit!


Look at the kitty ears in the bottom left corner… 😛

This is the lobby!  It’s the backside of the tri fold!  I wasn’t fond of AG’s version of a lobby, so I created my own version!


This side is painted this pale coral color, and I have the nightstand with a bunch of flowers sitting there.  The directory is also hanging on the wall.


This is the elevator!  I spray painted printer paper gold, and I used silver corrugated scrapbook paper to make it look realistic.


This is the red door!  It needs to be longer, so maybe I’ll expand it later.  I used red paper to construct it, and I’m really proud of the gilding job!


So that is the AG Grand Hotel that I recreated!  It was a lot cheaper than the real thing!  Comment down below, like, and follow please!  I hope you liked it, Were you inspired by it?



48 thoughts on “Craft Tour~ Recreating The AG Grand Hotel!

  1. This is amazing! I seriously want to redo this now. Do you have a printable sheet that you made with the printing method with the AG papers? Or should I get started on my own? Anyway, I really like this! You did an amazing job! You do have mad crafting skills!



    1. Thank you so much! Ok, so I watched American Girl Ideas and AGoverseasfan’s reviews on the grand hotel, and they showed the papers. Then, I screen shotted when they showed it, cropped the image in google docs, and made an estimation to about how large I wanted it. This method will work with any ag paper item! Thank you so much Diamond, I’m glad you enjoyed! It would be so awesome if you crafted the hotel too! Then we could be twinning! 😀 I could send you a printable sheet…


  2. You did an amazing job! I love the bed, and the marble counter turned out awesome! Are you also excited that Alisha will be posting on Sundays and Wednesdays now??


    1. Bella,
      I just want to say that I love your blog so much! I can’t comment on it, since I don’t have a wordpress account, but your blog is amazing. I especially love your dollhouse, I so want to see an overview of it all!

      Keep up the good work!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you Diamond! On my blog, I have the option of following via email, so if you have an email, that’s how you follow my blog if you don’t have a WP account. I’m not sure if that will allow you to comment though.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my gosh! thank you so much for sharing this! I love this set but it costs way too much to buy so I was super excited when I saw this. you did a really good job! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Gorgeous! Very creative and well done! I love the flowered wall paper. Great way to re-purpose your outgrown clothes. Keep up the awesome crafting!


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