Solstice Children Part 8

Solstice Children

An AGDA Original Photo Series

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Astrid’s POV

Suddenly I felt my sister’s hand on my shoulder.  I urged to shake it off, but I knew she meant well.

“Tell me what’s troubling you, Astrid…”  she said, he soft brown eyes looking into mine.


“I dunno.  I guess just knowing my whole life is a lie.  I don’t know what the right thing to do is at this point, Eve,”  I sighed in frustration,

“Seems pretty simple to me.  We can either team up with the Queen- I mean our mother and destroy Equinox, or we can destroy this Eclipses all by ourselves,”


“And I think we both know what the right thing to do is,” she continued, “Yes, the our mother has greatly wronged us, but she only did it because she cares for her kingdom.  And I must admit, I’m learning to love this place,”


“We can demolish Equinox.  We can get rid of that cruel and hateful place where evil beliefs reign over kindness.  But I will follow you, my dear sister, wherever you choose.  We are a team.  I swear to you, we will never be separated again.  And I don’t break promises…”  and with that, she gave me a meaningful look.


“It is settled then, ” I took a deep breath and kept going, “We will kill Equinox forever.  But we can’t do it alone…”


We sat in the field of daisies and clovers.  We were surrounded by our closest friends… fully prepared to take on the Queen’s mission for us.

Eve spoke first, “Thank you all for coming here.  Now I believe you all know why you are with Astrid and I today.  We, the 13th generation of Solstice Children, will finally end the age old war between Equinox and Eclipses.  You all will be the people who will be making the end of this war a reality.  Please, tell us everything you know, Iris will be-”


Iris abruptly cut Eve off, “I will be writing it all down!”  I caught Collin rolling his eyes at his sister.


The pixies were whispeing to one another, ” We will help all of you.  But only if it concludes in peace.  Peace is our ultimate goal,”  they all nodded in agreement.  I shifted uncomfortably. Peace wasn’t our goal, destroying Equinox was.  But the help of the pixies was invaluable.


“This is kind of stupid if you ask me,”  he shot a look at Eve,”we’re only like, what?  13 years old?  We’re fighting other people’s wars.  I know this can only end badly,”


Eve gritted her teeth, “Well Collin, Equinox has been a threat to us for hundreds of years.  If I remember correctly, that’s what you told me,”


He sighed, clearly giving up, “Fine.  The population of Eclipses is over 3,000.  So if this little group comes to do the main fighting and kill this Baron Wexler or whatever his name is, then an army of powerful Solstice Children can come in behind and destroy the community.”

I smiled approvingly.  Collin was a lot smarter than he looked.


“I know a bit about the Equinox army… I almost joined it.  There are only a couple hundred soldiers, but they all are very… let’s just say brutal.  We may outnumber them, but it will be a very tough fight… and we can’t afford to forget that,”  Atticus sighed as if he was flashing back to old memories.  Bad memories.


“That’s perfect.  Extra training, and we’ll be all set to face this enemy.  We must not forget about our powers as well…”


“But what we’re really aiming for is the ‘king’ of this evil land…right?!  If he has any sense, he would have moved his lair after Eve stumbled upon it,”  Lavender put in.


“Actually,”  Hope’s eyes lit up, “Baron Wexler has 2 main lairs… and I know where they all are.  One is the old orphanage where Eve found me, and one is behind an old church…”


“Hope… that’s just the kind of information we’re looking for!  This is perfect… We’ll attack behind that church… and then we will kill the Baron, which will let the people know that Equinox is to be demolished,”


“I’m ready, Astrid…”


“I’m also ready!  It’s time to kill a baron, and wipe out a civilization!”  Iris chimed in.

And the best part was, she wasn’t joking.

The Finale of Solstice Children Airs on Agdollawesome this Wednesday, at 4:45 Pacific Standard time!

I’m really excited to finally end this series… Season one of it at least!  Season two will probably start up around October or September… haven’t decided yet.  😉

But you guys will probably want to throw a large assortment of things at me when you read the finale.  XD  *evil laugh*

I hope you are having a great day!



17 thoughts on “Solstice Children Part 8

  1. WHERE IS ATTICUS??? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO SHIP ATTICEVE IF THERE IS NO ATTICUS? (Though the accidental picture of hiim in there did kind of throw me off – that was accidental, right?)
    Finale! Now!!!


      I edited it though. Thanks for letting me know… it was an unintentional mistake. Atticus is in the group!


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