I Ruined My DOLLS?!?! {AGDA bts #1}



Good afternoon everyone!


Instead of another Solstice Children episode, today I decided it would be fun to show all of you some behind the scenes of upcoming photo stories!!



October of last year we were celebrating 100 follows!  Now not even a year has passed and we’re already to FOUR HUNDRED?  Thank you all so much!  We’ll have to do something special for 400…IMG_2274

Every weekend, you will find me in my backyard or in the middle of my neighborhood taking photos of this blog.  It’s a process I quite enjoy!  The rare sight of a Sammy, in her natural habitat with a camera, she will be dressed in pineapple pajama pants and any random t shirt she found in her mess of a closet.  😛

My backyard really is beautiful… I love taking pictures there!


I’m in the process of making my look alike room for Hazel, you might’ve seen some of it in my latest photo story!  This is her bed!  The bedding matches mine, and it’s a pillowcase!  I sewed and decorated the pillows.  It looks almost identical to my real room!  IMG_6372

And this is my real bed!


Hazel likes to photograph with me!  😛  Stay tuned for a day in the life!


No… I did NOT ruin my dolls. Sorry for the clickbait.  😛  I did however do their costume makeup for a short photo story MOVIE coming up!

What do you think Kit is playing in this one?


This is the floristry I set up for the photo story!  I’m really in love with it.  I shot all the indoor scenes first… and now I’m in the process of doing the outdoor ones!


I used washable markers to create Kit’s…. erm wild makeup look.  😛


This is my favorite spot to shoot for this photo story!  It looks so whimsical and magical…


And this is a little patch of this bamboo-looking plant!  There used to be a fountain in the dirt spot.  But now that it’s gone, it’s perfect for doll scenes!!




I spent all day yesterday building this car for another photo story!  I love it soooo much!


My new neighbor, Alexis, is a little girl, and she saw me shooting outside her house, and she came outside to play dolls with me!  We dressed up all our dolls.  She really likes Maryellen.  Her doll is Isabella, a Truly Me dolls that looks like her!  She also has an OG doll, Grace!


After my car almost fell apart, she let me use her Our Generation jeep for the story! I was really happy!


But the car I made DID make a few appearances in the background.  😉  XD  Her doll is driving it lol.

(Any guesses as to what’s going on in the scene?)

It was so much fun to know there’s a girl who loves dolls that lives right across the street from me.  Perhaps her dolls will make a few appearances on this blog!  😉

So, let’s talk!

I tightened Lindsey’s limbs, and I have to say, it was a frightening experience, but I’m so happy she can stand now!

I decorated the doll house for fall!  Anyone interested in a fall doll house tour?

I’m planning Halloween photo stories!  A very spooky photo story will be arriving in October!  I hope to buy some of those mini pumpkins so my dolls can carve some pumpkins!

Oh my goodness, Laurdiy’s DIY Queen Rap is GOALSSSSS.

Sorry for such a short post, I have stricter computer time limits now so posts not be much like they used to be.  But I’m really psyched for 400 followers!  Tell your friends to follow!

Which photo story would you like to see first?  Car photo story, or Hazel’s day in the life?

Love you all!



38 thoughts on “I Ruined My DOLLS?!?! {AGDA bts #1}

  1. I loved this behind the scenes! I’m very excited for all of the photo series coming up, and I would definitely want to see a fall dollhouse tour! I think I want to see the car photo story first, but both of them sound great. Congrats on almost 400 followers, you deserve it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This was so much fun to read a behind the scenes, and congrats on almost 400, such a major accomplishment!
    But yes, do a halloween photo story, that would be AMAZING!! Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday, but this would definitely turn that around.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Behind the scenes are such fun posts! I’m glad, I’m not the alone one who does doll shoots in pajamas. 😛 I’d like to see “A Day in the Life of Hazel”, but all your photostories are fantastic so I’m always happy to read any of them.
    -Rose ❤

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  4. Oh my goodness the title scared the tar out of me! I glad that Kit’s ok though, her makeup looks pretty cool. I’m going to guess that Kit plays someone from a warrior tribe. Awww! that’s awesome that you have someone right across the street who love’s AG, and that was nice of her to let you use her jeep for the photo story. I think I would like to see the car photo story first because I really want to see what that one’s about 🙂



  5. This post was great! I really liked it! Also how did you tighten Lindsey’s limbs? I have a doll that has very loose limbs and I need HELP! Maybe you could do a post on that soon?


      1. That sounds so scary……………. Thanks for the tips! I may try to do it (to bad we don’t live close) Because her leg is like really loose! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Aww that’s so sweet about your new neighbor! I want to see Hazel’s day in the life! I totally know how you feel! When my sister got Kit, she couldn’t even hold her hands over her head. Then my mom was like “Isn’t it one of those dolls that you can tighten?” and I thought “Yeah, that should be pretty easy.”
    It wasn’t. XD
    ~ The Human


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  7. Ooooh! I loved this little glimpse bts. I can’t wait for everything! The car looks good! You did a great job! I wonder what the plot of that photo story will be…
    But then, a day in the life of Hazel sounds AMAZING! I love reading bed! And it’s yours too! Cool!
    That’s nice that you have a neighbor that loves dolls…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, I’m so glad! I can’t wait to post everything! Aww, thanks! I’m so proud of the car too! Yes it’s basically a day in the life of meh. 😛 It is so cool, isn’t it? She’s so cute.


    1. I’m so sorry, but when I click on your blog link in your profile, it says no blog by the name “annamockel” exists!v Perhaps the URL is wrong, but please link it for me, I’d LOVE to read all about it!


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