Mermaid Doll Room


Hi guys!

So today, I will be showing all of you the mermaid room that I created for my dolls!  I worked really hard on it, and I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!

Sadly, this is not a permanent room in my dollhouse, because something special will be going in that empty space, but I loved it while it lasted!

Above is an overview of the room!


This is the bed!  I made the structure out of foam board, and the bedding my grandmother made!  I actually got that bedding the day I got Molly.  I made the pillow, and on the bed, there is a notebook with a watercolor ombre, a phone from a recent DIY, and a bag from Maryellen’s accessories!


I put a little texture in the headboard!  The wall art is some oceanic scrapbook paper on a piece of foam board.


The nightstand is from the hotel craft I made, and there is an ice tea, a bucket with fake plants in it, a book crate, and a jar with glitter in it!  Below is a towel, a box, and a cute glass thimble.


I made all the wall art!  The star is from a target light strand, and I water colored all the canvas paintings and the foam star.  I painted a chipboard and drew a mermaid tail with a white pen!  The frame is from a wedding, and I cut off a mermaid necklace that I never wear, and glued it on some cute blue striped scrapbook paper!


Here is the other half of the room!


I did a not-so-amazing job on spray painting the Our generation salon caddy from pink to blue.  On the top there is a glass turtle, a tin letter S, and a perfume bottle from OG.  🙂


The top drawer has some hair clips and a bath bomb…


The second drawer has some other hair accessories and sunscreen because momentarily it is 109 degrees outside.  😦


And the last drawer has some sunglasses, a card from Polkadotpatriot, and some pearls!


Here is the bookshelf!  On the bottom, there is some books and a flower, and the middle has a little lotion bottle and a picture frame I painted!


The top shelf has a wicker basket I painted, a gold pot, and a purple rose!  Inside that shelf, there are even MORE books!


Bucket the turtle inhabits this room.  😉


And this is a coaster from the dollar store with some sandals placed on top!


Now I know this wasn’t quite the most satisfying post I’ve ever published for your guys, so I just wanted to give you some quick updates and news!

Now my first piece of news is something you might already have figured out!  (Because I publicly displayed it in my comments… oops.)


I bought the most rare doll EVER!

I bought Girl of The Year 2001, Lindsey!

She will be arriving by September 9th, and I’m over the moon excited!!  I’m working out her story, and let’s just stay that her introduction photo story will be a HUGE one!  😀  😀

The best part is that I got her for an absolutely amazing price of 51 bucks!

Above is the stock photo for her listing that I bought her from, and I’m kind of bummed that she didn’t come with her meet outfit, but I rarely use meet outfits anyway.

My FAVORITE part about Lindsey, aka the only reason I wanted her, is her gorgeous hair!  It is just too adorable, I need it!  The only defects she has is a small mark on her left leg, and her legs are also loose.  I may fix that, depending on her condition when she ships to me.  😉

I’m also thinking of renaming her, but I do just love the name Lindsey, so we’ll see.


Th story of how I fell in love with Lindsey is when I saw her in real life, at my meet up with Mya!


I just fell in love with her!  And then I went searching on eBay…. 😉


Be sure to check out this awesome giveaway here!


Remember that Solstice Children Season 2 debuts this Monday!

Have a great day everyone!



32 thoughts on “Mermaid Doll Room

  1. That’s so cute…. YOU BOUGHT LINDSEY?!?! That’s awesome! my mom loves her. I love looking for AG dolls on e bay, I got a My AG doll 23 for $38 dollars shipped! she’s pleasant company and almost brand new in her original outfit… the only problem is her hand got chewed on by the dog of the original owner, but I don’t really mind 😉 congrats on your new doll and great job on the mermaid room 🙂


    1. Thank you! YEP!! Thanks! That’s so cool! I was just surfing eBay, and I saw her starting bid at 16 bucks! That’s cool! Aww, that’s too bad, but it’s good it doesn’t bother you too much! Thanks!


  2. Ooo I love the room! Lindsay is Awesome! Have you read her books?
    Also, I linked to your giveaway on my blog, hope you get more people to enter!
    I got a retired Samantha doll a few years ago, I love her, how do you fix wobbly legs!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Here is one way to fix the legs.
      Take the head off of the doll and remove all of the stuffing. There are strings holding in the legs. Put a ponytail holder on the string, as close as you can to the leg. It’s hard to explain, so I recommend watching a YouTube video.


      Liked by 2 people

    LINDSEY AND YOUR NEW CUSTOM (SAIGE WITH SAMANTHA WIG) SHOULD BE TWINSSS! And for their welcome story they can arrive together! 😁 Or maybe they are just sisters! idk but they look like they’re related!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I’m coming to your house and stealing Lindsey the night of September 9th! SHE IS MY DREAM DOLL!!!! How dare you have her and I not!
    That is so cool that you got Lindsey! Her hair is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! The main reason I love her so much as that my hair looks EXACTLY the same as hers!!! Down to the bangs and how it flips up on the edges!!!


  5. The doll room is really cute! Congrats on getting Lindsey! Are you going to re wig her or what? Are you going to do a post about it too? 🙂


  6. I love your mermaid room. I’m certain you will find a way to use what you created, even if you have to shift it’s location. 🙂

    Congratulations on finding and acquiring Lindsey! I’m looking forward to her introduction story.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Ahhhh! I always love your rooms! You could really be an interior designer when you grow up!

    I think you could rename Lindsey to Lucy. Just an idea.


    Liked by 1 person

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