Solstice Children *FINALE*

Solstice Children

An AGDA Original Photo Series

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3 Months Later

Eve’s POV

Collin came up to me as I stared out at beautiful scenery that was Eclipses.

He spoke, “Are you ready?”  his gorgeous green eyes flashed in the morning sunlight.


“I think so…  After all, it’s been over 3 months.  I’m as ready as I’ll ever be…”  I could detect a hint of nervousness in my stomach to be talking to Collin… It was one of the rare times I had in the past few months, ever since Atticus came to stay in Eclipses.


“I can only hope you’re ready for this, Collin,”  And with that, I turned away from him and walked off.

Astrid’s POV


I was admiring the view of Eclipses, the view of my… my home.  The kingdom  I would someday rule.  My sightseeing was cut off by the sound of Atticus’ footsteps.


“Hey,”  I said,

“Hey.” he replied.


“Hey!”  My new pixie, Aria squeaked.  I nudged her with my boot, signaling for her not to interfere.


“So… do you think you’re ready to destroy your old home?”  he asked me.


“That place is not my home,” I pointed out bitterly, “I had a house.  I had a fake father.  I wasn’t allowed to go outside.  I wouldn’t exactly call that a home,”


“Besides, All I want is to fight beside my real family,”  I continued, “I’m a bit anxious though,” I admitted,


“Yeah, well, you shouldn’t be.  I have a feeling you’ll be great out there.”

I mumbled a “thanks,”  and walked away to the base.  We were ready to attack.

Eve’s POV


I stood on a stone pedestal, ready to command all the Solstice Children.  All 3,000 of them…

I took a deep breath, and began my speech, “Greetings.  Today is the day that we lead an attack on the civilization that has wronged us all in so many ways.  A community trained to hate, with a twisted baron for an unfair ruler,”


“Our goal is to wipe them out and destroy everything they have against us.  It is about time we put a stop to this war.  Peace shall be reached at last!”  A hearty cheer from all of them followed that statement.


“I believe we can all do this.  I can only pray that we will all come out of that wretched place untouched. I am willing to give my life for this, and I know you all are as well.  I believe in You.”


“You are all my friends.”


“You all give me hope.”


“You are like my own siblings.”


“I will remember you all for the rest of my life.”


“I believe in you all, and I will protect you with my life.”


“And I feel like I have been like a mothe to you, watching you train over these past few months,”

My hands shook as I ended my speech, “Peace shall be restored to all of Eclipses!”

Astrid’s POV


Our main group led the army.  The plan was for us to kill the baron behind his base, and for the army to come out after we were finished and march into the city.

I thought our plan was perfect.


I remember the shock on my mother’s face when she saw him.  I gasped, and it was all a blur from there.  I only can bare to remember some of it.


It looked so wrong for him to be standing in the bright, lovely sun like he was.  But there he stood, at the halfway point to where we were going.

And that was when it dawned on me… he somehow knew our entire plan.  And he was prepared to kill.

I don’t remember what exactly he said, but I know it lacked no sharpness of language and curse.


I screeched the word no over and over again as he outstretched his hand.  Somehow, someway, he had literally gotten his hands on some type of power.  I though we had had the upper hand.  I thought we were ready.


But I was wrong as soon as I saw my mother drop to the ground.


I looked over at Iris, and screamed, “Help her!”  but I knew this was far beyond her powers.





Holding back my tears, I grabbed Eve’s hand.  IMG_9475

And she grabbed mine


Together we joined our forces like we had trained, and focused harder than ever before.  This was for our mother.  And for all the fallen yet to come.


We aimed our power, and missed and the baron simply stepped aside of our fatal pull to death.


Instead, he aimed his wicked magic on Hope, knocking her right beside my mother.



My world spun as Eve rushed to her side.  I screamed at Eve.  I told her I needed her.  She whispered just loud enough for me to hear, “Hope needs me now,


I tried to focus my power, but I wasn’t strong enough I needed my sister.


But nothing but horror pulsed through my body as I saw the sight of Eve lying on the ground, with Hope beside her, crying, but alive.


I remember hearing about the song of the fallen the pixies would sing once their Solstice Child died.  It’s melody was so sweet, yet so very chilling.  The harmony of both Eve and the queen’s pixies wafted through the morning light, creating a perfect ending.

But I would never, ever think it was perfect.


With my only family’s lifeless bodies there beside me, something triggered inside of me.


I could tell the others wanted so badly to take on the baron by hand, but I beckoned them to stay back.

This was my fight now.


My heart pounded as I brought up all I could from inside of me, and channeling it.  This was for Eve, and this was for my own mother, who loved me so much, but did such a poor job of showing it.  This was for our lost fight.  This was for my sister’s lost soul.


The baron yelled something I didn’t quite catch.  I heard the name, “Andromeda,” but thought nothing of it.  He finally sank to the ground in a heap.


I stared at the bodies.  I screamed so loud, I was sure Equinox knew what had happened by now.  I didn’t care.  I couldn’t fight any longer.  My power was drained, and I knew if I tried to take on too much, I would end up just like Eve.

Iris was a mess.  She had just lost the queen and her best friend at the same time, and the boys were crying silently, in honor of either their love, or their queen, I couldn’t tell which.


I started to hum along with the sweet voices of the Pixies, knowing my singing voice could do no justice to the tragedy that had just been displayed.

I remembered what Eve had said to me all those months ago.


“But I will follow you, my dear sister, wherever you choose.  We are a team.  I swear to you, we will never be separated again.  And I don’t break promises…” 

She had broken her promise, and left me in a mess of a girl.


Tears rolled down my cheeks, as I realized something.

I was the heir to the throne.  And if I was to be the ruler of Eclipses, I promised myself to avenge the deaths of all of my family members.

And this was a promise I knew I couldn’t break.



Isn’t that cool?

You probably don’t care, because you hate me right now.  I’m sorry!  😦

Kind of… I’m not that sorry.

Comment away.

Hey, AT LEAST I released the finale a day early!  Sorry, I couldn’t resist seeing the look on your faces.

I hope you enjoyed Season One of Solstice Children!

Season Two will Be Debuting on September 4th, 2017.  Have fun Waiting!

But to make up for what I just did to you, here is a sneak peak of Season Two!  😀



I literally just showed you a ton of top secret, confidential photos.

Ok, fine.  I’ll tell you one more thing, but it’s not about Solstice Children…

i may or may not be making a custom doll


K bye.



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  2. I hate you. BUT YOU WROTE THIS SO HOW CAN I HATE YOU?!?! This was SO GOOD, BEST THING EVER! I LOVE IT! But what, why?


  3. …. WHY???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????? *Sobs**sobs more* SERIOUSLY!!! Don’ get me wrong that was really good but, but! AGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!! – Staff


  4. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I was going to say stuff about how wonderful the writing was and all, but I’m too in shock! How? How could you do this to us?!? Whyyyyyyyyy!!! September 4th? Well, that’s nineteen days from now, so yeah. And on Labor Day? Lots of people are out of town that day!!!! You can’t just leave us with dead MCs. And those bonus pictures? What kind of hope is that supposed to give us?
    Ooh custom doll? That’s exciting. So like an AG official custom, or a DIY custom? Either way I’m sure it will be great! Tell me about her/him!


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  5. Okay! I finally just finished re-reading all of the series because sadly, I only read the first few parts at the beginning. This was amazing! WHY EVE!! WHY!!! You did a spectacular job, I cannot wait for season 2!! Eek!


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