Solstice Children Part 5, Season 2


Solstice Children

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Hope’s POV

“I’m Lili!  And this is my twin sister, Kiki, and this is my cousin, Xander!!”  She smiled at me as her bright strawberry blonde curls swished in the wind.


Xander elbowed Lili as he began to speak, “If you hurt us, you will regret it.”


I couldn’t help but laugha little bit, “Why would we hurt one of our own?  You are a Solstice Child…right?”


Kiki gasped, “You’re one of us?  Did they drive you out like they did to us?”  she blinked expectantly.


Collin spoke up, “Well… this is Hope.  She doesn’t know whether or not she is one of us, but she is no enemy.  And I’m Collin.”


Xander looked at me pointedly, “Take us wherever you’re going. Please.  We’ve been living in this abandoned lot for months, who knows when an Equinox official will find us and take us away.  It’s not safe here.  Matter of fact, we must lower our voices…”  He gave a cold stare to Lili.

Of course, she didn’t seem to notice.   I was beginning to like that girl…

I gave Collin an apologetic look, he matched it with a puzzled one.

I was about to reveal my plan…


“Listen everyone, I know this isn’t the kind of thing you meant by taking you with us, but the reason we,”  I stopped and corrected myself, “that I came here was to fight.”

I realized I had a lot to fill them in on…

“Recently, our new queen became coronated.  Astrid Moonstreak was her name.  She ran away right after she became Queen, and I have a pretty good idea of where she went…”

Eve’s POV


“Sister!  Please awaken!”  I shook Astrid awake, eagerly awaiting my chance to peer into those stormy gray eyes.

Death made me miss certain people.  Helena… Astrid, Iris.  Especially Hope and Collin… I had spent all my hours worrying about them.

It’s hard to remember something that has been erased from your mind.  That poor guy… Atticus, he said his name was.  It wasn’t my fault I hadn’t remembered him.  The last thing I remembered from being on Earth was the sweet song of the pixies.

Every time I had made eye contact with him, he seemed like he was about to break down and cry.  I wondered what made that necklace so special.  I wondered why he wanted it from me so badly.


Her eyes fluttered open and she stared at me for a few heartbeats in absolute disbelief.

“I’m back, dear sister.”

She smiled and here eyes welled up with tears and she uttered the words, “I’m dying, aren’t I?  I’m going with you, aren’t I?”


I gasped, “Oh, no!  Not at all!  Astrid, you’re not dead.  You’re very much alive.  And… so am I.”

She looked at me blankly with absolute disbelief.

“No!  No, you’re dead!  You died right in front of me, and it was all my fault!  I was the one who caused you to die.  No, it’s impossible, nobody can live a second life.  Not even you, Eve.”


“You better believe it.”  I cracked another smile, and Astrid gaped.  “How?”

I opened my mouth, but before I could speak, I saw him.

His footfalls were quiet, but I could hear them.


His green eyes were lit up like a lantern in the sunlight, and his golden hair sparkled.


I shot up from the ground like a dart, and grasped his hands in mine.


“Eve!  How?” he was close to shouting,

“Shh!”  I hushed him.. We were in the Equinox palace, there was no time for anything but quiet voices.

I looked over his shoulder and saw three very unfamiliar faces.


The girl with the embroidered dress looked right into my eyes, “The chosen one.  The chosen one has defied death.  She defeated it!”

The girl beside her exclaimed, “Good job Chosen one!”  and the boy with the boots gave her a meaningful look.


I felt someone slip beside me.

Hope smiled, “Eve!  Oh, I’m so sorry!  I didn’t deserve to be saved!”

“Yes you did.  You really, really did.”

She gave me a grin.


“Eve!  What on Earth were you thinking?  You leave us in the middle of the night to sneak off to Equinox??”  

I gasped at Iris’ loud tone as she came sprinting across the pathway.

But it was too late.


“Well, if it isn’t every single one of the most wanted Solstice Children on Earth?”

Her voice rang through the peaceful breeze like thunder.


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  1. so cool!
    (i couldn’t see all the pictures though, I tried refreshing but they wouldn’t come. :/ however, I didn’t really need them to much because your writing is so good, its like reading a book! 🙂 )
    Most crazily, ~Olive

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