What My Dolls Are Wearing For Halloween


What My Dolls are Wearing for...

GUYS.  Free candy is sooo close!

Anyways, I spent a few hours the other weekend putting together these costumes, and I really, rally love how everything turned out!

Maybe you guys can get some ideas too.  😉


This is Nora’s costume, a hula dancer!  She has her hair in a side fishtail braid, with a flower crown, bikini top, and grass skirt!

I got the grass skirt from Our Generation, I made the flower crown, and my grandma sewed the top.

To make this costume yourself, you can use paper and fake flowers for the grass skirt, for the crown, you can use ribbon, elastic, and fake flowers, and for the top you can use a strip of fabric!


This is Valerie as a bumble bee!  Her top, wings, and tutu are made by yours truly, the pants are made by my grandma, and her shoes are retired from AG!

You can hand sew black ribbon or trim on a yellow tee shirt, and I made the tutu by knotting strips of tulle on elastic.  The wings are out of craft foam!


Kit and Maggie are dressed up as Taco Belle!  Or.. Taco Bell.

my nearest taco bell closed down and i’m not ok.

Whatever, let’s look at their costume!


I made Kit’s Taco costume out of tape, paper, pipe cleaners, and brown marker.  I’ll try to explain it best I can…

Ok, so I taped two pieces of tan paper together and cut out a large “tortilla”  and put in arm holes.  Then I taped a strip of red paper down the middle, and put in brown colored paper for the meat, red and green shiny pipecleaners for veggies or something, and green tape for lettuce!

I like this costume to best.  😛


And this is Maggie’s Belle costume!  My grandma got it for me for 15 bucks on Amazon, and I love it so much!


Emily is a piece of candy corn.  This was actually one of my first sewing projects!   I made it like 4 years ago…


Maryellen is a parisian girl!


Her outfit consists of shoes, shirt, and sunglasses from American Girl, a skirt from Michaels, and a capelet that my grandma made me!  My grandma made the beret too.  🙂


Lindsey is Cleopatra this year!  My grandma made the entire outfit herself.

She’s very talented!  😀


Hazel is Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter, because that’s what I’m being for Halloween!

I basically sacrificed a doll hoodies and cut off the hood, flipped it around, cut out a wonky v neck, and used paint to create the Gryffindor trim!  I made the woand out of a straw, gold paint, and hot glue.


The skirt is made by Grandma, and the socks and shoes are from AG, but I decided to cut off the Mary Jane strap because I thought I would use it more as a pair of flats.


I actually think this is my favorite because just look at it!  ❤  ❤

Anyways, Grace is Dorothy, accompanied by Lulu as Toto!  Her outfit is a dress once again sewn my Grandma.  Her flats were given to me as a gift, and I cut off the strap.  😛  Her picnic basket is from Etsy I think, and her apron is a paper towel all cut up.  I put her hair in two braids, and tied red ribbons at the end, and gave her some red ribbon for an extra little touch.  😀


Molly is a gumball machine!

I glued pom poms to a piece of paper and made it her top, and her skirt is made of paper too.



Amelia is snow white!  I made her top for Wealthy Hearts, but I used it for this, and underneath is a homemade dress.  I cut one of my old snow white bows and attached it to a headband.


And this is Paisley as Cinderella!  I have no idea where her dress is from, and the crown came with the Belle costume!

So there you have it, what my dolls are wearing for Halloween 2017!

I spent a ton of time designing all of their costumes, and it was a ton of fun!  Hopefully you picked up some inspo from this, and have an awesome Halloween!

OH and an awesome Halloween story is coming on Halloween eve.  😉 😉  :O


51 thoughts on “What My Dolls Are Wearing For Halloween

      1. Pretty good! Molly is going as Katniss, Ellie as a princess, Emily as a bunny, and the others I’m not sure yet. I won’t be in town for Halloween so the post may be belated. 😛
        -Rose ❤

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  1. Oh, cute! I was smiling at the Taco bells… XD XD XD
    Hey, did you ever get my email and the envelope I sent you? Did it get lost in the mail?! I hope not, ’cause I worked really hard on that… 😦 😦


  2. Awesome job Sam! All your costumes are amazing! Molly was a hula dancer the first year I had her, I was 9 and tried my hardest to make her costume look like it did in the book XD I even made the flowers the way the book described. I LOVE the Cleopatra costume!!!! I can’t believe your Grandma made it! Your candy corn costume is great! I tried to make Kirsten a candy corn outfit but it didn’t turn out that great. HAHAHAHA!!! Taco Belle still makes me laugh 😀
    -Katie 🙂

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  3. Awwwww! These are so adorable! You put a lot of work into this, didn’t you!

    I really like all of the costumes. Oh, and Paisley’s dress came from Our Generation. I know because I got that dress, along with a couple others in a coustume trunk.
    Ooooh a Halloween photostory! That will be super fun!

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  4. Those all look so awesome, and it’s definitely worth it- the time you took to make all of them!
    Your dolls definitely will look like the best dressed when walking up to a house for candy this Halloween.

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  5. Hey Sam, I was wondering if you’d like to be my first blog of the week, on my blog Arabella’s Life (arabellasphotos.wordpress.com)? You don’t really have to do anything I’d just explain your blog a bit, write about why I like it, etc.

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