Solstice Children Season 2, Episode 3

Solstice Children

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Her icy eyes pierced me as I looked into them

She chuckled menecingly, “Oh, if it isn’t Astrid Moonstreak.  The very girl who killed my father!”  He dress rippled in the wind and we stood there for a moment.

Who are you.”  I muttered bitterly,


“Who am I?  Oh, I think you know very well who I am… I think you sister knows better though.  You know, it’s too bad you’ll end up having the same destiny as she,”  she flashed her perfect pearly teeth.


“You know nothing of my destiny,”


“Oh?  Do you really believe that?”


I stuttered, “I-I-”


“You do realize what you’ve gotten yourself into.  You brought yourself here. You brought yourself to your death.  Really, the death of your kingdom.  Queen.  You call yourself a queen!  To think you abandoned your kingdom right after the cornoration! What kind of queen is that?”


I gasped.  How did she know about my coronation?? 

I looked at the crystal sphere in front of her, wondering.

“I’m a better ruler than you or your father ever have been,”  I bit back sharply, “And I think that it’s about time we end the ruling of this nation,”


I lifted up my hands, ready to blast her to pieces, ready to finish what we started, but then… then something happened.



Instead of power flowing out… power was flowing into me, power that was overtaking my breath, curling inside of my body.

I fell to the dirty ground, a bone snapping in the process.  My eyes drooped, and I felt rope bite into the skin of my wrists.


It only took a few moments for me to realize what had happened to me…

I was captured.

and then from there… all was black.


I opened my eyes from what seemed like a long slumber, to a scream of someone very close.  I looked to my side to find Andromeda clutching my Pixie, strangling nearly the life out of her.

I quickly closed my eyes again, pretending to be asleep still.  But my ears were wide awake.

“There you go, this is what happens when you won’t tell me where the others are,”  the small pixie shrieked once more, and muttered a word,



hiding… they’re all hiding from you… they’re with their Solstice Children… in the mountains… that’s where they fled…”  

“Why thank you!  You are very helpful.  We’re make sure you have plenty to eat in the prison.  Now guards, take her to the best cell we have!  I want her to feel welcome to Equinox,”

No! Please, don’t lock me away!  Let me escape, I beg of you!”  

“Oh little one, how I wish that was possible, but I need all of your little friends to take over the Solstice Children.  Soon, you’ll see them in the dungeon too!  Now go along!”


I barely opened one eye to see the mountains.

They’re all out there… hiding.  My kingdom is in hiding.  And the forces of Equinox are coming for their pixies…

What kind of Queen am I?

Eve’s POV


“What do you mean?”  I was scared.  Where on earth was I?

Where were my friends?


“Please tell me what’s going on, Helena. Why did you leave me?  Who…who killed you?”  



“Oh sweetheart, nobody killed me.  No, nobody did that.”

My mind filled with confusion.  All the accusations… for no reason?

“But you went missing in the woods!”


“No sweet little Eve, I went missing because I didn’t want to be found,”

There was a long silence…


I broke it, “How could you?


“I know your destiny better than you think I do, I know what you’re meant to be.  And it certainly wasn’t to be dead.  I was sent from above, not to live, but to die for you.  I exist to guide you, Eve.  I exist to save the Solstice Children,”

“No, I’m dreaming or something..”


“No, you’re dead.  But we can change that.  Just take my hand.  It’s your turn to live, it’s your turn return. You need to return.  Just know that I love you so much, my darling Eve.  All I ever wanted to give you was a place in this world.  And now it’s time to give you that place, literally,”


A tear slipped down my cheek, “No.  I can’t do this to you,  you should take my place, you should go to Eclypses, you should save them…”

“But neither you or I are destined to truly save them.  Only one person can do that.  And you have been chosen to assist that person.  Please.  Who do you choose, me, or the Solstice Children?”


“No.  It’s my time.  It’s nothing to cry about, because we’ll hold eachother soon, in the blackest of rooms.  If there’s no one besides you when you’re soul embarks, I’ll follow you into the dark.  Now take my hand Eve.  It’s time.”


I inched closer to her, tears flowing like a river out of me.


I clutched her fingers in mine, and I saw the sky.



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