About Me, the Human


‘Ello there.

So I guess this is the page where I’m supposed to tell you about myself.  But sometimes it gets weird to talk about myself on a blog where the enticing urge to tell about dolls takes over.  So I’ll try my best.

My name is Samantha, and I have 8 lovely dolls, and if this is too awkward for you I shall not take any offense if you just want to click on over to the right of this page to learn about them rather than I.  I would do that.

I have a book blog in addition to this one, and you’ll find that I love to read and write over there, and that’s why I love doing photo stories with my dolls and writing out little shorts for them.  🙂    Please go visit my blog. #subtleselfpromo

I like cats, sushi, and Christmas.  While I don’t have a doll house, I make do with a doll area along two walls of my room.   I have red hair, and it’s very similar to Saige’s hair.  If you can imagine Saige with brown eyes, you have look alike me.

Mermaids are really cool and so are grumpy cat memes.  My favorite books are the Percy Jackson books, the Warrior cat books, ad the Harry Potter books, so feel free to fangirl with me down in the comments.

I read every comment and reply to every relevant or extra sweet one.  I’m very shy when you first come to my blog, but if you get to know me through comments and such, you’ll find that I’m currently dating hot chocolate, (HAHA Rutvi!), I eat an unhealthy amount of double stuffed oreos, and I’m crazy.

So basically what I’m failing to tell you is that I’m a Christian doll blogger.  And I believe that Growing up is giving up.



81 thoughts on “About Me, the Human

      1. Aww 🙂 You are so sweet . If you scroll down a bit , there is a button that says ” Join This Site ” . Press that button and follow the instructions. Thanks so much 🙂


  1. Hi Samatha,
    Thank you for sharing my Paris Themed Pjs:)
    To answer your question about sponsors, I have always be emailed from bloggers asking to participate in a giveaway. I would be happy to start you off with offerer giveaways on your blog!

    Again, thank you for sharing! Let me know when you are ready to sponsor your own giveaway.

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  2. I really like your blog, Samantha! (The design is very nicely done! Not too over-the-top, but still simply interesting enough! ^_^)
    Your dolls are really cute as well! My dolls all say hello to yours!
    I followed you, BTW! ^_^


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    1. Thanks for the compliment and for following! I love your blog so much! Molly says twinsies to your Molly and the other dolls say hi too! Also, do you have any tips for coming up with photo stories? Thanks again!

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      1. No problem! Molly says hi too! ^_^
        A few tips is to think what your dolls do! What do you WANT them to do? Do they wake up super late one morning and miss school, or have a crazy cooking blow-out? What about having an epic adventure outdoors? Find out what you want your dolls to do, and take pictures! ^_^


      1. Thanks! I am glad you like my blog. What do you think? New header? The pic for the header looks sorta wonky. I think I will just find my favorite pic of one of my Dolls and use that as the header.


      2. I think its cute but if you did change it to only one of the dolls, would you maybe do Maryellen? Since she’s the newest doll if people get on your blog and see her they might think that you have all the newest news(which you do). I was going somewhere with that, so if it makes no sense… Yeah, I have no idea where that was going. But a change could be cool. I haven’t been on your blog for very long, so I don’t know if the header is new or what. Old favorites are good as well. Hope that helped and my true crazy, clueless self didn’t come through too much.


      1. Yes! My dad and I are the only ones in my family who like sushi, so on Valentine’s Day he takes me to our local sushi place. 😀
        Oh, and when we went to Hawaii, we got to try Poke! It’s basically the fish inside sushi, except diced , and then spiced with polynesian flavors. I was like, addicted to it for the whole trip! (I actually go it on my birthday at a restaurant called Max’s next to the AG Store! Yum!)

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      2. YUM… SUSHI. 😀 That’s so awesome your dad takes you to get sushi on Valentine’s Day! There are a TON of sushi places here in Florida (like, they’re everywhere) so we have a ton of variety (I think I like sushi anywhere and everywhere though, haha XD).
        Wow, you’ve been to Hawaii?! That’s awesome! And Poke sounds so good! I need to expand my food horizons… XD

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      3. Yeah, I’m kind of surprised that in California we don’t have that many, I mean, we’re closer to Japan! I guess I don’t live near the coast of California though. XD Yes, Poke is like my favorite food ever!

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    1. I use the Canon PowerShot Sx120 with 10x optica zoom. It sounds super complex, but you can buy it for as low as 80 bucks! 😀 (That’s a pretty good price for a camera that takes ok photos)

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  3. NO, SAMANTHA!!! I AM SUPPOSED TO DATE HOT CHOCOLATE, HOW DARE YOU STEAL MY TRUE LOVE!!!!!!! Hot chocolate appears to like you better though, so I guess I will just go out with Hershey Kisses.

    Sushi is awesome. Cats are amazing and fuzzy and therapeutic. Samantha, you are a girl after my own heart! We totally need to email or something.


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