Nora’s Hotel Concert Routine


11:45 am

“Hey guys!  I just checked in to the AG Grand Hotel!  This is where I’m staying for my concert tonight!  I just got back from my flight from where the AGDA family lives, and now I’m in Los Angeles!  I will be preforming onstage tonight, and I’m so excited!  But now I’m showing you my hotel concert routine!  Let’s jump right into it!”



“This is my luggage!  I didn’t bring too much because I’m going shopping later.  Let’s get unpacking!”


“I’m unpacking my toiletries, including my brush, straightener, toothbrush, toothpaste, and more!”


“Now I’m sorting out all my clothes!”


“Here is my kitty cat neck pillow, a magazine I stole from Grace, and my lyric journal!”


“I’m going to relax, write in my journal, and eat these complimentary chocolates!”



“I am about to go shopping!  Here is my OOTD!  My shirt is sewn my Sam’s grandmother, my shorts are from Grace’s collection, and my purse is from the 2016 holiday collection from AG!”


“My shoes are from Our Generation, and they are currently my favorite pair of shoes, I just think they’re so stylish!”



“Ok!  I’m back from lunch and a shopping spree!”


“I got this new perfume!  It smells like candy.”


“And I got this brand new outfit!  I love it!  I will be wearing this to the concert today, and then changing into another outfit in the middle of the concert.  It’s time to go!  I’ll see you after the concert!”



“Hey!  The concert was super awesome!  But it’s over now, and tomorrow I get to go home.   I’m really tired, and I think I’m going to go to bed now…”



“Good morning everyone!  My flight leaves at 10:00, so I’m going to order some room service for breakfast, pack up, and get ready to leave!”



“Room service has arrived!  Let’s see what I ordered!”


“Yum!  Looks like I have a cinnoman roll, fresh fruit, and bacon!  Looks delicious.”



“I just grabbed some Starbucks after I packed everything back up, and now I’m all set to leave for the airport!  My outfit this morning is a sweater from AG, and a skirt sewn by Sam.”


“Bye guys!  Hope you enjoyed my hotel Concert routine!  I’ll see you all next time!  Comment below if you liked this, and don’t forget to like comment, and follow!  Toodles!”

Hey guys!

I apologize for some of the blurriness of some of the photos, my camera was acting up for some reason.  :/

I am also sorry that Solstice Children can’t go up this week… I broke my charger for the computer with all my photos on it, and I’m typing this one my mom’s laptop so…

I hope you enjoyed this!  I start school tomorrow.  🙂




28 thoughts on “Nora’s Hotel Concert Routine

  1. This is so amazing! I love all of Nora’s clothes! Once again, you did wonderful on the hotel. *GASP* I NEED AN EYELINER TUTORIAL! HOW DID YOU DO IT? YOU MADE THEM VERY EVEN! NORA IS SO PRETTY!
    Good luck at school!


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