Photo Contest W/ Katie@ All Dolld Up By Kat!!

What’s up Guys!  Happy 2018!!

Katie @      and I are holding a New Years Photo Contest!

You have a chance to win:

  • Tenney’s preformance outfit
  • doll sized guitar
  • doll sized scarf
  • doll sized sunglasses
  • doll sized milkshake
  • and a doll sized hair clip!

Are you excited??? You should be!! 

For a more detailed description of the prizes, check out Katie’s giveaway post!


You have until January 8th to take a photo of your American Girl/18 inch doll!  You can email it to either me or Katie 

Please be sure to put in the name of the dolls in your picture, and your name or nickname!

You must have a parental permission if you are under 18 to enter, because we will need you address to win!  Sorry, we do not ship internationally.  US or Canada only.

We wish you good luck, and a great year ahead!  





14 thoughts on “Photo Contest W/ Katie@ All Dolld Up By Kat!!

  1. I will enter! So, just to clear things up- I take a picture of my 18-inch doll and send it to you through email, right? Also, what kind of picture are you looking for? I have permission, btw!

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  2. So, is the last day to enter January 8 or do you have to send in your entries before January 8? A little unclear on that, please let me know. Thanks so much for hosting this great contest Sam!

    Isabel 💜

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