Back To School Shopping~ A Very Punny Photo Story

When your dolls are too punny for their own good.  


“EMILY,” Saige beckoned me,

“What is it this time Saige?” I replied to the not-so-bright Beauty guru of the family,

“I’m a little stuck finding the glue, could you help me?”


“The glue is literally right in front of you,” I replied with a sigh.


“Oh, here it is!  I guess I wasn’t so stuck after all!”


“Emily!  Come over here I need to tell you something, it’s an EMERGENCY!”  Molly screamed across the aisles of Target,


“OH MY GOODNESS MOLLY!  What happened?  Is someone hurt?  Are you dying?  Did Grace try to talk to the manager about the low quality peanut butter again?”


She took a deep breath, and in her most dramatic voice, said, “They Marked up The price of these markers,”

I walked away.


“No, I want this backpack!” Valerie argued,

“No!  The backpack is mine!”


“That makes no sense!  You haven’t even bought it yet!”


Zip it Valerie!”


“Emily, why do I need these notebooks?”  Kit looked at me with her question,

“You need to be able to take notes for tests,”I explained.


She picked up a pencil and said, “Well that’s noteable…”


“Emily, can I please get the pink scissors?”  Paisley looked at me with her adorable begging face,


Cut it out Paisley!  We’re getting the cheaper scissors.”


“Emily, is this pencil sharpener supposed to make me sharper in school?”


“Emily!”  Amelia called for me in a sing song voice,

“Do you think I need a ruler to own, or will the teachers provide one?”


“Well My ruling is that the teacher will provide one.  If not, too bad.  We’re saving money.”


“Emily, do I need a wide brush or a watercolor brush for art class?” Nora asked, genuinely confused.


“You clearly need to brush up on your brush knowledge.  Get whichever one is cheaper.”


“Emily!  I need an eraser for my whiteboard!”


“I need you to ERASE what you just said!  You can just use an old sock!”


Hey guys!

Did you enjoy that?  🙂  🙂

I sure did! It was so much fun to shoot, and create the mini Target.  But the dolls had even more fun being so punny.  😀


Behind the scenes!

Giveaway involving some of the things featured in this photo story coming soon!

I know this might seem a bit early for back to school but I actually start on Wednesday…

So, if you guys liked that as much as I did, please remember to leave a comment down below, because I love reading all the feedback you guys have!

Happy Saturday!

Oh yeah, you guys were so sweet when it came to my huge summer photo story, it means so much that my hard work on that story paid off.  🙂



46 thoughts on “Back To School Shopping~ A Very Punny Photo Story

      Ok, I’ll provide a tutorial through this comment! 😀
      The backpack holders were Styrofoam packaging from a box, the white shelf was an Our generation box that I got for free from target because it was empty. I then spray painted it white! The middle table was made out of wood pieced from the craft store, and the last shelf was made out of foam board! I printed out the price tags and the signs from the internet, but you can probably find some in Target paper ads. All of the supplies is school stuff I’ve collected over the years. Most is from Target, and some is from OG. I made the glue bottle out of clay, and the marker box with a printable. Some backpacks are from target, the one that sam and valerie are fighting over is from the dollar store a LONG time ago, one is from OG, and one is from Journey girls.
      And that is the mini target! Glad you liked it! 😀

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  1. Haha! That’s a lot of puns you (er, your dolls!) had to think up!
    I have the same orange/pink backpack as the one on the shelf! 😀
    By the way, Kit’s hair is gorgeous! ☺

    Liked by 1 person

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