Secrets Revealed

I can’t hide this from you any longer… Costume making has begun today.  😀

Wealthy Hearts Season 2

Predictions?  Excitement?  Screaming?  Leave it in the comments.  🙂

Coming December 1st

Coming December first

Exclusively for the Holiday Season

Taking Place Ten Years Later, in 1922

If you haven’t read Wealthy Hearts, you can start HERE!

Just thought you guys deserved a little treat… 😉



49 thoughts on “Secrets Revealed

      1. Ahhhh! Sorry to interrupt your convo, but eBay is amazing! I could find you deals, and I hope the Lindsey stays under $20. But, be prepared. For all we know, someone could have already bid more than $50!


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      2. Good for you! Since you told me that, I will tell you something too, (someone, cough cough, Amethyst, cough cough, may or may not have bought a lot of 4 dolls?)

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      1. YES. DO IT. Lindsey is so hard to find. Just know that you can’t send her to the AG hospital for a new head. She’s too old 🙂

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      2. I would suggest a boiling water method if it’s really frizzed on the ends. All you do is curl it up and use boiling water on it, but you have to cool it quickly or else you will melt it. if all else fails beautifully custom ( has some awesomely affordable wigs.

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      3. YAYAYAYAY! (as my niece would say)
        Are you keeping her name? Or will you change it? Can I suggest either Sierra or Willow?


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