Valerie The Newscaster



Good afternoon Dolli-verse!

Today has been another amazing day for our family!  The apocalypse is not yet upon us, so that’s a plus.  Emily’s not on a rampage again, and we still depend on Sam for clothing, food, and life!  Nice to know we’re not possessed or something.

Today’s news:

  • Maryellen had a cross country meet, consisting of the entire family getting covered in dust while we watch Maryellen run around a track for 30 minutes
  • Emily is being very mysterious (which lends to the fact that she is not on a rampage)  which most likely means that we will be getting some new additions to the family!
  • We have officially died in school.  Help us.



But the biggest piece of news is…

“What do you want for lunch Val?”


I dunno, make me whatever.

“Ok I’ll make a smoothie…”


Ok, so the biggest piece of news is that Samantha and Saige have been accepted into boarding school for the rest of their educational careers.  I know, who knew that Saige was smart enough to get into boarding school.  This means that they will be leaving the AGDA household, and living in Maryland.  We’re sad that they’re gone, but it’s great that they’re moving onto bigger, more successful things.  On another note-


*blender noise*


“oh sorry.”


So I’m back with a smoothie!


Nora’s here with the weather report!

PicMonkey Sample

“Yep, I am! I present to you the weather of where we live!  (With the poorly edited green screen…)  So the air quality is literally like mustard gas, try not to breathe if you live in California.  You don’t need air when you have nutella!  (Just kidding, all your nutella will melt.)  Monday is going to be really cold, at the freezing temperature of 99 degrees!  And the rest of the week will be the most miserable days of your life.  You will be drowning in your sweat.  So while everyone is freaking out in other places of the country about wearing sweaters, keep in mind that we will not be wearing sweaters until after Christmas.  Pity us.”


Thank you Nora!  Now, this is another huge piece of news, Molly joins us live in the backyard of Sam’s backyard!


“Um.  Yes, it is true.  Today I have ventured outside after absolutely none of us have come out here for weeks.  I mean, I guess it’s exciting.  I’m literally sweating geckos right now.”


“There are lots of green things, and dirt, and concrete.  The grass seems like it’s struggling to live.  I think that’s because it’s FREAKING HOT.”


“Oh look.  A stick.”  *awkward silence*  “I’m going to go inside now and count my pokemon cards.”


Um.. thanks for that update Molly.  In other news, I wrecked the AG store withe Sophie and Lea from AGLane!


My hair was already curly… why did I have a curling iron??


I apparently needed some apples to make up for the unhealthy amount of cheesecake I consumed at the cheesecake factory.


This girl would NOT let me sit with her.  Who does she think she is, Regina George of something?  So I threatened to pour the OJ on her head.


I’m ROCKING this robe.


The sounds coming out of the banjo I stole from Tenney were questionable.

I should stick to acting… and newscasting.. 😉


Pretending to be happy in a classroom.


Oh wait, I wasn’t pretending.  I stole a taco so I was the happiest girl on the planet.


Lemme see your glasses Z….


“And that concludes our AGDA newscast for the day!  Be sure to tell me down in the comments if you would ever want another one of these!”


“Wait… who are you?”




“I’m Hazel!  I’m your new sister!



Hello everyone!  It’s Sam now.  Yep, Twila likes to be adorable while I take photos!

So Hazel is officially part of my collection!  I made her dress, and I think she looks amazing!  ❤


Twila… look at the camera! XD

I hope you guys liked this!  I was originally only going to post the store photos, but then I felt like doing something better, so I spent a few hours editing that weather photos and taking new pictures for the AgDollAwesome newscast!

What are you guys doing this weekend?  I’m celebrating my grandma’s birthday today!



47 thoughts on “Valerie The Newscaster

  1. I would love to see another one of these! Happy birthday to your grandma! Is Hazel the doll that you bought online? I didn’t do anything today. I stayed home.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Oh! Great idea, I was wondering what would happen with Saige and Samantha! Hazel is so cute! What did you do with your other doll that you customized? (brown hair, blue eyes)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is a really great way to share your news. I can’t wait to see how else your introduce your three new girls! And yes, I’d love more Val the newscaster! Yay! You used my idea about the boarding school!


      1. I know, right! Good, because she’s about to have a serious drama queen meltdown. She gets along quite nicely with my Maryellen though!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Welcome Hazel!! Goodbye *sobs* Samantha and Saige (there should’ve been a misunderstanding and Saige went to Hollywood. XD) This was great, Val! I’m dead from school too. WE SHALL BE BURIED TOGETHER. XD XD XD XD Wait. That’s really morbid.
    #wrecktheagstore YES YOU DID IT MIA LOVES YOU FOREVER!
    WOW! A STICK! Okay then…
    ~ Light4theLord

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Didn’t you make one other custom doll, too? Oh, and it might be kind of helpful if you updated the Meet the Dolls page with Hazel, so we would know her personality. 🙂 I LOVED the idea of a news cast with Valerie! I’m so excited to learn more about Hazel! This weekend my sister are taking Doll Of Color photoshoots for DOC month for our Instagram (@agtwinziez). We are also filming an AGSM for our channel! (AGTwinziez)!!!

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  6. I actually went to boarding school for most of my childhood and adolescent years (grade 3-12). I often wonder if I would put my own kids in boarding school too. I had a good experience, but not every kid in my school did, so I can understand that can be difficult for some. Interestingly I just wrote a post about my experience in boarding school so that part jumped out at me 🙂

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  7. Hahaha! Great newscast! I hope all is well with you. We’ve been hot here on the other side of the country – it’s late September and we’ve been in the 90s all week, when usually we are in the 70s. Molly’s piece was perfect – I know just how she feels – you have a plan, go outside, overheat, and lose your train of thought.

    Twila is precious! We have that happen a lot too. (PS My car is names Twila.)

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