Dear Diary,

The World has been split into two.  If you are on the left side of the bridge, you die with nobody to care or remember.  That is how I will die.  But if you are on the other side, you matter.  All you know of is riches and infinite wealth.  


You might think I envy the right side.  But believe me, that is not the case.  Sometimes I wish for something to call mine, and that is why I steal. At least I can call you, this diary, mine.  If my Look-After ever found this under my pure white sheets, I would be killed.  If it found that I stole the paper from schooling, the pen I’m writing with from a crack on the cobblestone.  I steal what I want. 


Call me a thief, it’s the only way I can assure myself that at least my own self belongs to me.  But the truth is, it doesn’t.  I needed you to put all these thoughts I have in my mind out.  I’ve kept them in for too long, they’re about to burst.  At least they’re burst onto these stolen pages, or on the leather binding I made from my old shoes.  


I am called # 1378.  But that is not my name.  I call myself Sevatie.  It’s how I mispronounced my name when I was a young one.  I am the 1378th 11 year old to be born during the year of my birth, which is classified.  Time is no longer needed, as the president has told us.  He has tried to tell us all that we don’t need things.  According to him, we do not need time.  We do not need color.  That’s why all clocks were burned, and all we wear is white.  Beige and brown is the closest thing to color that we are let to be seen. 

But sometimes when the light from our square window leaks through and displays a rainbow on my white bed, I stare in wonder, and know that color is out there, it’s  just filtered.  Oh how I long to see it all.  


There is no room for personality, with our dress code.  White clothing, skirt sets or dresses for girls, polos for boys.  Stockings are worn beneath, with ugly black or brown classic shoes.


My room is just as dull as my life,  Every person on the left side of the bridge is allotted one room.  A bed with white sheets, a table to put our transmitter on.  The transmitter is how we communicate, and while it is not confirmed, it is how the government listens to you. 


Sevatie slid the journal underneath her bed at the sound of the automated footsteps that were approaching as quick as lightning.


She returned to the pose of a good girl, staring straight ahead, and as still as a sculpture.  Her lip quivered at the fact that banned material was under her bed.  Everything she had just written was very true.


The robotic and monotones voice of her Look-After rang through the air, “It’s time to turn the lights off, #1378.  Goodnight.”

She was drowned in darkness.  Sevatie slipped into a position for sleeping, and said in a slippery and clear voice, “Goodnight.”


She waited for no sound to be heard except for her clipped breathing, and took her diary out as quickly as she could.


According to my best friend, Bixie, who has a television set and knows all the news, the president’s daughter came to our side yesterday and said that the president had killed her mother and then himself.  Everyone wants to make her our ruler, but we have to wait three years for such an action to be legal.  Even in three years, I won’t have a say in a single thing.  


3 Years and 4 Months Later


Sevatie heard the ringing of her transmitter, and hit the button just as quickly as it had begun to ring.  She pulled herself out of her sleep, and listened to Bixie’s voice, or… #2963’s voice.

“Have you heard yet?”

Sevatie rolled her eyes, “You know I don’t know any news, I have no way to have any.”


Bixie giggled, “Well good thing you have me!  Guess what?”

“What.”  she snapped,

“The new queen has this new thing that will take away all the color from everyone’s life!  It’ll be like all black and white, like the banned films.”


All films were banned, except for the films put out by the queen and government.  The left side and right side were the same.  The queen had promised to make it equal, but so far she had proved herself dishonest.  And there was nothing anyone could do about it.

“You’re joking, Bixie,”


she gasped, “No, I’m not!  She’s probably going to suck up all the color by the end of the day!”

“Yeah right,”

“You’ll see, Sevatie.  My Look-After keeps bugging me, I have to get ready.  We’ll talk more at school,”

With a sigh, Sevatie pressed the end button on her transmitter, and she walked herself to the wash room to bathe and make herself presentable.

8 Hours Later


“Bixie, I just got to the living quarters, what’s so important?  Can’t I have some peace?”

“You’ve been in a bad mood today,”

“Well it’s only because of the queen.  Everyone really believed in her, and she has done nothing,”

“Shhhh!  You can’t say those kinds of things…”  Bixie trailed off, and put herself back on track, “The queen has done something.  I told you I wasn’t joking, Sevatie,”


“About what?”  She was confused,

“About the color!  Haven’t you noticed?”

Sevatie gave a nervous laugh, “What are you talking about?”



“Now you’re joking with me,”

“No!  I’m not!”  her voice was firm,

“Wait…” There was a long silence, “No.  This can’t be happening.”


“What is it Bixie?  Everything is how it always is!”

“It shouldn’t be.  Sevatie, I have to end this as soon as I can.  The queen… she threatened… If anyone finds out that you’re an Infinidelta…”

“A what?”


“An Infinidelta.  You’re immune.  You still have color.  You are considered dangerous, rogue, and rebellious.  If anyone finds out…  I’ve said too much.  Destroy your transmitter.  Just… don’t come to school tomorrow.  They will find you.  You need to run,”


“I would never lie to you about this.  And… I can’t ever talk to you again.  I’m putting both of our lives in danger.”

“You’re not going to… report me?”


“I’m sorry it had to be this way, Sevatie.  Goodbye.”

Sevatie heard her press the end button on her transmitter.  That was the moment her heart dropped.  She gulped, pushing back tears.

And then… all went black.




Sevatie was placed on her table.  The robot studied her.

“She is ready, your highness,”  the Servant500 said.


Although the queen knew full well that the robot could not listen, and was not a real conversation partner, she spoke like it was anyway.

“I simply cannot believe that an Infinidelta tried to run away from me!”



The Queen looked Sevatie over, “What a shame.  She looks very attractive.  Suitors would have been all over her by this time  next year!”

And suddenly, a gasp came from Sevatie’s lips.  Her eyes fluttered open.



“Do the deed.  Make sure she does not escape.”

“Yes, your highness.

“No!”  Sevatie’s voice came through, and a scream came out, “I am no Infinidelta!  I have done nothing wrong!”


The end… for now


Yes, for now.  Hello again, reader.  It is your anonymous narrator here.

This was the first installment of our new series, Cliff Hanger.

Here is how it works:

  • Every part we post is a whole new and different story
  • each part is like a pilot of different series
  • after we post all the parts, you will be able to vote on which one you want to see the ending to
  • the winning story will be put into it’s own season one
  • But the rest… will be a mystery forever

Stay tuned for the next part, coming soon.


30 thoughts on “CLIFF HANGER AG SERIES PREMIERE {Part One, Infinidelta}

  1. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!! AHHH TOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!! I AM DYING OF THE AWESOMNESS OF THIS SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH I HATE CLIFFHANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVED THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually think I might like these cliffhangers! I kind of like not knowing if she lives or dies, we can choose ourselves. It’s really cool! I love how she’s different from everyone else in her town. I absolutely can not wait for the rest of these stories! DID YOU REMOVE EMILYS WIG???

    Anyway, I should probably get back to my email. I saw this in my inbox and immediately dropped everything. Yeah, everything.
    P.S this reminded me a tiny bit of Star Wars, idk if you watch that.
    P.p.s. Yasss for accidental publishing!!


  3. This was sooooooooooooooo good, Samatha! I can’t wait for part 2! Also, would you mind checking out today’s post on my blog! It’s titled “What I got for Christmas 2017.” Thanks!


  4. oooh, dystopian!
    ooooooooooooooooh, evil. just evil.
    Most crazily, ~Olive


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