Lemme just say I dyed a doll wig to recreate another YouTuber’s insta..  (coming next week lol) guess which one in the comments??

uggh before we get started I wanted to say I’ve been sucking at posting on this blog lately.  Because my carpet was literally RIPPED OUT and my mom and I took my entire dollhouse out into storage and we installed wood floors!  So I think I have a pretty darn good excuse for not taking pics of my dolls…



SO.  I’m redecorating my dollhouse as a recreation of someone else’s house, and if any of you can guess who it is from the above photo, you get a cookie.  Unless you’re mya or rose or rutvi.

Recently I trimmed Nora’s hair a bit and Nora is literally queen because… guys just look at this queen.  Honestly if these don’t make you want to buy Kaya then I don’t know what your problem is.


Also to my glorious Paisley Award winners, I’m sorry for being a terrible blogger and not sending your prizes yet I promise they’ll be there soon, loves!

I realized that Nora looks a lot like my other QUEEN that slays my life, iisuperwomanii

Honestly this girl is just all around gorgeous and sweet,  and her videos are just lovely, so go check her out to be another one of her 13 million subs.  Also she is a unicorn so…  her channel


So the first photo I tried to copy is this one of Lilly in a spaghetti strap top showing off her tattoo…  Obviously, as you can tell by Nora’s makeup, I have no problem with drawing on my dolls in washable marker, but I tend to stay away from writing on their fabric.  So I put her hair in a loose ponytail and in this pink tank top.

As for her makeup, I filled in her brows with a black washable marker, added winged eyeliner, and left her lips with a light pink.

As for the background, I took it in front of my wall!

1eaead1a-2ea1-420d-98eb-ceaece82dfb5 (1)

I photoshopped her tattoo on and…



iisuperwomanii (1)

This is the first recreation and I rate it…


I totally forgot about her nose ring and even though the tattoo was on pointe, I should have photoshopped her tank top to be a closer shade of pink.  But other than that, I think it’s pretty accurate!!


Next is this orange to light pink to hot pink ombre background pic with a light in the middle!  So I painted this board as an ombre and I used a desk lamp to light up the background.  This was the first take.


But I thought this one was a lot better!  One thing I did realize afterward was that there is no yellow and the pink I used is way too dark.


So I used picmonkey to touch up the background and voi la!

She’s wearing this metallic dress that I don’t use very often, but it was perfect for this!!

iisuperwomanii (1) (1)

I rate it a…


Mostly because it took a long time to get it right.  xD  I should have used a darker lip color, and she should’ve been farther away from the camera, but whatever.



For the next pic, I’m recreating this cute selfie of Lilly in her bathroom, and I tried recreating it on my closet door with this wooden sign and yellow towel draped over it.  Looking back, I wish I realized that it probably should’ve been the other way, with the wood sign on the right not the left.


Fun fact… Nora wasn’t wearing any pants for this entire thing???

iisuperwomanii (1) (2)

And this is the final product… yikes.


I think this was probably the worst one that I did because the background was all wrong, the towel was too big, her lipstick wasn’t the right shade, etc… The only thing I liked was the tattoo I photoshopped but everything else does not look like the original photo at all!


AnnndI saved the best one for last!!  I copied one of my fave Instagrams of Lilly’s, it’s one of her with super cool sunglasses in the street!  So I took Molly’s glasses and used a sharpie to color it blue and purple and black, and I think they turned out SO COOL.  I don’t have a black tank top, so I pinned up the sleeves of the black shirt and added a necklace like she had.  Let’s pretend the S stands for Superwoman, not Samantha…


And my street was looking like a typical sunny California street so it was the perfect background!  Plus Nora looks so artsy…


So here is the best one I did, and I LOVE IT!  I rate it 10/10 because I don’t think there’s much I could’ve done differently to make it look more like the OG photo, and eek I love it too much.



GUYS I had so much fun doing this entire thing!  Ooh lemme try the superwoman intro…

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  1. Great job Sam! The pictures look great 🙂 wait what?! You dyed one of your Doll’s wigs?!? I didn’t even know you could do that!
    -Katie 🙂


  2. You are amazing at this! I wish I could do something like this, except I am not aloud to be on Intagram. You did amazing! WHERE ARE NORA’S PANTS?????


  3. you did such a good job on all of these!!! the last is definitely my favorite too, it’s so adorable, the lighting and the hair and outfit is GOALS!!! ONE LOVE SUPERWOMAN, THAT IS A WRAP! and ZOOOOP


  4. This is really cool! You should check out Hayley Kiyoko’s instagram too – it’s like my dream Instagram and her outfits are just 😍😍😍😍


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