Meeting My Internet Bestie



Last week, on August 19th, My blogging bestie and I finally hugged after 2 and a half years.

Mya and I have been chatting on this blog for the past 2 and a half years, and ever since then, we’ve found that we have a lot in common…

Screenshot 2017-08-25 at 4.57.18 PM

Mya won my giveaway right after we met, and so she sent me fan mail!  One thought immediately came to my mind:  We should be pen pals!

And so we have been writing letters to one another ever since.  We’ve gotten to know one another, and most importantly, we have become best friends.  Except…. we live over 1,000 miles apart from each other.  We’ve only dreamed of meeting in person…until I realized something.  She vacations to my state, California every single year.  So maybe…

The answer was hope at first, but over the next months, the answer turned into a yes.  Yes, my mother would drive me three HOURS to LA to meet up with Mya.  yes. 



We met and we finally hugged after three hours of driving and much excited-ness.  Here we are at the American Girl Store in Los Angeles!  Isn’t she soo pretty?!



img_2285 (1)

Here I am waiting outside the store for her to arrive…


And here we are inside of the store!  It was so cool!  😀


I designed my own T shirt, and I picked out Tenney’s picnic outfit, Julie’s peasant outfit, and the tortoiseshell sunglasses!

We had an absolutely amazing time.  BUT it’s really hard to put this experience into words, so instead I made a little vlog…. I hope you all enjoy it!  It was super fun to make.  🙂


I love you guys!  Stay beautiful!



44 thoughts on “MYA+SAM MEETUP 8/19/17 <3 VLOG & PICS

  1. Dude, meeting internet friends is literally the best!! Meeting my best friend for the first time was so amazing, I’m glad you two got to have a similar experience! ~Julia ❤


      1. Me too! But unless you go on a vacation to the east coast we might be stuck-I live in Maryland! (You could hitchike or stow away on a plane, but I’m assuming you probably don’t want to do that, hehehe) Maybe we could start by writing or emailing. 🙂


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