Matthew’s Page


Hey guys!  So… My little 10 year old brother Matthew has been wanting me to make this reality for a while.  I finally decided to let him do this.  Please leave him encouraging comments down below, and he’ll reply back!  He’s so excited, so even if you are not interested in what he has to say, please leave a smile on his face by commenting, reading, and liking this page.  Matthew also appears in on of my most popular posts, What he thinks about AG.

So read this, AND that!  This page is all about his video games and the adventures and fun he has in them.  Please be very encouraging in the comments, and have fun reading about his favorite thing in the world!  This page will be updated reguarly, and he’s SO excited!

Matthew takes over from here.

Hey guys, so im here to help you on you journey to be a really good video gamer.  First if you want other really good advice I suggest going to YouTube, so I personally suggest a few different YouTubers based on your personalty.  The first YouTuber is called Gaming Beaver, the reason why I sugggest this youtuber is that he is 200/10 hilarious, also if you are into sandbox games, Dino games, review on toys (mostly Dino toys).  The next YouTuber is bajincanadian  or mitch he only plays minecraft.  THIS IS ONLY EXAMPLES you can chose what you want.  So i think this raps up my post thank you and ill see you later.


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