Hey guys!  It’s Nora.  Welcome to the 2018 Doll house tour!

We installed new wooden flooring, and we had to move out for a week, and when we moved everything back in, we decided to redecorate!  There are SO many changes!  We moved every single thing to a different place and we love it!  We modeled all of it off of Laurdiy’s  new house/old apartment!

She’s basically our favorite social media influencer, and we ❤ her style!!


We spent a TON of time on this, and it was such a fun project to do with my sisters!!  We crafted and DIYed a ton of stuff, and we’ll be showing you every single thing in lots of details!!


So let’s do it guys!


So first is this little office/desk center!  The desk is made of a wrapping paper roll for legs and flooring for the surface.  We made the mac out of posterboard, printouts, and a binder clip for a stand!  We love the background!  For other stuff on the desk, it’s a pen, recording camera, and a notepad from AG.

We have some really cute gold photo holders!  We printed polaroids from AGIGers on Instagram, as well as some of our own pics!  The grid thing is made up of toothpicks spray painted gold, and the other thing is a spiral from a notebook!


Behind me, we also have a shelf with a printed out Girl Boss book and a case from AG!


Beside that is this shelf made of foam board.  The top shelf has this paper star from Target, a jar of the stuff that fills easter baskets, orange soda because Laurdiy is a Fantana, and a cute lil’ teal alarm clock!


The next shelf has this letterbox we made out of paper, a jar with a silver pipecleaner wrapped around it.  We put a fake flower in it too!  There’s also a clear plastic purple container.

The third shelf has an aesthetically pleasing book and a horse jewelry holder.  Well, it used to be a unicorn but the horn broke off.  😦

The bottom shelf has this cute planter we made with sharpies, a photo clip from AG, and a little container that’s also from AG!!


Here’s our living room area now!


But first, here is our mini bull terrier!  He looks just like Moosie, doesn’t he?  His name is Bojangles.  😀


The couch was made by Sam out of foam board, and the pillows were also homemade!  The throw blanket is a knit scarf.


Above the couch, we have a banner from Target!  It totally goes with the room, don’t you think?  We printed out the other stuff, and attached them to the wall with mini binder clips!  The other two prints are off of society6!


The coffee table is a cardboard circle that stands on markers spray painted gold!  The top is marble that’s laminated.  😀

We have a little golden tray from Our Generation, with a flower, orange soda, and a coffee cup.


This is the TV from AG, and on the screen is OBVIOUSLY Lauren’s music video for her song, DIY queen.  (does it seem like we’re obsessed with someone yet??)  There’s a window over that, and a target vase with fake flowers!



Next to the TV is this wooden triangle shelf!  We hot glued a bunch of wood posts together and the flooring is the shelf!!

The top shelf has a little golden bowl and a vintage camera, and the next one has a planter, cute little bath salts, and a pineapple.


Now THIS is a untensil holder from target that was literally 6 bucks, but we just turned it over and it became a SUPER cute little side table!  We put a piece of a tea towel from target as a blanket, and a homemade DIY pillow too!


Remember me from a few days ago when I took this pic?  Yeah, this is the room it was taken it!  That’s what it looks like to have the fairy lights on.  🙂


We bought a mini narwhal head from Target, painted it gold and glittered it!  The tapestry behind is a human sized shirt that we dip dyed in a mixture of water and paint.  We hung a ton of fairy lights too!


The table below came with the Our Generation closet.  On it, we covered this crayon box with gold paper, covered a paint lid with washi tape for a planter, and put on other cute knick-knacks like a Polaroid camera made out of clay, a mini calendar, and a jar of pink pencils!


On the other side are two notebooks and a mini cactus from Littlest Pet shops!


On one side, we have mini prints taken off of society6!


And the other side has more art prints!  We also hung these yarn pom poms/ tassels that we made ourselves!



Let’s move on to the other side of the house!


Ok, so here we have the dreamy daybed from AG!  This one is inspired by Alisha Marie’s style though!


The bedding is a pillowcase, the bag is from OG, and as usual, the pillows are all homemade!


We have makeup, the record player from the tv, a camera, a pineapple, and other stuff on the headboard shelves!


On the wall is, yep, you guessed it, MORE from society6!


And now… MY ROOM!  We have this mirror with washi tape strips over it to look cute but yet not fully functional..


There’s my guitar!  The vanity is from Our generation, except we spray painted it.  We love that spray paint.  We have a couple makeup palettes and a hairbrush, along with some ice tea that I drank when I was doing my makeup this morning.  There’s also a little mat for any shoes next to my bed!


The bed is Molly’s bed, but the headboard is tan!  We painted the bedding, and on it is my phone and laptop.  There are a few stuffies and some homemade pillows too.


This shelf is from Hobby Lobby, and we have cute little random things displayed on it!


And on the wall are my favorite prints EVER, along with a sunglasses display, which I need to put more sunglasses in lol.


Next up is the kitchen!  There’s Maryellen’s fridge and a stove made by Sam’s grandpa.


There’s our foam board kitchen, and we covered the counter in marble!


And also a few shelves.  😀


That’s all for the tour!  I hope you loved it and we’re so excited to display our house in photo shoots and stories, we ❤ you!



  1. Your photography is amazing, especially the lighting. I love Nora’s outfit in this post. I would love to see an in-depth post of how you did some of these crafts.


  2. Wow Sam, that looks so amazing! I love it when you do house tours, you are so clever and creative, I’m always inspired to make things for my doll house when I see yours 😊
    -Katie 🙂
    P.S. did you pierce Nora’s ears?


  3. Can I just say that I love EVERYTHING? I mean, this looks so amazing! You did an amazing job, are you going to be an interior decorator when you grow up? The coloring is beautiful and you did such a great job on making everything. I only have one question. Can I move in?😂Or maybe you can design my stuffed animal house for me? You’re sooooooooooo talented at this! I

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Your doll house is so beautiful! I love it especially how much detail you put into it. 🙂 I just wanted to let you know I’m also doing a doll house tour and posting it today but I already had it planned and I’m not copying you at all! Just wanted to make sure there was no confusion and what-not! 😛
    -Rose ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  5. SO CUTE!!!! Wow, Nora is so cute, she is making me want to buy Kaya! WHERE. DID. YOU. GET. HER. DRESS. IT IS ADORABLE! Also, when can you email me?


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