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Greetings everyone!

These are all of my 12 beautiful dollies as of September 2017!  There have been many requests to make this post, so I’m making it today!!



My first Doll EVER,was Molly Anne Parker.  She is known in my doll collection to be the quirkiest of ALL my dolls.  Her character is very crazy… Molly is said to be immature for her age, although she is second oldest at 13.3.  She wears crazy outfits, but occasionally springs for the AG historical dress.   She wears glasses, sometimes silver, sometimes gold.  Molly is also quite random.  😛  I got Molly on Christmas, 2013.


Emily Rose Parker was my second doll, unwrapped right after Molly on Christmas of 2013.   Emily is the “mom” of the family, and is said to be the leader and safety police of the family.  Emily is 14, the oldest.  She gives out groundings like flight attendants give out peanuts.  Emily dresses a bit differently, she wears very modest outfits.  She does most of the laundry and chores, and cares deeply about her sisters.

My next doll was technically Saige, but Saige is someone else now, so I’m counting her as my 10th doll.  


Kit Cassia Parker was my 4th doll, purchased by me at the AG Place San fransisco in March of 2015. The Tomboy of the family.  Kit is quite the writer and photographer, but one of her main focuses is volleyball, she’s captain of the team.  Kit is inspired by the art from the 30’s and loves to live in vintage 30’s dresses.  But on days she has practice, she will sport a T shirt and shorts.  Kit can also play soccer, softball, and basketball.  She is an eating machine, and often excuses it as a “carbo load”


Maryellen was purchased by me online in September 2015.  She commonly goes by Ellie, and is quite the ambivert.  She is inspired by Sue from my favorite show, the Middle, and she is really, really awkward.  Maryellen tries so hard, but she fails a lot.  This has taught her a lot!  She is very good-two shoes, and she loves to follow rules.  Her style is sometimes…questionable.  She is on the no-cut cross country team, and lives in leggings and sweaters.


Grace Tiana Parker was unwrapped right after Samantha.  Grace is an ambivert and a perfectionist.  She cooks and bakes for all the sisters, and comes up with schemes to keep Kit from eating her pastries.  Grace is 1/4 French, and dresses like she is a Parisian girly girl.  Everybody loves her famed M&M cookies, and buttercream cupcakes.  Her sense of style is very fashionable.


Amelia Finley Parker, TM #55,  was given to me by my Grandma on my birthday in 2015.  Amelia is your average nerd.  She loves science, and dreams of being a biologist.  She corrects her sisters often, and always wears her glasses. She is perfect in School, and is quite the know-it-all.  😛


Paisley Penelope Parker is TM #21, whom I purchased on my birthday in 2016.  She wears all pink, and is eight years old, the little sister of the family.  She has a teddy bear named Bowie, and she loves to “help” her sisters with their activities.  Paisley’s B-day is Valentines day, and she loves it when she is involved in everything.  She dreams of becoming a Prima ballerina as well!


Valerie Isabel Parker is twins with Bailey Samantha Rose Parker from the blog sew sweet dollies!  She is Truly Me #58, and is 10 and a half years old.  She has a love for musical theatre, and enjoys film making, photography, and acting.  She enjoys all thing vintage, and collects buttons.  She is a cheery and outgoing girl, an loves all her sisters, but connects to Molly and Paisley the most.  She also likes to wear bright colors and jewel tones.  Her birthday is not determined yet.  Her dream job when she grows up is a movie director!


Nora Delaney Brooks is a renamed Beforever Kaya doll!  She is a celebrity that is currently staying with the AGDA family for the summer.  She plays the guitar and has a beautiful voice.  She is sort of the hipster out of the doll family because she is effortlessly trendy.  She loves photography, unicorns and sparkly things.  Her style is very unique, and she dresses like a country music star, (which she is), and her Birthday is Christmas!  Her dream job is to continue singing when she grows up!  She is kind of shy and likes to have lots of alone time so she can find inspiration for new songs.


Hazel Suzanne Parker is my mini me.  She is one of my two customs, and she is a Samantha doll with a Saige wig. She looks exactly like me!  Hazel plays the clarinet, she loves to read and write, she has a lot of dolls, and she really loves being neat and organized.  Hazel’s style is very put together and vintage!  She loves dresses and lives in messy buns and leggings.  She also enjoys photography and taking photos of her dolls!  (sounds familiar, huh?!)  Hazel is almost 13 years old.


Meet Magnolia Parker!  Maggie for short!  Magnolia is the definition of fashion, and she makes bold statements with what she wears.  She sews everything she wears, and is very modest, but stylish.  Magnolia is a feminist, like all my dolls, and idolizes Emma Watson.  She is confident, and is very compassionate to all of the world’s problems.  She loves to paint and craft too!  Maggie is 13 years old, and she is Lindsey’s older sister.


I bought Lindsey Parker off of eBay for 60 dollars.  Lindsey is Maggie’s sister, and they were recently adopted by the AGDA family!  Lindsey is very special because she is deaf, but she has a cochlear implant, so she can hear. This amazing girl can read lips too!  She is an amazing artist, and fills tons of sketchbooks with their creativity.  People underestimate, her, but she can do so much more than they expect.  Life opened up when she got her cochlear implant, but loud music with lots of percussion makes her head hurt.  She loves her new family, and they even learned sign language to make it easy for her!  She has her own hearing dog named Buttercup.


And that, my friends, is my doll family!  I’ve been collecting dolls for almost 5 years now.


Those are all my dolls so far, be sure to comment down below which you can relate to most!



75 thoughts on “Meet The Dolls

  1. I used to only have McKenna, Saige, Isabelle, and Cecile. I thought they were enough and I was not going to get more. Then I got Christmas money that was enough for an AG doll! That is how I got Jackie. Then AG was having a Jill’s steals and deals sale. Julie in her original meet outfit with her patchwork outfit was on sale for $52. I got her on the sale. That’s how I got my dolls. ~Mya~

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  2. Ok, so the pages that have pictures don’t show them. On meet the dolls, I can only see Kit, Maryellen, Grace, and Amelia’s (adorable! :D) pictures. Also in ‘the great dog wash’ the photos are not visible. I think they show up fine in my reader. Marigold’s Mischief photos show up fine.

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  3. Ooh, I’ve always loved Kit! And I really want Maryellen … but everything’s so expensive now. And my parents keep telling me I’m too old for dolls …… oh, what do you now? 😉 Just kidding, of course.

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  4. Oh my gosh! your Molly and my Molly would totally be best friends! their personality’s are so much alike 🙂 Molly was my first doll too.


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