random kablobs of thoughts from an uninspired doll blogger


If there is one thing I’ve always been good at, it is…

this blog!  For almost three years, I’ve been posting consistently, giving my all, enjoying it, an interacting with all of you!


Idek what changed, honestly?

I got a better camera, but I haven’t taken too many photos of the dolls?

Maybe I don’t have ideas?


Let’s start by saying, I am not growing out of dolls.  Not yet, anyway.  Not for a while, I think!

Let’s just say I’ve been putting off this blog, replying to your comments, and I’m sorry!!


I plan to be so much better.  I miss talking to you guys!!

I have a game plan though….


  • today is the first day of spring break!!
  • which meanssss i have two whole weeks to do doll stuff
  • I want to do something real special for my blogiversary.  (april 7th, if you were curious)
  • Probably not a giveaway, but something for you guys
  • I want to finish the unsolved series, I have three more ideas for the last 3 parts and then you guys get to vote!!
  • I also want to get some photo stories done!!
  • and crafts!!
  • and Easter stuff!


The main thing I want to do is this excersize for connecting with my dolls again, when I take a ton of pics of them, and post them with a little story of how I got them and how much they mean to me.

Or maybe a whole post?

Actually, that would be a cool blogiversary thing…


I never wanted to be the doll blogger who took .2 seconds to write a post about how they need post ideas, but I kind of need some so??  Post ideas would be much appreciated down in the comment section.



this blog is 16 follows away from 500 followers?

  • if we could make 500 happen before the three-year blogiversary that’d be amazing!!!
  • no pressure, of course 😉


I just love you guys, and want to thank you for (almost) 3 years before I do the huge sappy post.  And I wanted to keep you updated.  Agda is still very much alive, despite how often I’ve posted.  😛


41 thoughts on “random kablobs of thoughts from an uninspired doll blogger

  1. You’re not the only one! I’ve been quite uninspired lately, too, but I’m slowly getting out of the slump! And I am SO looking forward to all the awesome stuff coming up on AGDA (yay spring break!) I love these pictures, by the way. 😉

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  2. I’m quite busy so I haven’t started my own blog but I always have ideas (almost always : )
    So If you want an idea of something particular you can ask me and I’ll try to find one: D
    Zoe ♡

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  3. Woo Hoo! Three years, wow! That’s so awesome 🙂 As far as what to post, I always love your photo stories! Maybe one starring Molly? I would also really love to see the doll you said you dyed the wig on.
    -Katie 🙂

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  4. YAY SPRING BREAK!!! NO SCHOOL! Aww, I love your blog, and all your series’ maybe you could do another season of Wealthy Hearts or/and Solstice Children!

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  5. Yay for spring break! You’re lucky to have two weeks off…me and my bestie only have one week off starting on April 2 and ending on the 6th. As for post ideas…I would love to see a simple photoshoot or a spring photostory! I feel the same way…I need to re-connect with my dolls and start actually sticking to my schedule!

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  6. Your posts are great! I always look forward to reading them!
    Even though I’m new to blogging I have so so so many post ideas. I think that it would be cool if you did some Easter crafts and maybe a photo shoot or photo story.

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  7. It’s fine, Sam! We’ve all been there! Especially me… 😅
    Post ideas? Hmm… A photoshoot featuring a Taylor Swift song? (I know how much you love Taylor Swift!) A game? Name That Doll, What’s She Doing, etc. A review? You could pick a favorite movie or TV show and do something with that, like a photoshoot or photo story. (Like you did with Mean Girls.) And I don’t know about you, but it helps me to read other peoples’ blogs to get inspired.
    Hopefully I helped!

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  8. I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS!!!!! THEY ARE SO MUCH BETTER THAN MINE!!!! Congrats on getting almost 500 followers!!! Here are some post ideas for you:
    1. How to make Easter AG dresses
    2. More Instagram doll copying
    3. A doll photo contest
    That is all I have so far. How are you?


  9. Here’s to three years! I’m sorry that you are currently uninspired. Maybe you should do a day in the life of each of your dolls. Or maybe, you could recreate scenes from a favorite book or movie. I’m kind of uninspired as well.

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  10. I’m sorry if this is kind of vague, but can you please do more photoseries and photostories? I LOVE LOVE LOVE those! (Even if the photos sometimes don’t load. Dialouge has become very important to me)

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