Solstice Children~Part 6

Solstice Children

An AGDA Original Photo Series

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I shut the door behind me.  I shut the door of my old life.  I breathe in the scents of the outdoors. I  no longer trapped inside the cage of my house.  That house was not a home, it was a trap.


My boots clack against the cobblestone.  My father will notice I am leaving soon.  But then again, I warned him.  I am not going to stay with him forever.  I need to start living,  I need to talk to someone other than my father for the first time.



I stare ahead to my new home.  The forest.



I pulled away from Collin and nearly began sobbing with happiness at the sight of Atticus. IMG_9168

“You-you came back for me Atticus!  You’re really here!”


“I’m really here, Eve,” he said with the faintest look of sadness mixed with joy.

“You saved me, Atticus.  You saved my life in the forest.  Thank you.”  I was overcome with joy at the sight of him.


“We need to talk… we need to go somewhere private and talk…”

I wanted to apologize.  But what for?  I hadn’t done anything wrong….  Nothing was going on with Collin, we were just dancing… Right?!



“Eve, I came back for you.  What is this place?”


“Welcome to Eclipses, Atticus.  I have powers, and there’s a queen, and there’s this really bossy girl, and-“IMG_9226

“Woah, slow down!” he told me,


“This place seems really great and all, Eve, but I think it’s time to go back to Equinox.”


My happiness snapped, just like that, “What?  No, I’m never going back there for the rest of my entire life.  This is where I belong, I finally found where I belong!  Can’t you see that?”

I was furious,  nobody would ever take me away from this place.  Not even the person who saved my life.


“I thought you belonged with me!” he said, with a careful look in his eyes


I grasped his hand,

“I do.  Which means you’re staying here, with me.  I will never, ever forget you Atticus.”


“I came here with a girl, she looked a lot like you, and I thought it was you, but-”


I saw someone come flashing out of the shadows.  IMG_9243

Before I knew it, my arms were outstretched, and all I was thinking about was getting rid of this stranger.

Focus, Eve. Focus.  

A surge of power came crashing through me, larger even than the time I lifted the training stone, and this time it was blazing with…




Atticus screamed, and so did the intruder, until she thudded to the ground.



“I’m so sorry, Queen Moonstreak, I didn’t know this girl was important to you. I thought she was from Equinox.”


Even Iris’ strong healing powers couldn’t save this girl, whoever she was.  She was still breathing, but was in a deep coma.  The queen was crying when I reached her.  I didn’t have the slightest idea why, but it seemed she had a relation to this person.


She dried her tears with the corner of her frock as soon as I came up to her, “Eve, this girl is from Equinox.”

I was mystified.  I stared up at the queen with a confused look.


“Eve, there’s something I feel I must tell you.  This girl is from Equinox.  I put her there.  She is my daughter.  And You see, Eve….”

I was confused, “What do you mean?  I know I was born in Equinox, and I need you to tell me how! If I’m a Solstice Child, how did I get into that terrible place?”

She took a deep, “So are you.”


Fury surged through me.  This woman birthed me, yet she didn’t care enough about me… and that girl, to raise us.  Instead, she dumped us in the most torturous place on Earth.

“Please.  I’m your own mother!  We can be happy here together!” she whispered, pleadingly,

I stood up, and silently walked away from her.  “No, you are no mother to me.  I have a mother.  Not my birth mother, but someone who has always acted like a mother to me.  I will go see her now.  I will never see you, or this girl again, mark my words.  Goodbye.  I don’t belong here anymore.  One thing I hate is secrets.”

I could hear the queen calling after me, “No, wait, I can explain!”

But I could care less. I was going back to Equinox, and nothing could stop me.




Confused, I stepped back from the gates of the orphanage, thoughts swimming through my mind, How did he get here?  Where is Mrs. Prim?  

I held back the urge to scream as he noticed me,

“Welcome, my dear Eve!  It seems that you have escaped my banishment, and in a new outfit!  My, Oh my…”  his devilish smile cracked as if he knew something I didn’t,


“But don’t you mean the Queen’s banishment?”

He laughed, seemingly amused, “Oh, the Queen is gone.  Good riddance, I say!  Now, I can finally be the Ruler of Equinox I was destined to be!”

“No!” I yelped,


“Oh yes.  Looks like Solstice Children aren’t exactly what they’re cracked up to be.  Because it was not a smart decision to come crawling back, was it my dear?  And escape from your real mother, just to be dramatic, of course.  You know, I should thank Queen Moonstreak, before I kill her, of course, for bringing you to me,”


“No, stop,”

“And you know what else?  Mrs.Prim isn’t coming back for you Eve.  She’s with the Queen now, my dear,”


“Y-you killed one of the only people who loved me?”


I outstretched my hand.  I closed my eyes.  I focused on getting rid of the very man who killed my mother figure, and as a surge of power came through me once more, I heard a squeal from above,


There was a girl sitting on a beam high off the ground, and she looked scared.


The Baron Wexler was struck, and on the ground.  No, he wasn’t killed, not yet.  Someday, though.  Someday I would kill him.


The girl jumped down from her post, and gave a frightened look to me,”


I stuck out my hand, assuring her that I wouldn’t harm her, “My name’s Eve Moonstreak,”

“My name is Hope.”

YAY!  Ending to another exciting installment!  Thanks for reading.  🙂





13 thoughts on “Solstice Children~Part 6

  1. Woah! Eve is the queen’s daughter?? And she has a sister?? Awesomeness!!
    I’m excited to find out a little more about Hope… 😉
    Can’t wait for the next part!!
    Hey, wasn’t this supposed to come out on Monday? Oh well, I’m definitely not disappointed!


  2. Ooh this is good! I love how Eve is getting control over her powers. I guess I was pretty close in my predictions. I love the plot to this. Its inspiring me to maybe finally getting a photo series up!
    Now, which sounds the best,
    Fire and Ashes
    Ocean Breeze or,
    The Bracelet of Charms

    P.S. Do you watch Descendants?
    P.P.S. Did you see the Cutest Doll Competition?
    P.P.P.S. I took family photos of my dolls!


  3. How was Atticus not mad at her? Wow, that guy’s awesome. I mean, seriously, he’s got a sensitivity with the resilience of an India-rubber ball.
    But now I’m going to have to consider shipping Atticus and Astrid. Attistrid? Astridcus? I mean, seriously, he could just pull a Laurie Laurence and if he can’t have one, go for the other…
    Ships: Colineve, Attistrid.
    Am I right?

    Ahem. If I can stop shipping for a moment, then maybe I could tell you that this photo series is so well done! I always look forward to it!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love this series, Sam! It’s so interesting, and I like all these twists and turns. The queen is Eve’s mother! Wow. And she has a sister?? This is great. Plus, it’s great how this new character’s name is Hope! Sounds like hope to me. I can’t wait for Part 7!
    -Sara ❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

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