Solstice Children Q & A?!


Yes!  That’s right!

Today we will be holding a Solstice Children Q AND A!

So leave your questions down below in the comments!

The cast and crew of Solstice Children Will be answering these questions 2 hours before Part one of Season 2 premieres!

Questions RULES!

  • You cannot ask a question that will spoil the series.  For example, you can not ask, Who dies this season?  Did Eve Really die?  Who ends up with eachother in the end?  If you ask these, we will NOT answer them
  • You CAN ask stuf like, Funniest thing that happened backstage?  Or you can ask the cast who they ship, or what they hope to happen in the end.
  • You have to comment a minimum of three questions!

Sorry for the really short post, longer post coming later today!

~Sam and dolls


13 thoughts on “Solstice Children Q & A?!


    What was the inspiration for this series?

    Fav character from solstice children?

    Who was your fav OTP to write about?

    OK, since I actually do want to know what the funniest thing what happened backstage was, I’ll ask that.

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  2. Funniest thing that happened backstage?
    Who does the cast ship?
    What do the cast hope to happen in the end?
    Who is each person in the cast favorite character?
    What book gave you inspiration for the series? If not a book, what gave you inspiration?

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  3. For the actor who played Eve: Do you ship yourself with Collin or Atticus?
    Is this your first time acting in a photo series?
    Who is the cast?
    For the actor who played Astrid: Do you ever wish you were in a ship with Collin or Atticus like Eve is?
    For the actor who plays the queen: What is it like pretending to be a mother?

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  4. What tips do you have for writing photoseries?
    Who was your least favorite character?
    Favorite costume?
    Which pixie is your favorite?
    How did you make the flower crown for the queen?
    -Rose ❤


  5. How do you take awesome photos when you don’t feel inspired? I struggle with that a lot.
    How has your photo series helped you develop bonds with certain dolls?
    How will you decide the ending of this story?
    How long will this story be?

    Best wishes,
    Olivia from AG Doll Calling

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  6. To Molly: did you like playing Astrid? Did you ever wish you were Eve?
    To everyone: If you could have been one other character, who would you want to be?
    Favorite cast inside joke?

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  7. Which episode was the most fun to make?

    How much time did you spend rehearsing?

    Which character do you relate to most?

    How much time was spent “filming”?

    What is the funniest blooper?


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  8. SINCE this is an ‘ask the dolls’, I figured that my dolls would ask a question each.
    Sophia: Was there ever a head-banging line that you had to say, even though it was immensely bad? What was it?
    Issa: What did you guys amuse yourselves with on the journey to the set?
    Autumn: Is Atticus really that cute in real life?
    Kaori: *rolls eyes* Did you have any stuntmen on set?

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  9. Here are my questions:
    Which character in Solstice Children is your favorite?
    What made you decide to make this photo story?
    Will there be a season three of Solstice Children?
    That is all of my questions!

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