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Solstice Children

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I took a gulp of air as I faced the found solctice children.

The base of rebuilding my kingdom.


“I have gathered you all here today to introduce to you our..plan.  We will end this war!  It is one that has been going on for too long at this point.  But fear not, you, my dearest subjects, shall be the heroes of this war.”


“Iris and Lili will be engaging in battle with the queen.  I know you have incredible pain inflicting powers, Lili, and Iris will be there to assist you and heal your wounds.  You will face the army of Equinox, and you will fight.  And after this, Kiki, I will utilize the transporting device you have developed and transport Hope to Equinox to take you home.  After, the rest of us will transport to Equinox and fight as well, if needed.”

In the recent months, Lili had shown excellent know how in battle.  I was confident in her powers.


I looked solemnly at them, “As you may be aware, our pixies have been taken… and murdered.  We shall be fighting for their lost souls… for  their courage.  But most importantly, for all they ever desired.  That is peace.  It is about time we restore the peace, but this will take a great deal of fighting.”


“the question is… are you ready?”


“I vow to assist my kingdom in the best way I possibly am able to.” Iris saluted and quieted.


“I speak on behalf of Eve and I when I say I will use every bit of power I have to win this fight.”  Hope bowed her head in loyalty and I nodded approvingly.


“Though I am of Equinox descent, I strongly disagree with their cruelty, and I will serve in any way possible for Eclipses.”


“And my sister and I shall always be by your side, your majesty.”


“Thank you, all.  You shall depart at dusk.”  I walked away into the forest for one last walk before the largest battle of my entire life.


“Please be careful.  I-I know it’s stupid, but I kind of really care about you.”

I looked into his soft chestnut brown eyes.


“I don’t need luck.  I don’t need protection either.  Believe me, I’ll be fine.  It’s an in and out mission.  Transport myself there, leave with Iris and Lili.”


He sighed, “Alright then.  If you die, I’ll never forgive you.  I chuckled, and hugged him.


“Eve… wait a minute.  I must say goodbye to you.”


“I believ in you Iris.  I always have,  I know you will do your best.”  Eve grinned warmly at me.


“That’s the thing… I saw you and Atticus yesterday, ” I raised my voice.


“Yes, isn’t it so exciting!  Oh, Iris, I think we’re meant to be together!”


“No!  You’re wrong!  I love him… and you barely know him!” I closed my eyes and let the tears out.


“I have known him my entire life.  And you’re just jealous.  You’re always jealous of me.”

Her voice was hoarse and she looked so disappointed in me.


“Yes, of course I’ve been jealous of you!”  I held my head in my hands, “Who isn’t jealous of Eve moonstreak, The chosen one.  Who doesn’t want to be her?  She has 2 boys pining over her, powers beyond her control, and she is literally royalty.  I’m sorry, Eve.  Yes, I’m SO sorry that I’m jealous of you.   I have no friends, I’m not special, and my only power is to heal.”  


“Well then, I’m sorry you feel that way.  I’m sorry you’re so jealous of me.  And I thought I was your friend.  But maybe I should think otherwise.”

She turned around but before she could move, I said the words I would regret forever, “Leave me!  I’ll be just fine without the Chosen One always following me around!  That;s right, just fine.”

And with that, I left to report to the Queen, and set off for the land of Evil.



“Oh no… Astrid, I can’t possibly accept this!”  I squeezed my eyes shut.

“Oh, but you must.”  Her wise eyes welcomed me.


In her hands, she held a sword she had stolen from the land of evil.  And she was giving it to me.  

“Use it wisely, Hope.  Defeat her.”

Mutely, I took the sword, and saluted.  Astrid mouthed the words, good luck.

And I transported away.


I transported to the spot. I don’t know what I was expecting.  Perhaps the middle of a fight, where I would come in and assist. Maybe even a victory.

Anything but what I saw.  

I gasped.  I looked around for anything I could do to help!  I screamed the word “no”  repeatedly as I scurried around trying to find makeshift first aid items.

“It’s too late,” Iris rasped, “come to me.  I must speak to you, Hope.”


I closed my eyes when I looked at her bloody, beaten, and bruised face.  It used to shine so beautifully. Iris was truly the most beautiful girl I had ever met.

I took her hand.


“Tell my brother that he has never truly let me down, and that I love him more than he could ever know,” I pursed my lips to keep from sobbing, and Iris went on, “And tell Eve that I’m sorry I left things the way I did.  I take back everything I said.  And oh… my dear Atticus.  Tell him that I love him so much… but he belongs with Eve.  He was right all along.  We would’ve never worked out.”


“Death is inevitable Hope.  But life is never ending.”


“Please stay Iris… please,”


“Oh, I wish I could.  But it’s my destiny.”

We sat in stony silence, until Lili croaked, “Hope?”


I rushed over to her.


I tried the hold her, but she held me back, “I’m ok.  I’ll be fine, it’ll all be ok.  Everything will just be-”

She slipped onto the floor with an “oof”, her body no longer able to support her.


“I know I’m stupid-”

“No!”  I interrupted her.

“Yes I am.  We all know it.  I’m not nearly as smart as Eve or Queen Astrid… or my sister.”


“But I do know one thing… I know that this needs to stop.  This constant war is taking it’s toll.  Please Hope, I’m begging you.  Let me be the last one to die over this battle.  Fight in my memory.”


“I promise.”

“And please tell Xander that you belong with him.  I’ve seen the way he looks at you.  And don’t pretend you don’t love him.”

I almost argued, but I stayed quiet for her sake.


“Will Kiki be proud, you think?”

I nodded.  “You have made her so proud. You have made everyone proud, Lili.”



And with that, she closed her eyes, and took her final breath.


I stared at their two beautiful, lifeless faces.  I screamed and sobbed to the sky.


Tears poured out so harshly, I didn’t know how to control myself.


“Don’t you think it’s time to join them, my dear?”

I felt her presence behind me, and I heard her sinful voice.

“You did this.”

I wasn’t listening to her snarky reply, so I unsheathed the sword from underneath my skirt.


“You will pay.  You killed them, prepare to die.”


“Woah!  Not so fast!  I think you overestimate yourself, and besides…I can tell you all about your past. I know who your parents were, Hope!”

I thought about it for a heartbeat.  It was so tempting to not harm her at all.

But it was too good to be true.  Maybe it was my destiny.  Perhaps my past was better left a mystery.

I ended it.  I stopped it all.


Maybe she died.  I don’t know, and I didn’t care.

She was defeated by her own sword.  I never looked back as I transported myself and the bodies away from that horrible place.



31 thoughts on “Mega Solstice Children Part 8

  1. SO MUCH DEATH! Oh my! HOW COULD YOU! Will they come back to life? When’s the next part? When’s the next part? I NEED IT NOWWEEEEEE!!!!!


  2. So, I know this was the last part and all, but here’s my theory as to what the ending was.
    Helena told Eve, “But neither you or I are destined to truly save them. Only one person can do that. And you have been chosen to assist that person.” My idea is that Hope is that person. Hope is a Solstice Child and her twin is Xander. She has to find her pixie before she can use her powers. In the next part she would have somehow found her pixie and regained her powers, then it would have turned out that Hope is the strongest Solstice child of all, and she completely wipes out the Equinox army, and with no one to lead them the Equinox citizens give up. Astrid stays as the queen, with Eve as her right hand woman. Lili becomes the royal adviser, and Hope finds out her mother was Mrs. Prim the orphanage owner, and Eve is able to tell her all about her. Also, Eve ends up with Atticus and Hope ends up with Collin. ❤
    There's my ending for anyone who wants it. 😉
    ~ Megan


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