It’s Samantha!  Don’t get too excited. My dolls are still packed away and won’t be out for a long time, but I do have an exciting announcement!



Sadly, this year it will not be hosted my Paisley. She has a new home and I think she’s really enjoying it over there.  My dear friend Rose from A Dollop Of AG  will be hosting with her doll Emmy!  I’m making this post to remind you to visit her blog and vote!

For the past two years, I’ve been hosting this AG award show and nothing makes me happier than the fact that it will live on.  🙂  Rose and I still talk a lot and I know she is going to be an amazing host of this doll tradition.

I can’t leave you guys without giving you an update on how my life is going.  I just turned 14, and I’m so excited for 2019! I’m definitely ready to go to high school.  Oh, and we got a kitten!  His name is Dewey.  He definitely would have pulled lots of shenanigans in the dollhouse.  Twila is not happy with this new addition to her house.

I’m just going to be real here, there’s a very big chance this is my last post ever.  But I love you guys and I made the right decision to leave, not matter how sad it was.

I really need you to do me a favor.  I need you to click on THIS LINK and nominate bloggers for the Paisley awards!

Did you do it?  I knew you would.  Thank you so much, it makes me so happy that you’re participating in our little tradition!

One more favor?  This is the last one,  (I promise).  I need you to reblog the post that I just linked.  (This One)

Here are the links to past Paisley Awards:



Thank you so much for keeping up with the Paisley Awards.  I will always miss you and I love you all so so much.  ❤







  1. It’s so exciting that it will still live on! I miss seeing your posts but I totally understand. Will you still be posting on your personal blog?


  2. I’m so glad the Paisley awards will live on!!! I miss you and your blog so much, I hope that you had an amazing 14th birthday and an awesome time in high school! Love ya girl!
    -Katie 🙂


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