Easter Sunlight~an AGPS


Happy Easter Guys!


I’m at my grandma’s house for spring break…


And I took a few pictures of Hazel, because I brought 9 dolls!


Also, next week is my blogiversary!  So excited!  Have a great day!  ❤


41 thoughts on “Easter Sunlight~an AGPS

  1. Lovely pictures! Happy Easter! Have a nice spring break. And happy early blogiversary! Happy April fools as well,

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      1. Np,
        I’m so glad you want to bookmark my blog! It’s buildabearsfurever.blogspot.com


  2. I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS!!! What camera do you use? How much did it cost? I want to get whatever camera that you have. XD Hazel is so pretty! Happy early blogiversary, Easter, and April Fool’s!

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  3. Happy Easter!! My favorite part about today has been church. I loved all the songs we sang. 😇 Anyways I’m SO glad Jesus rose from the dead today, and I can have eternity with him. ❤️

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  4. Happy Easter! Hazel is so, so beautiful! Where I live it snowed, else I’d take pictures of Saige!
    ( ; How did you take NINE dolls along?! I can hardly bring 1 doll along!

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  5. Happy Easter Sam!!! I love the beautiful pictures of Hazel 🙂 LOL you brought 9 dolls?!? I wish I could do that when I go on vacation! Last summer vacation I asked my mom how many dolls I could bring, and she said as many as I’m OK with holding. So I tried to bring all my AG dolls XD (I only had four at the time) and my mom was like, uhh, how about you just bring two XD
    -Katie 🙂

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