I Ruined My DOLLS?!?! {AGDA bts #1}

    Good afternoon everyone!   Instead of another Solstice Children episode, today I decided it would be fun to show all of you some behind the scenes of upcoming photo stories!! But FIRST! Um…. 385 followers?  WHAT HOLY GUACAMOLE HOW DID THIS HAPPEN. October of last year we were celebrating 100 follows!  Now not…… Continue reading I Ruined My DOLLS?!?! {AGDA bts #1}

Lindsey’s Loud Welcome~A Photo Story

Lindsey’s POV Maggie waved to the Uber as it sped off. “Well…. this is the neighborhood, I guess,”  Maggie gave me a jet lagged smile. This is my older sister, Maggie.  She’s gone through so much, and all for me. When she grows up, she wanted to be a fashion designer.  In that orphanage in…… Continue reading Lindsey’s Loud Welcome~A Photo Story

All My Dolls//As Of September 2017

Greetings everyone! These are all of my 12 beautiful dollies as of September 2017!  There have been many requests to make this post, so I’m making it today!! Enjoy!! My first Doll EVER,was Molly Anne Parker.  She is known in my doll collection to be the quirkiest of ALL my dolls.  Her character is very…… Continue reading All My Dolls//As Of September 2017

Solstice Children Season 2, Episode 2

You can Read all of Season One here! You can read Part 1 Here “Greetings.”  My voice pierced the chilly autumn winds. “I have come to speak to Andromeda,” “That’s Queen Andromeda to you.”  The guard swiftly unsheathed his sword, “Who are you, and what business do you have here, in Equinox?” I rolled my eyes, “I…… Continue reading Solstice Children Season 2, Episode 2