My Journey To Finding AG

american girl logoI began noticing the company at age 6.  I had wanted an American Girl Doll for a long time.  I got catalogs in the mail and I was very disappointed when none of them looked like me.  I had brown eyes, auburn hair, and freckles, but AG hadn’t had a combo for that even now.  When I was seven, I asked for a doll for Christmas.  I got one, but not an american girl.  It was a My Twin and it looked exactly like me!  I was happy until the summer of when I was 9, when I heard that my beloved Molly was retiring soon.  Molly had always been my favorite and she was also my mom’s favorite when she was a girl.  I was absolutely heart broken.  My mom cheered me up by ordering me her books but what I really wanted was the doll.  On that Christmas I got not only Molly, but Emily too!  I was so excited!  6 days later, my birthday arrived.  My parents got me Saige!  I loved Saige because if she didn’t have blue eyes, she would be my mini me.  In March of 2015, I took my first trip to the AG place and I purchased Kit with my own money there.

In 2015, I bough Maryellen with my own money.  Then, at Christmas 2015, I got Samantha and Grace.  For my birthday, December 31, 2015, I got Truly Me #55 named Amelia

On my 12th Birthday in 2016, I bought #21, whom I now call Paisley with my won money at the AG Store San Fransisco!

I’m soon to be 13 on December 31st, 2017, and the dolls on my wishlist are Felicity, #58, and Rebecca.



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  1. I have light brown hair, brown eyes and freckles and I am surprised they still don’t have that combination or anything similar. I’m pretty sure they only have one doll with brown eyes and freckles, and she has blond hair.

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