Paisley Awards Top 5 Nominees~VOTING OPEN


Why hello there everybody!  Welcome to the Top 5 Nominees and Voting of the Paisley Awards 2017!


Alright, we want to get into it, but before we do we just want to have a little CELEBRATION!  We made it into the first page on Google when you search the term “American Girl Doll Blog”  YAY!  It’s awesome because that way, more people can come and be involved in this doll blog!  Coolness!

Oh, and a HUGE thanks to everyone who nominated people!


You guys are ready to move on to the most exciting part of the Paisley awards… VOTING!

However, before you get to voting, there are a few rules of conduct so we can make this thing fair.

  • You can’t vote for yourself
  • You can’t vote on only one, meaning if you vote, you have to vote on all six categories
  • We will not show the results to the voters in the poll for… reasons.  😉
  • Nobody will win twice, so if somebody does win twice, we will contact you and you will tell us your preference of prize, and then the other ones you won twice on, the award will go to the person with the second most votes.
  • CAMPAIGN!  Please campaign!  You have a better chance of winning the prizes if you do!
  • On January 30th, the Paisley award ceremony will take place.
  • The voting is closed January 25th
  • If you win, we will contact you on January 27th, and you can reply with a short speech that will be said at the Paisley Awards!
  • Please look over the blogs before making your choice!
  • Only vote once please!

How I narrowed down the nominations:

there were a lot of nominees, but I had to narrow it down to 5 per category.  The people who got more than one nomination were more likely to get chosen, or blogs that have little recognition.


Alright, the first category you vote on is Best Photography!

First let’s look at the contestant’s wonderful photos!



First up we have Herstory AG!   This doll collector snaps some amazing american girl doll photos!  Our personal fave was this sweet photo of Josefina and her sister, Clara!



Next up is Just AG!  She truly has some amazing photography, and her dolls are always camera ready with their stylish looks and backgrounds full of flair!  This is her most recent masterpiece!


Sydney is well known for her jaw dropping doll photography, drop her a vote to support her!


Over at Reverie Dolls, you will be sure to find some of the most stunning doll photos around!  Her dolls are full of spunk, and she catches them playing and being the adorable dolls they are with her camera.


Loren at HappyHouseOfAG sure does have quite the fabulous doll collection!  And the photos she takes of them are even more fabulous!  This photo is from one of our favorite photo shoots of hers, featuring her beauteous doll Neveah.

Please consider your options carefully before voting



The next category will have quite the competition with only three nominees!  The category is Best Photo Series.  We encourage you to fully read each series before choosing a winner.


This series was our personal favorite!  Tiger’s eye snare by Life Of A Farm Doll!  It Chronicles the lives of long lost sisters.  😉



The ag blogging renound HOTH!  A wonderful series from the sweet Madison of Delightful World Of Dolls!


The 30’s Doll Notebook’s hit series starring the wonderful Kit!  It tells the story of a girl facing the hardships of the great depression.




Next Up Is Best Photo Stories!


Honestly, the photo stories of All Doll’d Up are AH-mazing!  Unlikely Stories and New Friendships Has got to be one of our favorites, but it was so hard to pick just one!



AG Homeschooler has some epic and awesome photo stories featuring the wild adventures of her wonderful dollies!

There’s More to Come – FINALE


Small Dolls In A Big world has the best of both worlds:  great photos and amazing stories!


Life Of A Farm Doll spins her photo stories with lots of humor and fab photos!  Charlie, Taryn, and Claire are the stars!  ❤


Dolls N All is so, SO cool when it comes to photo stories.  Light4TheLord puts so much effort and other awesome things because she cares about her photo stories, and that is the root of an amazing blogger.




Ready for some cute doll outfits?  This Category is Best Dressed!

New classic sweater


Mini Mad is the first nominee!  She collects beautiful dolls, like her CYO doll above!  She puts all of them in some of the most gorgeous pieces of clothing.



This blog is our personal fave!  Julia’s dolls are always so. darn. cute.  in the outfits she takes pictures of them in.  We love Sawyer in this cute ensemble!


Next up is this beautiful outfit from the Doll Notebook!  She puts her dolls in both historical and modern outfits, and when you see the pictures she takes of the outfits, what’s not to love?



As Per usual, Doll habit has some absolutely amazing styles that she puts on her dolls.  We loves how she mixes and matches everything!


Goregous dolls.  Gorgeous outfits.  Gorgeous blog!  Enough said about the extraordinary life of a farm doll!



This category will surprisingly have the fiercest competition!  There were so many phenomenal doll blogs started in 2017!  Please welcome… the category of best doll blog started in 2017!


Oh my goodness, a dollop of AG has just recently started but we like what we see!  The dolls are filled with quirks and personalities, and Rose comes up with some of the most creative ideas!

Screenshot 2018-01-14 at 6.39.55 AM


The American Girl spot is the SPOT for fun and pleasure when it comes to AG doll.  On this cool blogs, you can find beautiful photography, wonderful AG updates, and other fun stuff!  Natalie is a dedicated doll lover too.


EEEK, we love Doll Habit!  It’s developed to even better photography and dolls than the awesome ones it began with.  There is so much to love about Doll Habit, mainly the creativity and the dollies.


Kaylyn’s world is a world of her two dolls Gracelyn and Izzy!  They go on so many fun and humorous adventures, and you should definitely stick around on her blog, each post is even better than the last!


YAY!  We love this blog!  All Doll’s up by Kat has been amazing from the very beginning… literally!  It has the best first post we’ve ever seen!  Katie puts a ton of work into each and every post, show her the love she deserves!



AND NOW…. For the final Category…. BEST OVERALL!!



Not be biased, but this is the favorite of mine!  (Paisley speaking)  Dolls N All Is just amazing ok??  It deserves every vote you bestow upon it.  It has everything a doll blog needs!  Stunning photos, funny photo stories, relatable and pretty dolls, and awesome dolls of the month!  We would vote for her if we were voting.



This is another awesome Blog… Doll Habit!  We can’t put into words how much we absolutely ❤ doll habit.  Above is our favorite photo from her blog… the beautiful Grace with flowers in her hair!  We just love Bella and her blog, it’s all around amazing!

 A Doll's Life


The wondrous A Doll’s Life is just what it features…. A Doll’s life!  It’s fun, spunky, and all around cool!  We love the photos and the ag updates and such!  So wonderful!


The Doll Notebook has something for everybody… whether it is cool dolls, doll DIY’s, photography, or all around amazing-ness!  We love the Doll Notebook!


Happy House Of AG has been around for a while, and we love every single piece of it!  we literally love it to pieces!  Loren and her dolls will forever be the some of the most well known in the ag blogosphere.


I am SO excited to see who wins!  Go on now, VOTE!  And spread the word by reblogging!


~Paisley Penelope Parker


I Am Wearing:

  • Shoes, socks, bracelet, and headband from American Girl
  • Dress and Shirt over it homemade




64 thoughts on “Paisley Awards Top 5 Nominees~VOTING OPEN

  1. For the photos I vote for Reverie Dolls! Woah, I am one of the best doll blogs created in 2017!!!??? That is awesome! Aww, and you are so sweet!!! So, I am wondering… Did I win one round??? Do I win one of the prizes for it???

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Ok so here is how it works:
      you were NOMINATED for the top 5 new doll blogs in 2017. People will vote in the poll I included, and then there will be one winner. That one winner will get prizes. Instead of telling me who you voted for in the comments, vote in the polls I included in the post. And no problem! We all ❤ your blog!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hmmm, I just voted seconds ago, and I voted a lot for Bella. The other ones are:
        Dara (Small Dolls In A Big World)
        Reverie Dolls
        I mainly voted for Bella! So, did you vote?

        Liked by 3 people

      2. That is great! Maybe when we email you could send me some pictures! So, what would your dream custom doll look like?


      1. OOPS! I’m so sorry! I didn’t see this so I only voted for the ones I know. (I would have looked at the other ones but I have to ask permission first and there were a lot that I hadn’t been on yet and I didn’t want to send a huge list to my mom.) Again, I’M SO SORRY!!! If you want I can tell you which ones I voted for and you can take out my vote.


  2. I cannot believe I was nominated for three categories!!!!! : o

    What you said about my blog is so so sweet! You are literally the sweetest blogging friend I’ve met so far and I’ve been on WordPress for almost a year now! And here’s a little secret… your blog is one of my top favorites! We also have a lot in common! I’m trying to make this comment not sound creepy (trust me I know what it’s like to get some sketchy comment, because you can really never trust anyone online now a days.)

    And I am 99.9% sure you’re not sketchy and that’s the reason I have permission to email you. (You and Mya are the only ones who have my email here online, since I’m not allowed to give it out to just anyone.) Talk to ya on Wednesday!



  3. Oh my goodness you guys! I literally thought I was going to die! Thank you so much to the people who nominated me and to Paisley and Sam for the SUPER sweet encouragement! I’m so glad you guys like my blog, I really enjoy talking to you guys through comments and having friends like you who love dolls as much as I do ❤ Good luck everyone! You're all AWESOME!!!
    – Katie 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Man, these categories are TOUGH! I can’t wait to vote, though. And aww, thank you so much to everyone who nominated for HOTH! That means a lot — how anyone liked that poorly-plotted series I will never know 😂 Thanks for the kindest words, Sam! ❤

    I love how you make the Paisley awards fair and give everyone a chance to win. Can't even express how absolutely fantastic that is… though I wish we could nominate you!


    Liked by 1 person

  5. I know who I’m voting for!!!!! but I don’t think it’s fair for kaylyns world blog to be up there, she doesn’t have a doll blog she just posts about her dolls


    1. Thanks for voting Sophia!
      I don’t know what you have against Kaylyn, but I think it’s a little rude to say something like that! I post about my dolls, and I consider it a doll blog. Kaylyn posts about her dolls, and I consider it a doll blog. Therefore, it is completely and totally fair for Kaylyn to be up there. Have a good day!


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