Headless Halloween~A Scary Photo Story


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“Have a great time trick or treating girls!  Remember, stick with your groups and don’t wander off!”

Emily sighed as the girls shut the door and scurried off to the streets excitedly.


She smiled as she said to herself, “Thank goodness they’re finally gone.  Now… it’s time for some well deserved candy!”


Kit’s group walked the streets.  Dark was almost upon the AGDA trick or treaters, and the four girls had a craving for candy.

With pumpkin buckets in hand, they set off to West Elm Ave.

“I hear they give out KING SIZE candy at West Elm!”  Paisley squealed with excitement.  After all, it was her first halloween with her new family.  In fact, it was also Valerie and Nora’s first halloween.


Kit grumbled, “I can’t believe Maggie and I were serperated.  What’s a taco without it’s Belle?”

Valerie sighed in exasperation, “Oh, I dunno, Maggie might want to be with her own sister?  Seriously Kit, your vibes are seriously negative right now.  Now cheer up and we can get some candy!”

Just loud enough for Valerie to hear, Kit mumbled, “But I want Taco Bell…”


“Besides, we have a goal to reach, remember!  In order to top Molly’s record from last year, we need to get at least 200 pieces!”

Nora nodded solemnly, “She’s right Kit.  We need to get to business!”


“Guys!  Look!  I see the first piece!”


She pointed to a large skittles bag.  All of their mouths watered at the thought of the rainbow pieces of delight…


Paisley crouched down and started to crawl after the candy.  Her expression was quizzical when she realized it was moving…


And then she looked up…

and screamed!


She quickly pulled herself up, disappointed.

“What are you supposed to be Molly?  Undead Miranda Sings?”  Kit sneered.


“I’m a zombie bride, duh!”  She pointed to her makeup and Nora chuckled at the Mean Girls reference.

“And there is no WAY you guys are beating my record!  Unless…”

She grinned like a real devil.


“I Double DOG Dare you…”  They all gasped at the mention of the double dog, “To spend 2 hours in the sleepy hollow woods tonight… legend has it that the headless horse rider spends Halloween in there.  Who knows… you might just run into her!”  They all gasped even more at the mention of the Headless Horse rider in The Sleepy Hollow Woods.


“Yeah, right.  And what’s in it for us?”

“If you accept the challenge, I will give you ALL of my candy.  Are you up for it?

Paisley shrieked, “No Kit!  Please no, I don’t want to go in there!”


“Stop being such a baby Paisley!  We’re going in there, and then we can continue trick or treating after.  Molly… we accept your double dog dare.

Little did the girls know what they were getting into… Dark was making a swift approach.

And legend also says that The Headless Horse Rider only made her appearance in the… dark.



“This is too scary guys!  I want to go home and eat candy!”  Paisley wailed,

“Relax, the 2 hours is almost up.  We can leave in like 15 minutes and collect our candy.”

The girls had entered the Sleepy Hollows Forest 2 hours before, and were shuffling among the dense plant life and shadows.


“I dunno about this guys.  The vibe in here is pretty creepy.  Maybe we should just call it a night and go home…”


“No way!  We’ve made it this far, we have to finish it!  If we leave now, we will have wasted our time.  And Molly always has the most candy,”  Kit crossed her arms over her taco costume and rolled her eyes.


In the distance, perhaps it was just her imagination, but it was very real, Paisley heard the horrific sound of a whinnying horse.  The creature’s call seemed like a ghostly moan.

She shrieked, “Guys!  Did you hear that?  It… sounded like a horse!”


“It’s just the wind Paisley!  Or Molly’s trying to prank us.”

Nora muttered under her breath, “They always say it’s the wind…”


The horse whined again, and this time it was closer.  And this time, they all heard it.  Paisley screamed and fainted to the ground with an oof!  

Valerie spoke shakily, “Guys…. I think I-see something… Something not normal…”

All eyes were directed on it, and all jaws dropped.

IMG_3013 (1) (1)

And All Screams Let Loose….

Hey guys!!  Happy Halloween.  Have a safe and fun rest of October!  I’m going as Ginny Weasley.

And don’t worry, Emily’s head is back on her body.  I’m sorry if that was a little too spooky for you!

Ok so I have a little announcement to make…

I will NOT be posting much at all for the month of November.  I’m doing Nano, and you can read all about it on my other blog.

You can expect to see a thanksgiving photo story, a thanksgiving diy, and maybe a BTS post, but other than that… I will be absent.

I’m really sorry guys, but I’m a writer.  XD  XD

Love you guys!  Bye for a few weeks!!



Oh my gosh, I almost forgot!  Ok, so recently I saw a AG doll Musical pop up in my Youtube feed, and it’s AH- MAZING.

I watched it 3 times, the story is so amazing and the songs are so cool!  Oh my goodness you guys NEED to watch it.  It’s called Porphyra, and I love it!  WATCH IT HERE!


14 thoughts on “Headless Halloween~A Scary Photo Story

  1. This was so cool! Headless Dolls, hm. Good luck with Nano. I’ll miss your posts, but I understand. Love your gals costumes!


  2. This was such a great photostory Samantha! Good luck with Nano! I understand that you will be busy! I’m looking forward to the posts that you do post though!


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