Reacting To Luciana Vega

*note:  this isn’t what every other typical ag doll blogger does when a new doll comes out, it’s not just “oh my gosh!  it’s so cute!  how cute!  cute!  so cute!”  nah I’m giving you guys what my brain thought when Luciana came out because it’s pretty weird up in there and maybe you could get some entertainment out of it idk*



sorry my blog still has my holiday theme going on the only holiday close enough is MLK day and don’t think that holiday involved Christmas trees I’ll fix it soon I promise.

Also: the pictures are in collage form because I’m conserving media space so…  let’s just go and I’ll react to Luciana.

Screenshot 2018-01-10 at 4.14.14 PM

1.  The Doll Herself

woah.  Josefina face mold.  Black hair.  And… could that be?  No.  NO!  I’M DREAMING.


Oh my goodness.  I’m imagining her as a character in my new series.  NO SAM STAHP IT.  I can’t get any more dolls, I already have 12.

The…dress? Um.  Very pink.  I’m imagining in a more blue or purple color and that is much more attractive.  Those boots.   I require those boots in my size before I get them for my dolls.  Let’s not talk about the fanny pack, I’m begging you.

She is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S  and you know why?

  • never seen her before
  • not a basic white dancer GOTY
  • she’s just stunning

You know what I want to talk about something.

6 dolls of color as GOTY’s before Luciana and yet 11 white ones.  Just think about that for a second.  I’m not ok with that.  And if you don’t count Sonali, 6.  So Luciana is slaying for me.

2. The Stellar Outfit

Not sure how I feel about her hair in two braids.

THE JACKET.  I’m screaming in my mind.  I need this jacket for my dollies right this very second why do I not have this jacket.  The galaxy shoes don’t go, I’m sorry, they just don’t.  Galaxy print is overrated at this point. I’m loving this undershirt but oh wait…. not long sleeved. Honestly AG Luci is gonna get pretty cold with the wardrobe choices you’re giving her.  The shorts are tolerable, not a fan of the heart patch at the side.

3.  Luciana’s Flight Suit

I love the idea of this and I totally understand why it’s cool and how it’s useful to her story but how many times would you I personally use this? Once for a photo story.  Sorry guys, no photo story is worth the price of this outfit.

4. Luciana’s PJ’s

Nothing special over here.  I find myself using AG pj’s as actual everyday outfits, so I would probably do the same for this one because who has time to change their dolls in pajama’s ummm not me

But those I am living for those space buns oh my gosh.

Screenshot 2018-01-10 at 4.15.08 PM

5. Space Museum Souveneirs


The Nasa shirt looks so darling but… I feel like this is mostly paper I could print out put together, and glue a NASA logo to a gray t shirt.  not so subtle hint for upcoming collab oops shhh

6.  Telescope Set

Telescope recycles from Truly Me line, blanket recycled from Tenney’s picnic set, phone recycled from Z’s filming set.  and they’re asking 40 something dollars for it.  I guess it’s a necessity for a Space GOTY, and believe me it’s pretty rad, but much like everything AG sells, it’s more expensive than it needs to be…

7. Robot Dog

Holy Schnitzel it’s oddly adorable even though you can’t cuddle it and it’s plastic and/or metal I can’t decide what I feel about this???

8. Her Accessories

The Holo backpack is literally vomiting trendy and so is the watch.  But this is actually pretty frickin adorable, and the freeze dry ice cream is a nice touch, I don’t understand the tissue paper with it though…

PicMonkey Collage

9.  Her Mars Habitat Thingy

I feel like this is one of those things that you look at and think it’s amazingly adorable till you actually see the price and then you take all of those things back:

Before looking at the price:

  • omg look at all the colorful sciencey stuff I want it all
  • the whole structure looks amazing think of all the photo story possibilities
  • ahh easy foldable storage I can see the space under my bed for it

After looking at the Price:

  • no
  • nope
  • NOOO

10.  Her Maker Station

I feel like this is the cooler version of Z’s desk, and this is actually something worth spending my money on, in my opinion, out of her entire collection.  Twila would probably try to eat all the little gadgets but whatevs.


One thing I’m planning a post about is dolly diversity, but I am so gosh darn happy that AG is making Luciana hispanic, it’s about time we have a GOTY that’s not a white dancer.  ❤

I feel like I want to bring back these random wednesday doll posts, but guys I’ve been swamped with the Paisley Awards and Cliffhanger and school so I havne’t had much time.  One the awards settle I’ll post a bit more often, but for now I hope you won’t miss me too much,loves.  ❤  ❤


16 thoughts on “Reacting To Luciana Vega

  1. LOL I was the same about the habitat, I still think it’s pretty cool but holy cow $350 bucks!!! It’s waaaaaayyyyyy more than I’d pay.
    -Katie 🙂

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  2. I love your reactions and opinions on all of the Luciana items! Although, I don’t agree with you on EVERYTHING on YouTube is true. Once I saw this girl who said that her dad owned STATES! YOU CAN’T OWN STATES!!!! She also said that her dad owned the AG stores, when he didn’t. (Sorry, I am ranting a little.) She also said that Lea the GOTY for 2016 had a different name! So, yeah… I still enjoyed your post! Also, in this comment I don’t mean to sound rude, I am just sharing my opinion. Also, can you email me through my contact page?

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  3. Great post. Your opening is really unique.

    I have an optional thought about the flight suit. You know how some kids have a favorite outfit they wear a lot, I mean a LOT? The flight suit could be her go to hang out outfit after school. OR maybe after camp she uses her flight sit like coveralls or an artist’s smock when she is working at her Maker’s Station so her clothes stay clean while working on rockets and robots. That means more than one photo shoot would benefit from flight suit usage. 🙂

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