Customizing TWO DOLLS?! DIYing my Dream Custom Doll



AHH!  Hi guys!

So today I am going to be showing you guys how I customized two dolls I already had, (Saige and Sam)  into two beautiful, One of a kind dollies!

I am sooo excited to be writing this post, and even more excited, tomorrow is the day that I’m meeting up with my internet bestie, Mya!!  We’re at the LA AG store tomorrow, so if you live anywhere near LA, come hang out with us at 11:00!  😀


I also apologize that I don’t have any really nice photos of them, but those will be coming very soon!

So I will be showing you guys my customization PROCESS!  It will show you guys how to do a custom as well!  I know this isn’t a photo story, but I think it’s even more exciting!  😀

Let’s get started!


So here we have my two beautiful dolls, Saige and Samantha.  Lately I’ve been wanting to spice up my doll collection, and I have made a decision to wig swap these two to create some beautiful custom dolls.


For this step of wig swapping, you will need nail polish remover, a spoon, cotton pads, and I didn’t really actually use the fork, but I took a pic sooo…


Unscrew the nail polish remover, and put the cotton pad on it.


Make it so the swab thing has lots of nail polish remover on it.  Then, rub along the wig with it.


This may take you a long time, but you will press the spoon in between the head and the wig to loosen it from the glue’s hold.


Mine came off with some of the forehead area first, then a lot of the lining around the ears, finally, the bottom, and last, the rest of the scalp hair.


Almost there…


So close!

(Note:  Use the nail polish remover throughout to loosen the glue.)


And it’s off!  If you’ve never seen a bald doll before, this is what it looks like.

I actually ended up using more of my hands than the tools.   It took quite a bit of strength!  😉


Now because Saige’s wig isn’t in the best condition, I will be washing her wig, because if I wash it after it’s glued on Sam, then the glue could come off.

Sorry about the sudden change of lighting, this was shot in my bathroom.  XD


I got most of the hair wet in the sink…


Then I put some conditioner it it to soften it, and set it on a towel to dry until I needed it again.


Now we are removing Samantha’s wig!  I clipped up her bangs so they didn’t get in the way.


I used the exact same method.


Almost there!


And off!

Sam’s wig took me 2 minutes, but Saige’s took me 30 minutes.  I wonder why, because Sam is newer!


And here are my bald dolls!  I know, pretty creepy!  But they will look much better in a few minutes.


I trimmed off some of Saige’s leftover whisps.



Then I poured some tacky glue on a paper plate.  This is the glue for glueing the wigs on!  😀  IMG_1607

And here is Saige in the salon chair that I was soooo happy to own for this.  XD


Simply brush the glue onto your doll’s scalp, and you should be good to go!  Be sure that your doll’s wig is up in a bun, because if it’s not, the hair will get glue in it.


Even more creepy!



And this is a sneak peek at this custom!  This is the only picture I have of her, and yes, I know.  It’s a horrible one.  But I promise you will see her full beauty as soon as I snap some photos of her!   And I don’t know if I want to keep her as Samantha, because she looks so different with her stunning blue eyes, or I was thinking of renaming her to Nalia.  What do you think?  IMG_1616

(Oops looks like her swim top is falling off… yikes!)

I did the same with Sam!  Except this doll is NOT Samantha anymore…


Meet Hazel!

This is my look alike me!  I was going to be named Hazel, and I really like that name, so I thought it’d be fitting for my new custom!  She is the exact same as me, so she plays the clarinet, reads, has a B-day on New years eve, etc.

She looks exactly like me!  I decided to customize her myself because I don’t have 200 dollars to purchase her, and I never could get a doll that looks like me, because according to American Girl, redheads can only have blue and green eyes.  *eye roll*

So yeah.  That was bye customizing process of making my mini me, and Samantha/Nalia!  Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed, and many photo shoots coming soon!


And a meetup post coming soon too!



34 thoughts on “Customizing TWO DOLLS?! DIYing my Dream Custom Doll

  1. AHHHHHHHHH! I would be so nervous to customize two of my dolls, but yours turned out great! AHHHHHH! Hazel is ADORBS! I can’t WAIT to see pictures of Sam/Nalia/Any name you chose! So, what I’m curious about, is how are you going to work this into your doll’s life/story line? If you need any ideas, feel free to ask. I have a few.
    Oooh, a meet up with Mya would be fun! I hope you two have fun!


    1. I KNOW I WAS SO SCARED! Thank you soooo much you are so sweet! I’m glad you think so! I totally agree! I took some pics of her, and I’d be happy to email them to you since you leave these comments! I’ll do that in a second. YES PLEASE GIVE ME IDEAS PLEASEEEE. I think I may just say that Saige moved on to a different family lol. but please let me know of any suggestions you have! YES it was super fun! Thank you! ❤


      1. Hazel is AMAZING!!! I love reading your sweet replies to my comments❤️
        Ideas for incorporating your customs into your doll family:
        Saige and Sam could have got into a preforming arts school or something, and they leave.

        Maybe Saige got her hair cut and dyed, and now she has hair just like Samantha.

        Hazel and Nalia are a part of the foreign exchange program. Saige and Sam get to go to a cool country.

        You could just not mention it and pretend like they never existed😂
        That’s what I did with my OG girls. 😂😂

        Maybe you were just fostering them, and they got adopted by someone else.

        Yeah. Those are my ideas. Feel free to either use them or not, I won’t mind.
        Do you know of good names for Mia? Um, no reason in particular. 😉



      2. Thank you sooo much! I’m definitely considering these! Ooh… maybe Kylie or Lucy or Liza… I’m not good at choosing names. 😛
        Also, any names for lindsey? Noooo reason. 😉


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