DIY (Optional Sewing) Trendy Cardigan for Your American Girl Doll!


Hey guys!  Welcome to another fall DIY!

So there have been a few AGtubers who have an adorable mustard colored cardigan.  Now, the more that I saw this pretty clothing piece, I realized how pretty it was and how much I WANTED it!

Obviously I can’t buy anything like it because I’m broke!  But I really, really, wanted to have it, because that color is just so gorgeous and trendy right now!



So I enlisted the help of my grandma, and she found this fabric remnant that was spot on!  Now, it’s not the material I was looking for, it’s more of a fleecy felt, but GUESS WHAT

That kind of fabric doesn’t fray!

So yippee, no hemming for me!  Which means that you guys can do it too, and all you need is glue or a sewing machine OR a needle and thread!

So… let’s get started!

PicMonkey Image

And to start, before you cut out your fabric, be sure that your fabric is folded in half so you have two layers of fabric.

The best part about this DIY is that there is no pattern!  I used a Truly Me Meet dress, because I like the design of the sleeves, but you can use any dress like it!

Use sidewalk chalk or any kind of marker to trace around it.  Be extra generous when tracing the sleeves, because the first time I tried this, the doll’s hand couldn’t fit through!  It’s always better to have too much fabric than too little.  

And there you go, that’s the pattern!  Now cut it out with some fabric scissors!

If you’re not quite happy with the shape of it, remember that you can always adjust it later.

PicMonkey Image

Next we will be sewing along the sides and the sides of the sleeves!  You can also hot glue this part of you’d like!  Sewing will be a lot more sturdy, but either way will work!  If you hot glue it, be sure to let it completely dry.  You can also handsew it with a needle and thread!

Then, once you’ve sewn or glued, turn the piece right side out, so there are clean edges along the seams.  Then, take your pair of scissors, and detail your cardigan how you’d like!  I actually made the sleeves and bottom of the piece a bit shorter and more fashionable.  I also scalloped the bottom flap things!  (I know, such a technical fashion term.  😛  )  Be sure to make sure all threads and hot glue gun strands are trimmed, and try it on your doll!

Oh, and see that space where the sleeves connect to the center of the back?  Be sure to sew along that too!


This is my final product!  I paired it with Julie’s Peasant outfit top, tucked into some Our Generation jeggings!  Then I did Amelia’s hair in french braids, and the cardigan completes her very fall-ish look!  I also cuffed the sleeves a bit!

Anyways, I really like DIY’s, and I actually craft A LOT for my dolls, but always forget to document the cute things I make!  Let me know down below what DIY you want me to do next, and what you thought of this one!  ❤ ya!



24 thoughts on “DIY (Optional Sewing) Trendy Cardigan for Your American Girl Doll!

  1. Oh! You’ve got a fellow doll crafter who never documents the cute little things she makes, over here. 😀 But anyways, this craft is so awesome and amazing, I can’t believe how easy it is! Thanks for the tutorial. 🙂

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  2. Epic epic epic! I need these. All of them.
    Maybe you could do a post on boy doll clothes? I need some help with my series costumes.


  3. Ahhhh! SO cute! Btw Sam, the first post I saw on your blog was the fake ‘sign off’ post. Recently I had been seeing a lot of sign offs and I was like, “not you too!” But then I read your jk at the end….and decided I loved your blog! Your photo-stories are so creative!


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