Hazel’s Birthday Shindig~ A Birthday Photo Story


I slipped on my outfit of shorts and a long sleeved t shirt despite the 40 degree weather, and danced around my room until my daze.

Unless you haven’t read my t shirt, you probably know what’s going on.


I skipped through the house.  New Years Eve was upon us.  There would be no New Years Celebration, only Birthday Celebration.  If you think 6 days after Christmas is close enough to get combined Birthday and Christmas gifts, think again!


Because as per usual, my sisters had done it again. Except there were a lot more girls than however many there were last year.  Do not ask me exact numbers, I’ve lost count of them all at this point.

I gasped, putting on my best surprised face.  But when I woke up and nobody was in their beds at 6:40 as usual, I kind of guessed there would be a shindig going on!


I glanced at the kitchen table, and grinned.  A box of pizza, orange soda pop, mac & cheese, chocolate cupcakes, and a stack of presents.


Molly started to play “Auld Lange Syne” on her kazoo, but Valerie elbowed her and she quit it.  Maggie beckoned me to the chair sitting in front of the table.

“Happy Birthday!”  There were shrieks, bellows, and screams as it was said.


Molly grabbed the pizza box behind me and rushed to my side.  “Here ya’ go Hazel!  It’s just for you!”


“Aww, you didn’t have..”  I stopped as I opened the card board box, expecting a warm cheesy and pepperoni decorated pizza.  There was one piece.

“Erm… sorry. I kind of ate like, almost all of the pizza for my breakfast this morning…”

“Molly!”  Emily was shocked,

“No, it’s ok!”  I avoided another pizza scandal like the one we had had six months ago, “Thank you so much Molly!  I probably would’ve eaten one piece only anyways.”

Even though everyone knew that the one piece thing was a complete lie, Molly smiled and skipped back, far away from Emily.


“I’m next!” Paisley sang like the princess she wanted to be as she handed me a very pink plastic plate of candy.

“Aww yisss!  Twix is my favorite!”  I unwrapped the golden wrapper and took a bite to prove it.  Paisley beamed, “You’re Very welcome Hazel!”


Without even skipping a beat, Nora stepped up and handed me an ice cold frappuchino.

“Thanks!”  I thought of the creamy taste of the coffee treat. Not like I wasn’t hyper enough.


“No problem Sis!”

With an eyebrow raised, I said in a lower voice,”Is it Decaf?”

She clearly remembered the incident with the coffee on Christmas Eve, “Um… of course!”


Valerie and Maryellen heaved a large wrapped parcel and delivered it to my feet.  I felt like a queen!


“Me and Ellie combined our money… hope you like it!”

I unwrapped the rainbow paper,



“Aww, I needed a new backpack!” I pulled out an orange striped with blue striped bag.  I traced the photography inspired patched Valerie had sewn on, “It’s wonderful!”



Before I knew it, I somehow held a smaller gift.  Not seeing who had handed it to me, I aksed, “Who is this from?”  Kit raised her hand, and I flashed her a smile.


“OOH!  A new phone case!”  There was a sticker made to look like a real phone inside,”I needed one of these!  Awesome!”  It was teal, my favorite color.


Grace stepped out of the crowd, her sweater dusted with sugar and flour.  Clearly she had been baking the cupcakes…  “I know you probably already have this on your phone, but I thought you might like a physical copy of it!”

“Ooh, mysterious!”  I slid the wrapping off of the box, and gaped.


“Oh my goodness!  It’s the reputation magazine and a CD!  Thanks Grace!”  If you should know any one thing about me, it is that Taylor Swift is my absolute Idol.  She is queen.  I want to be her.  I also want her cats.


Magnolia, handed me a rhinestone clutch.  It was unwrapped, but it was just as special.  “I sewed it myself!”  she said with pride,

“It’s beautiful…” I admired the shiny rhinestones.


Amelia looked nervous as she handed me the last present, “This was mostly my idea… but we all pooled some of our money for this!”



I slowly tore the wrapping paper open, squeezing my eyes shut in anticipation.   9D856779-03CD-4662-8399-BF6C76424660

I pulled out two slips of paper, “No!”  I squealed, “No, no no!  This is so not happening!”

Because in my hands were two tickets for the reputation tour!


“It’s happening!  And… I’m going with you!”

I held back the tears.  “Thank you!”  I pictured myself in the Santa Clara stadium on May 12th, breathing the same oxygen as the queen, being in the same room as the QUEEN.

Before I would start crying in happiness, everyone cheered and Kit finally came up from the bed she had been sitting on nearly the entire time.


“Let’s eat Cake!”

In answer, Grace began to deal out the cupcakes!


Cheers could be heard and tears streamed my cheeks in celebration.  Wrapping paper littered the floor and my Birthday Shindig was better than ever before  ❤



25 thoughts on “Hazel’s Birthday Shindig~ A Birthday Photo Story

  1. Awe! Happy birthday Sam and Hazel! OH MY GOSH YOU GOT TAYLOR SWIFT TICKETS?!?! CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS!!! PLEASE EMAIL ME PICTURES WHEN YOU GO!!! OK, I’ll stop using caps and sounding like a crazy person XD Awesome job on the photo story Samantha!
    – Katie 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Happy birthday to you!!!!!!
    I am SO happy that you have Taylor Swift tickets!!! I would be putting all of this in caps but i am using a phone! 🤣


  3. Happy birthday! Birthdays. Huh. Okay, whatever, happy birthdays! Glad you get to see your idol – I saw tobyMac in concert and that was pretty wicked (and yeah it’s the only concert I’ve ever been to and I’m just trying to fit in XD). Congratulations – are you going with Rutvi or your inflatable swan boyfriend?
    Awwwe, wouldn’t that just be so romantic. He might try to hold your hand with his rubbery wing, which is more like a flipper, cuz he’s a beach toy.
    This got weird in a hurry. I apologize.
    *ducks out*

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