Over the years, I have written many reviews of AG sets.  On this page, I link to them all.  You can request an AG set review down below, and I will happily post a review if I have it!

review of Our Generation retro sets

Review of Baking With Grace Activity Book

Review of Kit’s Typewriter set

Review of Doll Photoshoot Activity Book

Review of Maryellen’s play outfit

Review of Maryellen’s accesories

Review of Maryellen’s Purple Gingham School Dress

Review of Truly Me warm winter outfit

Review of AG PWP Santa Dress

Review of Queen’s Treasures 1930’s dress

Review of Maryellen doll

Review of Kit’s chocolate making set

Review of Bouquet Bed Set

Review of (retired) AG Salon center

Review of OG luggage set

Review of AG flute set

Review of Truly Me pizza party set

Review of Kit’s floral print dress

Review of TM Volleyball set & Tenney’s Picnic Set

Review of AG Corgi Puppy

Review Of Maryellen’s Fridge And Food Set




4 thoughts on “Reviews

    1. Thank you! I actually have a review of my new doll that will be coming through the mail today, planned for next weeks, but I’ll definitely keep that in mind for the future! Thanks for suggesting it!

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